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YOUR favorite Breed?

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my fav dog that I have owned is my puppy that I have now he is 2 months old and I got him at 4 weeks, so I had to bottle feed him. His dad was a pure lab and his mom is a rottie cross german shepherd. He looks more german shepherd than anything else. His ears just started to stick up :lol: go here if you want to see his page on dogster I also have a pure breed german shepherd but she lives at my dads and i never see her.([url]http://dogster.com/pet_page.php?i=183400&PHPSESSID=befd7adcac5f3c1c97d9832251210be6[/url])

Also If I could own any breed I would defiantly own a rottweiler. I have like 80 books on them and they my fav breed. I wouldnt mind a mastiff or a dogo argentino, pit bull, staffordshire terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, bullmastiff, gret pyreness, azors cattle dog, cane corso, and all the big dogies I would love but I have schnauzers I think they ugly.

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the dogs I've had/have right now are [in order] a black lab named madison, a golden retriever named murphey, a black tri color rough collie named Remi, a red/brown roan[merle-ish] blue eyed cocker spaniel, who I miss dearly. She got hit by a car last year :( [now onto what I have now] a sable rough collie, a black tri border collie, and a red merle border collie.

the breeds I'd like to have are; more border collies lol, an aussie, a cardigan welsh corgi, an austrailan cattle dog, and a great dane. lol oh and possibly a husky

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I love all breeds. They're all unique in their own way. But the ones that I would have/like more than others are these:

-Cirneco dell'Etna : just cuz' I have him now and I must say that he's the most lovable and smart dog I have ever seen. Becides Cirnecos have the uniquest character amongst all dog breeds.

-Podenco Ibicenco : Looks cute and dorky. And has a wonderful (hunting) caracter. Even though I would spoil my Podenco to the last bit of him :oops:

-Boston Terrier : CUTE

-Greyhound (and all dogs from 10th FCI group) : They don't have that dog-ish character. They're more like cats. They work when they feel like it and walk around like they're freakin' royalty :roll:

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