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Another pit article please vote!


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I voted no! Dumb a** people, oooo I just wanna kill em. I wouldnt really kill em, I just want to.

[quote]Remember that after the three pit bulls attacked and killed Brooke, they went on, looking for their next victim.[/quote]

Yea, Im sure thats what they were doing, like pit bulls are just out to kill EVERYONE in the ENTIRE world!

[quote]There's a lot of talk about how it's not the breed's fault. People who own American Staffordshire terriers or American pit bull terriers say that a few bad dogs raised by unscrupulous owners have ruined their reputations.

Yeah, sure, as if I could train my Pomeranian-mix puppy to become an attack dog.

...You could train it if you wanted but its body wouldnt be suited for it. Gosh, they act like other dogs cant be vicious like pit bulls can!!!

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And the ignorance continues... What a load of cr*p

[quote]Yeah, sure, as if I could train my Pomeranian-mix puppy to become an attack dog.[/quote]

You don't have to train it, you just have to NOT train it. I've been bit by a yorkie and a miniture poodle, both untrained, for the simple reason that they were little dogs. :evil:

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Her part about unscrupolous breeders seems okay with me. I think I'm undecided on the issue as I'm sure theres plenty "good" pitbulls out there. But then again to dismiss the mauling and death (not bite statistics) statistics that the media loves to mention would be outright silly.

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I voted. and sent the following

Although I feel very badly for Mr. Oliver, and Jennifer Brooke, I have to point out the fallacies of your story. First of all:
She told him that people who suggest they can train them to be safe are fooling themselves, he said, adding, "What you are doing is training them away from what they are trained to do."

This is not what well-bred and maintained, cared-for Pit Bulls were bred to do.

They were bred to fight other animals, Bear, Bulls and Boars, to be specific.

They were bred to NOT be harmful to man, or their owners could not call them off of

a fight and make them behave. While I disagree entirely with what they were bred for,

I know that manhandling was not part of it. Dogs who were nasty to their owners were culled from the breed, to make sure the owners would not be injured breaking up a fight.


"Yeah, sure, as if I could train my Pomeranian-mix puppy to become an attack dog."

yes, in fact you could. Any dog can bite, the only difference is that the size and

tenacity of the animal makes Pit Bull wounds more dangerous than Pom Mix wounds.

I realize that there is a lot of press about Pit Bulls and how "dangerous" they are. Tell me, ma'am, could you look out your window and define without a second thought that the dog you see is a Pit Bull? Not a Pit Bull mix, not an Am Staff, not a Bulldog? Most people CANNOT. Including Animal Control Officers. The resemblence is too close. So alot of the "Pit Bulls" the press is writing about are not real Pit Bulls at all, but mixes with other breeds of dog that DONT have the Pit Bull's bred-in tolerance of humans. Do I think that ALL breeders regardless of breed should be licensed? yes. But more importantly, do I think that ALL owners, no matter what breed, if it is potentially dangerous (as most large breeds are) should be REQUIRED to take the dog to formal training, and learn how to control it? YES! Banning real, well bred Pit Bulls will not stop these issues, because the real, well-bred Pit Bulls are not the ones doing the attacks. Backyard breeding and puppy mills are responsible for a great deal of it. And no, I dont own a Pit Bull. I have a Lab Mix and a Foxhound. The Lab mix does not like strangers or small children. She has growled at both. I am a responsible owner and never walk her off lead. However, were she a Pit, she would be chastised and maybe put down due to "aggressiveness"....as it is I have to tell people NOT to let their kids run up and hug her....It's all in the "perception"...I get REALLY tired of hearing "OH LOOK! It's a LAB!! you can run up and pet it!!" from idiot parents who never bothered to teach their kids that you NEVER pet a strange dog without the owners permission....

I think before you make blanket statements like you did, you need to research the real Pit Bulls, who are owned by hundreds and thousands of caring, intelligent people and who dont want to see the breed "disappear" due to total misconceptions.

Katy Courtney


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[color=blue]Yeah, sure, as if I could train my Pomeranian-mix puppy to become an attack dog.[/color]

Actually, I know a very vicious Pom cross dog. He doesn't even weigh 5 lbs. and it's a good thing! I've been bitten by him more than once.

I voted no. We aren't winning by much, though.[/quote][/quote]

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Guest Anonymous

I voted... its is really close :-?
that was a great letter courtnek

the entire part about the breeders i actually thought that she might have been going somewhere but nope, she ruined that notion pretty fast.

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Guys, we are now 64%! :D

That lady sounded like an animal lover, I agree, until she the "Yeah, as if I could train my Pomeranian-mix puppy to attack." part! :x

I wish (if she had the Pomeranian mix puppy) that she WOULDN'T train it, then the Pom would turn into an aggressive dog, just to show her. Then she would go to a shelter, look into the loving eyes of a Pit Bull and realize that her article was wrong...


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