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  1. Cropping can be done anytime between 9 and 14 weeks, although each vet is going to have their own preferences for when they do it. Make sure to print off pictures of dogs whose crop you like and take them into the vet when you go. Also make sure the vet you choose has experience not only cropping , but cropping APBT's. Ask for references if possible.
  2. I give my dogs Syn-Flex and it has made a huge difference with Taurus who was diagnosed with Hip Dysplacia last December. Taurus gets 1/4 oz a day of SynFlex and he is 60lbs. That is the recommended dosage for a dog his size. Jada who is 102 lbs and does not have HD gets the same dosage as Taurus as a preventative. I buy the Syn-Flex from a really nice lady named Patty. I cant remember her website, but I'll PM you her email address in a minute. Kara
  3. I feed my dogs Wellness Lamb and it has glucosamine in it as well. Taurus was diagnosed with HD last year at the age of 4.5 yrs old. We have found the Syn-Flex to be very helpful. He accidentally didnt receive it one night, and the next day he was very stiff, so we know it is defenitly doing the trick. I would let the breeder know, as a good breeder should want to know about any and all cases of HD with their litters. Even if the parents both had good hips, their offspring can develop HD, and vice versa. Good luck, Kara
  4. [quote name='Lokipups']Lyme and Erlichia are antigen specific tests, if they aren't looking for them, they won't show up in a CBC. Although I'm sure the last thing poor Taurus wants is another needle stuck in him :( , poor guy.[/quote] I did ask about Eurlicia, and was told he would be anemic due to that. The lyme disease I did not ask about though..I will do some reading up on it. Thanks Kara
  5. sorry, I should have listed all the tests we've allready done with him: * hip x-rays * full blood work up ( August 2004 and May 2005) * several thyroid blood tests * urine culture * urinalysis * chest x-ray * bladder x-ray How do they test for lyme disease? Is it a blood test?
  6. As some of you remember Im sure, we took Taurus into have his hips x-rayed last December as a massive amount of tests were being done to try and determine why he was so lethargic. The vet confirmed he did have Hip Dysplacia, but that it was pretty mild, and that it wasnt anything to be too concerned about. I cant remember exactly how she explained the x-rays to us, but I do know that she said it looked like he was born that way, as opposed to something that was brought on through his envioronment. ( ie. something about the sockets being shallow or shaped improperly.???) He has been on Syn-Flex for about 4 months now, but the past few weeks he has been pretty stiff and sore. He went to the vet last week for his annual shots and check-up, and I told her about the pain and she suggested some MetaCam for a week to see if it helped with the pain. If it did, she thought he might be gettig some arthritis. Well, it hasnt helped at all, and he can barely jump up onto his chair in the basement. ( a normal sized easy chair.) He wont "touch" ( his nose to the palm of my hand) not even for a piece of meat which is really wierd... he looks like he trys to but as soon as he goes to place weight on his back end, he stops. I have always heard that APBT's sometimes live their whole lives without ever showing the pain of hip dysplacia... Taurus is no exception ussually... he has hurt himself pretty badly before and it ussually doesnt even phase him, like he is intolerante of pain, however this is different, he is quite obviously in discomfort. Any thoughts?? ** also, about the same time he started getting stiff, he started vomiting. It has been two weeks or so, and he's been vomiting about every other day always afetr he gets up from resting?? Kara
  7. Just about all of my neighbours hate both of my dogs. We have not given them any reason too, but I live in Ontario... and well...thanks Micheal Bryant. :-? When we first moved in two years ago, we didnt have a fence right away. Taurus got away from us two times that first two months. Both times, it was for less then one minute, and both times ( this was before he turned dog aggressivea) he ran into a neighbours yard to play with their dog ( once a bichon and once a border collie). One neighboiur commented on how friendly he was, and the other told me to "keep my dam pit bull on a leash...there are children around here you know!" We built a fence right away and there has not been an incident since. Jada is just guilty by assosiation I guess, or perhaps she is too large and thats why people are scared of her??? Anyhow, my dogs do not cause anyone trouble thats for sure...they are probably some of teh best behaved dogs b/c of their bad reps I have made sure of it. Their poop is cleaned up every other day although they get two walks a day so alot of times it is just picked up on the walk and thrown out right away; they are only outside playing while supervised and rarely bark; aside from those two times Taurus ran away for less then a minute they have never been off leash in the neighbourhood; and unlike most of the other dogs around here who all seem to be quite dog aggressive, I have taught them to ignore other dogs on walks even if the other dog is freaking out at them. I would think all these things would make people feel more comfortable about a "viscious pit bull" living among them, but it doesnt. I live in a fairly nice neighbourhood...my husband and I are a good 15 yrs younger then anyone else around here so we arent friends with anyone on our street. Do I think someone would hold my dogs for me.... not a chance. :-?
  8. Prior to Taurus being neutered, he got along with ALL dogs. He never had a problem with any other dog, and in fact if another dog didnt like him, he would just walk away. My parents dog growled and snapped at him and he just ran away like...hmmm..dont want to play..your loss! Then, he was neutered later on in life, 4 1/2 yrs old and after that time he couldn't be with other dogs anymore. There are 4 dogs he still plays with, but thats it. He will not accept any other dogs. I thought we'd gotten off lucky...at 4 yrs old I was pretty sure he wouldn't "tunr on"... no such luck.
  9. Thats too bad... I feel for the dog, and hope it is okay. Some people just dont seem to use the brian the good Lord gave them...I have come to realize, these same people probably never will. :-?
  10. My two just get either tap water or brita water.. when outside, Jada will drink from the hose (she prefers that), but Taurus will only drink form a bowl. They would drink anything though... Jada especially. I went and had a shower once and forgot I left a chocltae milk on the night side table...yep..she drank it all. She will try and drink our coke too, and has tasted beer before...all of which she'd drink right up if we let her. Most times its happened is when we have a guest who isnt conditioned to wating their drink. They learn fast!! lol
  11. Well Jada would defenitly out-eat me if she was allowed to. She is now up to 5 cups of Wellness per day which is what a 145 lb dog should eat... :o I just cant seem to put weight on her...her spine is still visible...yikes! Taurus eats 2 cups of Wellness per day and would probably eat more, but I doubt he's eat more then 3- 3 1/2... so Id defenitly beat him. As far as fast food...the only thing they get out is a TimBit from Tim Hortons when they're in the car with us when we do the drive thru. They give a Tim Bit to every dog who comes through the drive through. Funny thing is though... if you give Taurus his whole he will spit it out, you have to break it in half for him so he can taste the cakey centre. :lol:
  12. Surpriseingl enough, I have never gotten into a fight with people over my dogs. I have had alot of pretty nasty things said to me...but I try very hard to keep my cool and never let them get to me. I find that angers people even more when they can't get a rise out of you... :evil:
  13. Jada loves being outside in ALL weather...snow storms, rain, doesnt matter. Taurus on the other hand... well he will ask to go out, and if I open the door to let him out, he'll take a few steps closer to the door, look out and see its raining/snowing, and turn right back around. This is a normal occurance at our house...especially in the winter: Jada trying to coax Taurus outside: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/kararij/prettyplease.jpg[/img] And Taurus after 2 mins of being outside: [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v319/kararij/letmeindamit.jpg[/img]
  14. I HIGHLY doubt that Taurus would ever attack anyone even if they were advancing on me, but I guess you just don't know until you're in that situation. He has put him self between loose dogs an me, but has never had to with a human. Jada on the other hand, would defenitly protect me. Im not sure if she would bite as I dont know if she has it in her, but she would defenitly put on a show thats for sure. We had a friend staying with us for a few weeks, and one night he came in late afetr Matt and I had allready gone to bed. Jada heard the door close and boom...she was up in a second. She flew out the door while Adam was coming down the hallway towards our bedroom ( probably to use the washroom). She blocked the hallway with her body and was barking until I came and told her to it was ok. She didnt really act aggressively, she just wouldnt let him get down the hallway towards our bedroom. In regards to training dogs in Schutzhund, I dont have a problem with it, although I think there are very few people out there that not only have dogs fit for the sport, but also handlers and trainers fit for the sport as well. It shouldnt be just anyone or any dog that trains in any protection sport. Jada is not trained in Sch although I took her a few times as I thought it would be something fun to do. After honestly assessing her temperment I decided she was not fit for protection sports, but I do know that through OB I can effectively call her "out" of any situation. To me thats the most important thing. And in regards to APBT's being trained in protection... well I dont think there is anything wrong with Sch trained APBT's as it really isnt training them to be aggressive...its all a game to them. However, I do think that the APBT has WAY to many strikes against it, and certainly doesnt need any more. They are not a natural guardian breed and should probably leave the natural protection up to the GSD's, Mals and guardian mastiffs, however I dont see why a well bred pittie with a solid temperment shoudlnt be allowed to be involved in Sch or French Ring. Kara
  15. I wish I could be there... :( Hope you have a good time, your pups are gorgeous!
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