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  1. Looks like I might be the only one that has a bit different opinion. My dog snoopy slows down as she gets older. when she was 2, she was able to run for an hour at the dog park, went home, took a hour nap, and then ready to go. now she is 5 and half, and an hour walk (especially in the heat) tires her out. Before, she use to be at the door when we get home, now half of the time, she'll be upstairs slowly getting up from the bed then come & greet us. I believe that's partly from being spoiled :oops: , and knowing we're happy to see them also instead of just them happy to see us. she got a bit dog unfriendly (growl first to assert domanance, then greet later) when she got to about 3, but never had a problem since i know how she behaves, so i always keep an close eye when she met new dogs. although she's always very gentle with puppies regardless. this latest visit, the vet did recommand glucocimine (sp?) for her minor artritis, so that helps a bit. i wonder if the slow down could be partly being summer & partly getting older. it's a good idea to check with the vet just to be sure. good luck!
  2. alright, couldn't resist. here are some of my scary dobie pics time for a nap. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0UgDxAt8ZJEpx4a2OrF0rjBWVlcL2DtI97Nl!xoujunQn4MZ0mkRL1kjewK4K3c2skFEwCMvUsp*0qaeu*s8oRHBSRgz!fN6R0vt9JUXJtL2vFnaEahnPP8vw4e1N!ZpI/snoopc1.jpg?dc=4675481231596223990[/img] trick or treat! [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0WQBAA2oc0iUHt2!NZF1MNH0TpeiUOdhzLYWNRLiIM4gKY9F!4reRLY3racQl61Uhs4gOg46IH0fYjHbTrBbggpOXdDrrmnJ30BNSU7IVlYRhyTrbIuBkl9f2i0if9G!jpuNgNOTHdf0/HalloweenSnoop.JPG?dc=4675481231593242965[/img] SizzleDog, I'm a bit late, but the pic of Ilsa all dress up on the first page was awesome :D :D :D . How did you get her into the outfit is beyound me... my princess will be cowering in the corner if I put that thing on. She think it was end of the world when I put a new collar on her after she broke the old one. such a baby.
  3. Frontline & Advantix are the 2 most common/popular one. It's a monthly drop that you put on your dog. Although it does not prevent ticks from going onto the dog, it will kill the ticks once they try to attach to the dog. In addition, I believe they also prevent fleas and stuff of that sort. Don't know if there are sprays that one can use in the yard to prevent ticks tho. At the end, ticks is something one have to get use to with dog in the house. I was not so thrilled the first time when I found one on my dog, I was pretty disguested. Now I've snoopy for 5+ years, and it's no big deal, just another thing that I got use to alonge with picking poop strings out of her butt :wink: .
  4. I'm also here in minnesota, and can't wait till winter is here... mostly because of snowboarding! It was 85 yesterday w/65 dew point... walk for an hour with Snoopy and i feel like i been in a pool. Snoopy hate the hot weather, and can't wait for cooler temp to come back. PitbullEmily, Snoopy got a red cap just like that, she look silly in it and doesn't really care for wearing it most of the time. Although she does appreciate having it when the temp is down to single digits or colder.
  5. I always wanted a dog when I grow (doesn't most kids) but since we live in an apt, that was no go. When my hubby and I move into our first townhouse, we talked about having one, but i was not so sure, thinking about all the time it'll take & stuff. But one day we decided to go to HS and look for a short-hair dog, while we're there all the dog were barking for attention except one. After interacting w/the dog for a bit, we went home empty handed. But the next day we've decided that's the dog for us (short-hair pointer mix), but when i called the HS, he was already reserved. We waited for a day, but no luck... the dog was adopted by another person. So we head back to the HS the next week. Same as the first time, all the dogs were barking frantictly for attention excepted one. She look to be very scary in her kennel, pasting herself to the kneel door so I can pet her. After 10 minutes, I was sold. So we ended up adopting a one year old dobie girl. Although my hubby express some interest in getting a dobie, but we know chances are it won't happen because we didn't want to pay premium for pure-bread. We never though we'll find one in the HS but we did. We brought her home, change her name, got carpet chew-up, found a dog park, and she's been a spoiled baby ever since. She was my first dog, and I am hooked now to dobies. Although i would not mind owning a Rottie someday, Dobie will always be the first choice for me.
  6. if the dog at lots of grass the day before, that might be the reason for green leaf vomit. but to be sure, I would definitly take him to the vet ASAP. hope everything turn out ok, good luck. kate
  7. TDG, Thanks so much for all the great dog food info. I'll probably switch to Canidae after I'm done with the current bag of Wellness. It's cheaper anyway :D . I'll then add egg & cottage cheese every so often to improve her diet.
  8. After my dog swim in the pond in the dog park, she'll then pee at least an extra 4-5 times rest of the day because of all the water she drank. So I would think have extra bowl movement that same day is no big deal, it's if it continues on for the next few days, then I would maybe bring it to the vet to make sure nothing is wrong.
  9. Guess I'll jump in... TDG, where would you put Wellness compare with Innova, Canidae, and California Nature? I can get all four brands, and currently is on Wellness. thanks again for all the great info and help. Also, what do you think about dog can foods. is it worth the $$ to feed my dog once a week compare to dry dog food?
  10. TDG said: [quote]small side note on wellness: it's also a good quality food, but it only contains about 30% meat, the rest is grains and some other things. that's why some dogs get huge, soft stools from eating it.[/quote] thanks for the info. Part of the reason I picked Wellness is because of it's low calories count for keeping my dog's weight where she is now. I've read other good info from you about dog food. So is it good to switch between 2 dog foods every 6 month or so to give her different varies of nutrition? I'm now leaning towards candidae for the 2nd food to switch between, then Snoopy will get more veg neutriens some of the time, and meats other times. your opinion? thanks for all the info again.
  11. I stop watching Animal Pricint because it's just too sad. Everytime I keep imagine my princess being the dog that's in the horrible condition :evil: :cry: , then I started to tear up. I don't normally watch animal planet anyway, although I did find one good show I sometimes watch on Animal Planet call "Cell Dog". Anyone else watch that?
  12. I did some research about a month ago when I decided to switch too. At the end I came up with Wellness. Although I'll probably be switching between that and another brand (currently I'm thinking maybe chicken soup one but also like Candidae) every 6 month or so just to give it a variety. I was going to go with Candidae because it's cheaper but decided to go a bit higher up with Wellness because of the veg ingredients that's not in Candidae. Here is a website with lots of good dog food info if you have not yet got it. [url]http://www.mordanna.com/dogfood/[/url]
  13. [quote]Abby knows what 'go night night' means and she'll go up to my bedroom (where she sleeps) when I say it.[/quote] Cool. I said that too when it's time for bed. Snoopy will follow me upstairs and jump on to her daddy's spot and lay down. Sometimes when I am watching tv downstairs and it's getting late, she'll whine to let me know it's time for bed, then she gets excited when I say "you wanna go night night". My princess needs her beauty Sleep!
  14. One more vote for the water bottle drinking, except Snoopy doesn't slobber (thank god!).
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