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  1. No, there really is no such thing as a rare color in pit bulls. Although, like Drj says, the breeders seem to think so.
  2. The grey dogs are what is called "blue". They are very pretty. But then, I think ALL of them are.
  3. Things been a little boring for you around here DAL? :o I've only read about 1/2 of this thread so my apologies but I jsut HAD to say DAL< you have been a member of this board for a LOOOOONG time. You KNEW the responses you would get before you even posted this. You got what you wanted so don't act shocked & don't act stupid.
  4. IMO as long as your puppy is happy, you did the RIGHT thing. After all, it IS all about THEM. :thumbs:
  5. I use oatmeal shampoo on my allergy boy followed by a 10 minute soak in epsom salt. I use the oatmeal soap on all of them. The kind I have now I got from the vet but I have heard that Walmart makes a good one & it is at a good price.
  6. Nope, she doesn't even visit it anymore. NO One wants to hear anything she has to say anyway! :lol:
  7. [quote name='Alan']Ya, I think your right LOL! Do you guys realize, one of the most popular threads of the day is about turds! LMAO. Well, I have to go to work. You guys keep the turd thread goin and I'll catch up latter lol. Have you ever seen that list of commandments like "Never trust a Pit Bull not to fight" Maybe we should add, "Never trust a Pit Bull not to eat a leash or harness" BTW, at any point durring that leash incident, did you wonder if it was one of those huge tape worms. Did you ever see that special on Animal Planet about Parasites? There was a guy who got a tapeworm from some uncooked fish. I forget how many feet long it was but he was pulling it out of his butt and he called his wife. She came in and cut it off with sisors and the rest of it snapped back up inside him. It was nasty![b] I wonder how many wives would do that[/b] LOL?[/quote] NOT this one!! :lol:
  8. [quote name='Alan']There is only one thing in life that has ever puzzled me. Have you ever noticed that sometimes dog turds turn white and look like powderd doughnuts. I havent seen any of these white tirds for a long time but I always wonderd what made them that way?[/quote] Eating raw food does this. My dog's poop is white & powdery, within a couple of days it disinegrates & is gone. No more poop clean up!! SO if you really want to see turds that look like white powdered donuts come on over!! Bring beer. :drinking: We'll sit in the back yard & drink cold ones & wait for the dogs to poop.
  9. Hell I got banned & I didn't do a DAMN thing......until AFTER I was banned...then I went on a tirade. I mean, come on who wouldn't want ME to post on their message board??? :lol:
  10. Mine get raw bones as part of their meal. They eat RAW so they get chicken bones, beef bones, pork neck bones. Whatever I can find on sale.
  11. Mine are all fed RAW. Munkee is allergice to chicken so he gets beef or pork while the others eat mainly chicken. They also get pureed veggies occasionally, eggs, chicken innards, cottage cheese, yogurt, fish oil caps & kelp powder. There's nothing wrong with feeding pumpkin, dogs do need some fruits & veggies in their diets. I feed pumpkin for upset tummies.
  12. FIsh oil caps will really help with dry itchy skin as well as Oatmeal bath soap. I use one I got from my vet but I hear Walmart makes a pretty good one too & it's much cheaper.
  13. It IS scary but you have been given some GREAt advice. Be consistant & don't baby them & hopefully all will work out.
  14. bad mommy!! Happy Birthday Eli!!! Debby
  15. [quote]So folks of greater wisdom---do I ever quit watching them play with clenched teeth waiting to grab the break stick? Is there an age at which they are determined to be non aggressive? Are they ever safe? Even at 10 years or older? [/quote] I haven't read this whole thread so but the answers to the above are No, No, No, Yes. They may NEVER show aggression to another dog but there si ALWAYS the possibility. Many times there are signs but that isn't always the case. When Munkee went after Justice he was a little over 3. He had never shown any aggression, a little "antsyness" around other dogs but no aggression. he walked in, sniffed her & chomp.....she was in his mouth. Just that fast. from that day on he has hated ALL other dogs except little Ollie. Ruby died at 12 & never even gave the stink eye to another dog. Booger was stolen at 8 & wasn't fond of yappy dogs but not aggressive with them either. He would snap towards them as to say "shut up" but that was it. Debby
  16. [quote name='Tammy']Hey there oh Cheeky one! Good to see you again! HEY K--SHE SAID THE P WORD TOO![/quote] SSSHHHHHHH!!!! Dammit Tammy! Always trying to get me in trouble!! Thanks for the warm welcome back guys!! :cunao:
  17. [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote name='cheekymunkee'][quote name='Dog Lover']Hi Cheeky! :D Sigh...I miss the "good ole" Primmy days... :lol:[/quote] Me too!! I ran across her on another baord & she totally acted like she didn't know who I was. She had changed her name but NOT her persona.[/quote] You wouldn't be talking about *** would you? :lol:[/quote] Who....ME??? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. [quote name='Dog Lover']Hi Cheeky! :D Sigh...I miss the "good ole" Primmy days... :lol:[/quote] Me too!! I ran across her on another baord & she totally acted like she didn't know who I was. She had changed her name but NOT her persona.
  19. No, no morse sorry. I can only speak English ( barley ) and Klingon. Wish I could help.
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