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  1. Taurus and Jada

    Glucosamine supplements

    I give my dogs Syn-Flex and it has made a huge difference with Taurus who was diagnosed with Hip Dysplacia last December. Taurus gets 1/4 oz a day of SynFlex and he is 60lbs. That is the recommended dosage for a dog his size. Jada who is 102 lbs and does not have HD gets the same dosage as Taurus as a preventative. I buy the Syn-Flex from a really nice lady named Patty. I cant remember her website, but I'll PM you her email address in a minute. Kara
  2. Taurus and Jada

    ? for those with dysplastic dogs.

    [quote name='Lokipups']Lyme and Erlichia are antigen specific tests, if they aren't looking for them, they won't show up in a CBC. Although I'm sure the last thing poor Taurus wants is another needle stuck in him :( , poor guy.[/quote] I did ask about Eurlicia, and was told he would be anemic due to that. The lyme disease I did not ask about though..I will do some reading up on it. Thanks Kara
  3. My two just get either tap water or brita water.. when outside, Jada will drink from the hose (she prefers that), but Taurus will only drink form a bowl. They would drink anything though... Jada especially. I went and had a shower once and forgot I left a chocltae milk on the night side table...yep..she drank it all. She will try and drink our coke too, and has tasted beer before...all of which she'd drink right up if we let her. Most times its happened is when we have a guest who isnt conditioned to wating their drink. They learn fast!! lol
  4. Taurus and Jada

    Who eats more, you or your dog?

    Well Jada would defenitly out-eat me if she was allowed to. She is now up to 5 cups of Wellness per day which is what a 145 lb dog should eat... :o I just cant seem to put weight on her...her spine is still visible...yikes! Taurus eats 2 cups of Wellness per day and would probably eat more, but I doubt he's eat more then 3- 3 1/2... so Id defenitly beat him. As far as fast food...the only thing they get out is a TimBit from Tim Hortons when they're in the car with us when we do the drive thru. They give a Tim Bit to every dog who comes through the drive through. Funny thing is though... if you give Taurus his whole he will spit it out, you have to break it in half for him so he can taste the cakey centre. :lol:
  5. Taurus and Jada

    Do your dogs like the rain?

    Jada loves being outside in ALL weather...snow storms, rain, doesnt matter. Taurus on the other hand... well he will ask to go out, and if I open the door to let him out, he'll take a few steps closer to the door, look out and see its raining/snowing, and turn right back around. This is a normal occurance at our house...especially in the winter: Jada trying to coax Taurus outside: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/kararij/prettyplease.jpg[/img] And Taurus after 2 mins of being outside: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/kararij/letmeindamit.jpg[/img]
  6. Taurus and Jada

    Is your dog protective of you?

    I HIGHLY doubt that Taurus would ever attack anyone even if they were advancing on me, but I guess you just don't know until you're in that situation. He has put him self between loose dogs an me, but has never had to with a human. Jada on the other hand, would defenitly protect me. Im not sure if she would bite as I dont know if she has it in her, but she would defenitly put on a show thats for sure. We had a friend staying with us for a few weeks, and one night he came in late afetr Matt and I had allready gone to bed. Jada heard the door close and boom...she was up in a second. She flew out the door while Adam was coming down the hallway towards our bedroom ( probably to use the washroom). She blocked the hallway with her body and was barking until I came and told her to it was ok. She didnt really act aggressively, she just wouldnt let him get down the hallway towards our bedroom. In regards to training dogs in Schutzhund, I dont have a problem with it, although I think there are very few people out there that not only have dogs fit for the sport, but also handlers and trainers fit for the sport as well. It shouldnt be just anyone or any dog that trains in any protection sport. Jada is not trained in Sch although I took her a few times as I thought it would be something fun to do. After honestly assessing her temperment I decided she was not fit for protection sports, but I do know that through OB I can effectively call her "out" of any situation. To me thats the most important thing. And in regards to APBT's being trained in protection... well I dont think there is anything wrong with Sch trained APBT's as it really isnt training them to be aggressive...its all a game to them. However, I do think that the APBT has WAY to many strikes against it, and certainly doesnt need any more. They are not a natural guardian breed and should probably leave the natural protection up to the GSD's, Mals and guardian mastiffs, however I dont see why a well bred pittie with a solid temperment shoudlnt be allowed to be involved in Sch or French Ring. Kara
  7. Taurus and Jada


    Come on Alan, show everyone your dress?? :P I know Alan from along time ago from a few differnt msn boards.... he is a curious guy... but he really does get you thinking. :drinking:
  8. Have a few questions for you regarding doggy fun events. I am thinking about possibly putting one on this summer, and want everyones feedback please. 1. Have you ever been to a "fun" event for dogs? What did you think about it? 2. If I were to put on a fun show for a fundraiser, would you attend? ( this would be held in the London Ontario area.) 3. What activities would you like to see at a fun event? 4. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.... I am thinking right now about doing a CGN testing as well as a fun weight pull event. I dont know much abotu these things, but if I did it I would have help from people who did...but I would still like everyones input. What other kinds of activities would you see at an event like this? What types of prized should there be? Should I do a fun agility run? Thanks Kara
  9. Taurus and Jada

    Help Needed..Dog Breed database

    [quote name='__crazy_canine__']Ok I cant help myself I just have to say that.... The show APBT can look more like an AmStaff, especially if it doesnt work at all. The two lines DO look different... I dont get how you can say they dont. They CAN look the same but they dont always.[/quote] I agree... while the can look the same, I dont think they ussually do. Especially when you look at some older pics of pitties....the game bred dogs look nothing like a show bred APBT or Amstaff. JMO. Smooshie...did you get the pics I sent you?
  10. Well, not the results I was hoping for, but at least we know now. Taurus does have Hip Dysplacia, but the Dr. says it is a mild case, and suggested Glucosamine Supplements. We bought some right away and started him on them allready with dinner tonight... I am hoping that because we have caught it at middle age (he is just about 5 yrs old) and supplement him with the Con Glu, we will avert alot of problems later on in life. Anyone have a dog that was diagnosed later on in life with mild HD? Taurus is still quite out of it... He was whining and crying the whole way home from the vet. :cry: His tongue has regained full control though now... :ok: which is good because boy did he look goofy! Here is his daddy, trying to steal a smooch! Taurus says...I just got my tongue to stay in my mouth, and I aint taking it out again! [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0dQDzAmQllb8rFbJtNkbOiUx*2M5QTuZDGYoTUk4uuP2yeo8hcRqUTgo7z1ZioFRn8D!QNKMyyUon7nPX2kU*LJe28qPfvInpAtD85GeQeCTyJO79GtrSGELssprIqcpyCy1H4R6Cu7PV6cLC71bOllPc9N6NB1Wnzbo0Tj6sFwQ/trying%20to%20snag%20a%20kiss.JPG[/img] Any idea why his mouth would be so red? I though perhaps he was sticking his nose out of the kennel he was in?? Not too sure, but hes not used to being in a crate (if he was) so could be??? Any thoughts?? [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0YgDhAnsfmjqUnMi9iYLE7Eu1PMkdtXeLmYhfDf5NfKIcvyXJv70DHHl6WDCTbZxOKE1F2x1HvUShJ3HxQU4SDiEPnjlGtCL*CBk0zzN1MgYXKOetxY4xY0MN5G2K5IxYeF9q9bXmu*IaeCP!brLuOg/red%20nose.JPG[/img] as you can see...he is still out of it. a bit. [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0agACAzIiwlJbvwACXd553XpCwUYeiimqJuNg0X6RTlwfIpIpMd*mgZmBvP2vJgWGVSGtm31yNJxPaAmY8SP58SV4Xs!W2Gwentr3ViR1wQipLfjeq6UhQlUcZreV3m!Iln8D1gfG2E6jpS2iBT0tCS0NJHttZb4z/taurus%20is%20high.JPG[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0ZQARAxwgP31j6s4n4YYHe7v1*eGqMlTZ7Sgp93raTALxksvJ7STUgU3FRts!cqJjmbvOWvE5FN5roRD5MZoR8pevGfikvFIzEOSXrZgYzOLzbiP1TVZCybvGF2gxuLva*RC!GO8cfL5TTbTxKI7y0g/out%20of%20it.JPG[/img]
  11. Taurus and Jada

    Taurus' vet visit....

    Well...Taurus is a cone head, that is bumping into everythign in sight!! ( I think we will need to re=paint our house after these 10 days!!) I really like his new vet. The first thing the receptionist did when we got there was say to me "I hope you aren't offended, but I have marked Taurus down as a mixed breed. With all this banning talk going on with the province we do not want any of our pitties labeled as such, so we're are marking them all as mixed breeds" I thought that was pretty cool. Plus, they had the DLCC petition on their counter as well. Taurus has to wear the e-collar for 10 days so that his bump can dry out. He also has an anti-inflammatory and an antibiodic he has to take. So hopefully it will start to look better in the next couple of days!!! [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0YwAFA8ofIVjfnGSj8yAi27*KpkK*QWm*eYZcwN0r0nSaMjD3JDo7B3uV59Kf3JatGpuYHLv8HX7aSlER1qtjLelRxPJiqhMpQr5cNfkOMijcbd8ahfN7RMZIqRznOG4ojvGaG0rSp6s4IALrDosnzQ/cone%20head.JPG?dc=4675501090225905118[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0dAAYA4Ql4LvfnGSj8yAi28M!y6yBDF2O4qaSRq6JJ2GKZtmyW*0SejpBxC1MUvfNWxzXWb7KW6efCTA0oYtDBYNRuajBd26vJfIr0ABmCF09m7Heh*i5w6VxCeL83mXactxqA*r*E5j27g4zmYsFflcD5EEvhuLNv7VCGm*zokc/cone%20head%20layer%20downer.JPG?dc=4675501090224112367[/img]
  12. Taurus and Jada

    Worried about Taurus

    Well, Taurus has an appointment tommorow at 2:45 at King Animal Clinic so hopefully we'll figure this out! :lol:
  13. Taurus and Jada

    Worried about Taurus

    Well, Dr.Dillard is out of the question as she has made her position loud and clear regarding Bill-132 and any BSL. She feels all pitbulls should cease to exist after the current dogs die out. I would never take my dog anywhere near her. Apparently, after the Nov.16th meeting she did call into 1290 CJBK and say that she had changed her views b/c there were so many peopel that took so much time to care, that these dogs maybe could hav a good future??? I dont care though, I still would never give her my business. I am going to take him to King Animal Clinic. My neighbour down the road takes her English Bulldogs there and says she is AMAZING! She has gone there for years with her dogs and speaks very highly of her. I am currently taking them to Banner Road Animal Clinic in Thamesford. The reason I go there is because my parents have gone there forever, but I just feel like I am not getting the best service there as I need to really press for tests, etc regarding both Jada ( the incontinence) and Taurus ( the bahvioral issues and now this).
  14. Taurus and Jada

    Worried about Taurus

    Taurus has a large red bump between his "toes", and I took him to the vet last week and had it looked at. the vet said it was nothing to worry about, and to continue soaking it in epsom salts (which I had allready been doing). Well its been a week now, and the bump is getting bigger, redder and more tender for Taurus. I am really scared that this is somehow tied into the temperment changes we've seen with taurus also. I am going to take him to a different vet because at this point, i am not too thrilled with ours. I would also like to get a 2nd opinion on the changes we've seen in him. But in the meantime, any thoughts?? Here is a picture of it: [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0YAAzA8QdEKRtTPwMidA6sr1uEp*MfYQgxObwFVmpczBJAR5I6!V6WUfh3BxqnxZDoLQOseEa74ZvSwXGLKhV6YwKvL7*sUUocvXqmPxptWoejsyjYK5NXCaYp7xxAhwlF!ZCOuYGWZbXcm0CTW96aQ/DSCF0001.JPG?dc=4675500900093583848[/img]
  15. Please join us this Sunday, November 28 at 1:00pm for a peaceful protest against BSL and Bill 132. Gather at HIGH PARK (High Park Ave, South of Bloor) or KEW GARDENS (Lee Ave, South of Queen Street) Let's make this walk a moment in history that the Ontario Government will not ignore or forget. Breed specific bans will not improve public safety. Bill 132 threatens you and every dog in Ontario. For more information on Breed Specific Legislation and how it will affect you, please visit [url]www.brok.ca[/url] Please forward this message to your family and friends. Get the facts and get involved NOW.