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  1. Mmm... Here is no "paw wax" But I've tried cremes for children and they seem to help. :D
  2. Sleeping at night? Come on, my dog sleeps 23 hours a day!!! :lol: (I mean, if there are no agility competitions held)
  3. Ooohh!!! I wish someone would take care of me like you do of your mum! :D
  4. Something strange is happening to Asting. He has many bloody cracks on his paws, they are deep and appear every day. Asting can't normally walk because of this. Here, in Russia, spring is only coming and weather changes every day. One day it is snowy, but tomorrow everything melts... Maybe the problem with paws is caused by changes of surface? What can I do to stop it?
  5. If I met this man I'd kill him!!!!! :evil: :evil: :x Hmmm.... Will someone buy it? I think if there is such a person, he's also crazy heartless mistake of nature!!!! :evil: Poor dog... :cry:
  6. [b]HazelNutMeg[/b] Good luck to you!!!!
  7. [size=7][color=red][b] :angel: Well done Gladis!!!!!! :angel: [/b][/color][/size]
  8. Awww! Poor Ben and poor you. I'm confused too. My dog of course misses me when I'm away, but not in this way... I can just hope for the best. Fingers crossed for him to be OK. :wink:
  9. Belgians! Belgians!!!!! Lo-o-ove!!!!! I'm thinking of getting a Malinois or Tervuren for Agility. They are fast, agile, beautiful, intelligent... They are AWESOME!!!!!
  10. Oh, and Tervurens also rule!!!! :)
  11. [quote name='J.D.M.']in my opinion Belgian Malinois are the Best! :D[/quote] Yum, I agree. 100% Though I'm a setter person :D
  12. [quote name='Holz_Boomer'] Annushka-aww red x! :( :cry:[/quote] try this : [url]http://www.deviantart.com/view/4611768/[/url] Warning : a BIG picture!!
  13. Many people I know own dogs and birds. My agility trainer has a lab, a bc and a parrot and they get on very good. Her lab, Vita, takes care of a bird, she tries to protect it from the owners (!) :wink: Another my friend has an American Cocker. When she decided to buy a parrot, she was worried about their relationships too. But then she saw this scene : a crying spaniel was lying under the bed and the parrot attacked him again and again! But later they became good friends. :D
  14. Huh, for me it was much easier to teach Asting to weave through the poles and THEN through my legs.. :lol:
  15. Annushka


    We train dogs in the street in any weather, even if it is -10o C :)
  16. I'm going to get another dog for agility soon. Can anyone say their OWN opinion about beagles? All the books say they're very energetic and fast and I know that one beagle became Agility World Champion. But they're not so popular agility dogs like Border Collies or shelties... Are there any problems with having a beagle? And what is good in them?
  17. Oh, thank you guys! (especially Rowie :oops: ) I use a pencil. I wasn't taught anywhere, it's all five years practise. :)
  18. I'm back now! UUuuf! Too much work in school :( And too much laziness. However, I'm writing a project about dogs now and have not enough time for Dogo. :cry: Ok, here is a link to my art gallery, have a look! And remember about your poor friend sittting in front of her computer and typing, typing, typing..... [url]http://annushkathesetter.deviantart.com/[/url] There are some new works of different breeds. Am I good?Am I? Yes? :)
  19. :laola: :smilecolros: :olympic: :klacz: :banan: :ylsuper: [size=6]Congrats!!! Waiting impatiently for spring![/size]
  20. I'll give Asting a new toy or a big, tasty bone. :eating: :Dog_run:
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