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  1. Daisysmom

    Alpha gone BALLISTIC...

    Oh, too bad. My guys just chew and switch :D
  2. Daisysmom

    Website Design... ya like?

    Wow, that looks great!! Is it a geocity?
  3. I am baking and selling Gourmet Dog Treats, and I had to show you guys. Here is the link to my ebay store. Make sure you view all three pages (on the left hand side) to see my "official taste-testers" [url]http://stores.ebay.com/Daisys-Delights-Gourmet-Dog-Treats[/url] My three are loving it!! They get all the leftovers :wink: Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas for me!!
  4. Daisysmom

    i came here about 5 months ago

    I agree, Border Collie.
  5. Daisysmom

    Vote for Elijah!!

    In the lead again :D
  6. Daisysmom

    Vote for Elijah!!

    Voted!! He is way ahead :D
  7. Daisysmom

    Yogurt frosting????

    Any ideas for a good yogurt frosting? I am starting to make dog treats, and want to try a frosting (doesn't have to be yogurt) but do not want to add sugar. Any hints or ideas would be appreciate :D
  8. Daisysmom

    Bye my sweetheart

    Oh Marion....... I'm so sorry. Cleo was so lucky she had you to take care of while Mum was wo patiently waiting for her..... You know they are together again. Don't be sad. Rest in Peace dear Cleo :angel: Miss ya
  9. Daisysmom

    Determining age?

    Courtnek, I agree 100%!
  10. Daisysmom

    Sensitive skin...

    Poor baby! Maybe a little oil in her food would help too. (I give my 3 fish oil tabs)
  11. Daisysmom

    Help! Cody just attacked stryker

    I have to agree with HF too. Jake has become aggressive a handful of times mostly with Chelsey, and I have put a stop to it right away. [quote]I call the "pack" shots in this house, not them.[/quote] I live by that!! I think when the dogs are living in the house you have to. Good luck!
  12. Daisysmom

    Mei- Mei made me cry

    I needed good laugh!!! Thanks :lol:
  13. Daisysmom

    My Mother-The Moron

    Why don't you try border training him? It takes some time, but it is well worth it.