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  1. I'm familiar with GSDs, while my boy is completely different from your dog here's what I'm thinking. You and your family inadvertently messed this dog up. What is his pedigree? There's two possibilities here you either have a poorly bred fear biter or a hard working dog who is handler aggressive i.e. doesn't take kindly to corrections. You say he isn't a fear biter so he's probably in the second category. If he in the second category you and your family have absolutley no business with a dog like this. I'm not saying this in any offensive way but the needs of this sort of dog are very very different than your regular house dog. Regular obedience training is okay but not good enough especially since since the age of 1 he's been all over the place. If he is a working line dog (is his head big and broad? what is his colouring like? standard black and tan or more european looking? is he hyper and needing constant activity?) you and your family have really messed him up. GSDs are not independent dogs and you've isolated him first of all, it also seems he's had a few owners in his life and none of them have established themselves as alpha/master. You also don't seem to have worked him rather you keep him chained up in the back yard, you've also let him fight with other dogs and possibly get dominated further worsening the situation. Sounds like you may have a big, hard nerved, working line shepherd you have absolutely no business with a dog such as this. I suggest checking around and seeing if any working dog people in your area and if they see potential maybe they would be willing to adopt him possibly even check with the police. I know that some police dogs do share characterstics similiar to your dog the difference being that their handlers have them controlled every second of the day. Go to [url]www.leerburg.com[/url] and register at the members forum. The people there are a bit whacky sometimes but they might have ideas. Training him at this stage will be really difficult and most likely require a prong or electric collar as well as lots of positive training. Yes it sounds inhumane but its better than having one of your kids chewed up. I do know that if you want to train a dog like this someone has to step up and be alpha at this point. You're going to need and electric or prong collar to do it as well as lots of positive training. I know people around here will think I'm sadistic but with working GSDs prong collars for corrections are a preferred method. They do not hurt the dog in and long term way and its much better to have him under control than getting bitten. Growling/snarling at handlers when they correct is a common thing in handler aggressive working dogs, especially the pups. Its seems this behaviour was not nipped in the bud when he was a pup hence it has grown out of control. I think that about sums it up, this dog has grown out of control because its owners did not seem to know how to correct/handle him. If he is not a fear biter and is a working line dog i strongly suggest not euthanizing him. Instead try find someone who understands these kind of dogs and is willing to adopt him. Lastly check out [url]www.leerburg.com[/url] register on those forums and get advice, they specialize in working line dogs especially GSDs and will be able to help. Sorry for being long winded and blunt, I mean no offense but as with all people who have their "favorite breed" it pains me to see a dog turn out wrong when it is so clearly his family's fault :( . As a disclaimer I am taking your word for it that he is not a fear biter. Like I said if he is a poorly bred (BYB) dog then the situation is very different. Can you post a pic of him? Do you have any details on his breeder? Is he neutered?
  2. Heh my unneutered male is almost 2 years old and fortunately he hasn't tried any of this sort of thing. I noticed he does try mount a bitch every once in a while but gets corrected for it and leaves it at that.
  3. Think about this rationally for a sec. Let's say the enimal control people listen to your complaint and take the dog to the shelter. Lets say this dog doesn't get adopted fast enough so they euthanize it. At least the dog is sleeping in doors and it seems that it probably does spend some time with the family when they are around. Is he mostly tethered outside when nobody is home? Do they have a fence? You might think you're doing the dog a favor but in the end it's possible that you're really making things worse than they are.
  4. [quote name='Seijun'][quote] personally do not see the shiloh shepherd as a breed.[/quote] Why not? The reproduce predictably in both temperament and looks. That makes them a pure breed. [quote]How are they different from a GSD? I just looked up pictures of them, and they're identical (in my uninformed opinion). [/quote] [/quote] More intelligent than a REAL Shepherd? Lol ridiculous, I'm not sure where you get your info from. Shilohs and King not more intelligent than Shepherds. Perhaps the reason they aren't used in Police/Army work. Not sure what the point of bastardizing the GSD was when they came up with these breeds... Almost seems like a designer breed that has gone legit. I love how the "creators" of this breed say they are trying to create an "old world" type shepherd. Utterly ridiculous the Shiloh or King sheps are way bigger than any "old world" shepherd and completely lack the drives that exist in "old world shepherd." If you want "old world" GSD have a look at some of the good Czech Shepherds that are being bred. Stable nerves, temperment, intelligence, solid bone structure and much less HD than any North Am show dogs and these designer breeds. Improving a breed doesn't mean you go and create a new one that shares no qualities with the original except for bigger looks. Sorry for being passionate about GSDs. I happen to own one and know what they are supposed to be like and where they need improvement.
  5. [quote name='ObedienceGrrl']I'm just fearful that we are next with our GSDs. So soon, they will have their CGC. Although I'm not sure that will do any good.....[/quote] I doubt shepherds will get banned anytime soon due to their association with police/military forces.
  6. Not sure if this has been posted here but some politician in Ontario who knows nothing of dogs has proposed a ban on pits and most likey a bunch of related breeds. [url]http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/petition-sign.cgi?newban2[/url] Petition it please!! Pits go down first then who knows whats next... GSD, Rotties, Dobermans etc.
  7. True Pits pits is right in many ways. IMHO chances are if you rescue a Pit or GSD from a shelter you will get a sketchy dog that was BYB. As such it will could be subject to all kinds of health and temperment problems. Yes sometimes rescue dogs work but in many cases they don't. Especially for people who want to do some kind of sport with their dog e.g. weight pull, schutzhund, protection etc. A rescue dog would not cut it in these cases. BYB is evil and needs to be crushed but that doesn't mean that good breeders who filter and keep tried tested and true bloodlines going should be punished. No matter how many dogs responsible people rescue there will always be irresponsible fools BYB'ing unless the state passes some kind of legislature workable against it. Its a vicous and cruel cycle but so many things are.
  8. I got to thinking the other day after looking at my shepherd Blitz and the problems he could inherit. I then thought of relatively healthy dogs such as Pitbulls. Wouldn't it be possible to add to the GSD genepool a healthy dog of a different breed just to introduce new blood into the gene pool, new toughness. Of course the breeder would have to phase the non GSD breed out of the lines to re-attain conformation but in the end he might be left with a stronger, healthier line. Any experienced breeders or geneticists think this type of breeding could be beneficial?
  9. [quote name='courtnek']well, you all know about Laurel and Free....this happened today. when I adopted her, I was told she would need running room (which I have, in a large back yard) and other dogs, since they are raised in a pack setting. I have a lab mix as well, they get along good. also two cats, which she loves and plays with (watching a 60 lb. foxhound doing play bows with a 4 lb kitten is a site to see) anyway, when she needs to run (and "needs" is a fact. they HAVE to run a certain amount every day) I take them both out, and tell her RUN and tell the lab GO GET HER. maybe my choice of words was wrong. The lab then chases the foxhound around the yard, until they're both tired. the lab cant catch her, no dog she's ever run with has been able to. but its a game for both of them. The lab cheats and cuts her off, and the hound leaps over her and keeps running. anyway, someone was walking past my gate today while we were playing this game. they cant really see in (wooden, six foot, looks out to the street) but they could hear me. they started yelling at me for telling Free to "go get her!" accusing me of using Laurel as a "bait dog". Now, I might have asked about that too, if I overheard it. I explained to them what was happening, and all they kept saying was "we will report you for animal abuse!". I was in tears. I have never abused an animal in my whole life, and wouldnt even consider it. They even came in the yard and saw how well the dogs get along. I am very upset.... :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:[/quote] Thats when you just point at the guy, look at your dogs, look back at him and yell GO GET HIM! 8) Of course the dogs just look at you funny, but the other guys pees his pants cause he's afraid of your "abused and aggressive" doggies and you walk away laughing! Somepeople are just jackasses don't worry about it.
  10. [quote name='voodoopitbull']Nothing is like a German working line GSD pup. It's a totally different dog that any dog I've ever come in contact with. It's SO hard to get through puppyhood...adolescents will be h***. I'm already dreading it. With a years (or a little more) time, if I'm consistent and I work hard, I'll get whatever I deserve. Hopefully it'll be a good dog.[/quote] I have a working line Czech Shepherd, he's one year old now and was much worse when he was younger. Fortunately he does not seem to be a dominant alpha type dog, you don't want a dominant dog for Schutzhund. Check out [url]www.leerburg.com[/url] for working dicussions, great resource if you haven't seen it already. When he was younger I would come home to shredded news papers, torn up shoes, missing socks etc. He quickly learned to stop such things though. Blitz's characteristics: Bold, not aggressive at all but also curious and needing to inspect every little thing. Will chase a stick until I stop, I seriously think he'd keep chasing until collapse if he had to. Very aloof and would much rather play with a ball or a stick than another dog. Will run away from a miniture pinscher who barks! Unless of course its on his territory or going after one of his possessions e.g. stick or ball, if that happens it doesn't matter how big or small he suddenly turns "on." Whines for a good minute when I get home from work will not stop jumping around until i give him a good belly rub. Hates baths, all I have to say is "wanna take a bath Blitz?" and he runs to furthest corner of the house. Throw a stick in the lake and he's after it 100 mph and swimming all day long :lol: I say stuff such as "Are you Hungry?" "Wanna go outside?" "Where's Chongo?" (his best friend) etc and his cocks his head to the side and looks at me intensly. I repeat the word and he cocks his head to the other side like as if he understands me! Very vocal, loves to talk if he wants to play or go do his business outside he will make it known. His talking barks are completely different pitch and tone than defensive ones. Stubborn sometimes I can say sit ten times and he'll just sit there and look at me. His eyes saying "Make me buddy" and I'll literally have to go push his butt down till he sits. If I have a piece of kibble in my hand its a different story. These guys like to challenge authority and are very independent minded dogs. He's like my shadow most of the time, follows me everywhere. Oh ya and the vacuum cleaner is his mortal enemy.
  11. [quote name='danips']Ok, I am a first time french mastiff (Dogue de Bordeoux) owner of a beautiful 6 month old pup. Problem is he started limping on his right paw a couple of weeks ago. The vet says he has a metabolic problem referred to as HOD (Hypertrophic OsteoDistrophy). It is commonly caused by overfeeding and over supplemental with minerals. We haven't fed the dog too much and gave him a lot of exercise. I guess my question is has anyone seen this, and seen it heal?????????? I am worried that he won't recover properly. Please help!![/quote] This sounds similiar to "Pano." My Shepherd had it for months. Have you switched to adult food yet? 6 months is a good time to do so, I highly reccomend it, especially for a large dog like you have. You don't want them growing fast, it can lead to all sorts of problems including HD.
  12. [quote=Ripley's Girl]When I get a larger breed dog, I will probably stop carrying the mace.. But call me overprotective, NOTHING bad is going to happen to my dog during a walk as long as I'm around and holding the leash.[/quote] Even with large breeds, especially the younger ones its a big problem. I know with working dogs, Shepherds specifically, the owner has to do everything in his power to keep his young dogs outlook on life as positive and confident as possible. Early domination/attack by an older and stronger dog can shatter confidence and turn a dog into a fear biter or make it dog aggressive. I guess its just best to only let one's dog play with familiar dogs who are not dominant. No more dog parks for me.
  13. [quote name='courtnek']pepper spray wont work in every incidence. some dogs are h***-bound and determined. even mace wont work in every situation. in a dog that wont back down to a regular spray, and if it is threatening you, unfortunately, yo have to go for the eyes. directly. I hate to say that, but some dogs will not back down to just the smell and discomfort. sounds like your factory dogs are "junk yard dogs"...and its often hard to drive them off. sometimes, with situations like that. foghorns work. the noise really startles them bad. you can get one at any boat store. their also good for breaking up dogfights.[/quote] I was thinking about this myself, very good idea. I have a loud airhorn at home and I've used it around Blitz once or twice (never again) now I just have to pick the thing up and he wants nothing to do with it. Friend of mine had a similiar incident recently and he tried doing the same thing I did except in his case the other dog owner attacked him for kicking his dog!!! Pepperspray also seems sort of vicious but an air horn is just a loud noise and psychologically won't have as negative effect on the dog owners. Good idea!
  14. [quote name='courtnek']pepper spray will not hurt an attacking dog. it is NOT the same as mace, which can cause grievious injuries to a dogs eyes. too many people confuse the two..[/quote] Thats perfect because i wouldn't actually want to hurt the dog, just scare it off or give me enough time to get away with Blitz. The dog's owner wouldn't understand though thats for sure.
  15. [quote name='Taurus and Jada'][quote]Pitbull owners who take their dogs out really need to understand the leash concept. Of course I'm preaching to the choir here but none the less I need to rant a bit. [/quote] I think this goes for any breed of dog, not just pitbulls. Unless you are in a designated off leash park, your dog should be on a leash, period. I dont care if its Lassie... it should be on a leash. As far as aggressive dogs go, (pitbull or not), I agree... people really need to realize, if your dog is aggressive with other dogs (as some are from all groups) you should not let it off leash except for a fenced in area. I dont know why this is a hard concept for people to understand?? I am sorry that this happened to you. Im glad that your pup (or yourself) was not hurt ... and I hope this kid gets a clue and gets a handle on his dog before another situation happens which might end up much worse. We really should be able to call AC over issues like this... because if someone can't control their dog, then they shouldn't own one.[/quote] Technically it was an "off leash but under control" park. This guy wasn't even within site of his dog, he was to busy smoking a joint with his buddies to care. It also seemed like after he called his dog back to him he continued to try hype his dog up. The thing that angered me the most was that the guy was completely clueless. He said stuff like "he just wants to play" lol a dog that is growling, barking and basically foaming at the mouth fixated on my pup just "wants to play!!" He also didn't punish his dog for lunging at him!! This dog could have a poor future in store for it if it continues to attack other dogs or people. The worst part is that its avoidable.
  16. First off I'm not trolling, second of all this is the first time an Aggressive dog has attacked me/Blitz. Also as you'll see the pitbull owner was either very irresponsible or just a good actor. I'm pretty choked, today I was at the park throwing the ball around when out of no where comes strutting a male pitbull. No owner in site and he's off leash. I knew he was trouble right away and tried standing between him and Blitz yelling commands. The Pitbull was standing stiff, neck tense, posturing for a fight. The owner managed to call him away. I should have known better and left. The pit came back a second time (no leash, not even a collar!!) and went for Blitz's ball. It was chaos after that. They went at it for a bit and Blitz actually managed to back the other dog away. I could tell the pittie didn't want to back down though and was getting more and more fired up. So I stood in between them as best I could trying to control Blitz while also trying to boot the other dog in the head. This time the owner came and physically restrained his dog asking one his friends to hold his dog. We talked for a bit and he apologized. The thing is the whole time the Pittie is foaming at the mouthing growling barking, rampaging, so his friend got scared at let go AGAIN. This time my adrenaline is pumped and I step in between the two dogs again yelling throwing kicks whenever the mutt got near. Sounds a little bit harsh eh? But theres no way I'm letting my one year old pup go at it with an angry pitbull. On top of this the clueless owner (some wannabe lil homeboy...) has no idea how to handle his dog. Even asks me to let go of Blitz (I was restraining him). I let him go, not because the pit owner asked but because I figured if worst comes to worst I'm gonna help my dog with this one rather than get bitten while holding him back. Finally the other owner gets a hold of his little bag of hell and I notice that his dog tries to attack him while he's pulling him away!!! He says sorry again, I continue throwing my ball like nothing happend. Blitz retrieves like nothing happend. Fortunately Blitz's confidence seems okay and nobody was hurt. It could have turned out very differently though. Irresponsible owners really really piss me off. One of my best friends has an aggressive dog the difference is that it is never off leash around other strange dogs. Pitbull owners who take their dogs out really need to understand the leash concept. Of course I'm preaching to the choir here but none the less I need to rant a bit. Do you guys think its a good idea to carry pepper spray? Its been reccomended to me a couple of times to deal with these types of situations.
  17. [quote name='__crazy_canine__'][quote name='Edgar']Do they need special training and handlers? Yes they do. But not anymore so then oh lets say a Pitbull....[/quote] What is that supposed to mean? :-? Maybe Im taking this the wrong way but I find that offensive...[/quote] What it means is that pitbulls require a special sort of owner, they are not the dog for everyone and require a high degree of responsibility. Much more than say with a golden retriever or yorkie. Th Czech Wolfdog also has its own set of special requirements and as a result requires special owners. i.e. They too are not for everyone. Nothing to be insulted by.
  18. [quote name='Margo']I think we have to clear two things: 1) [quote]However, dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years. Wolves have not. [/quote] It's not true. Some of the shepherds which origin is Europe have a lot of wolfsblood (if you will get the photos made about 1900 you will see some of them look exactly like wolfdogs). Even in the beginning of last century wolfdogs were used for breeding by German Shepherd Dogs. Just take a look on the Breed Books... Don't forget also some nordic breeds or for example Laikas. "Thousands of years of domestification" is in some cases just a fairy tale... 8) 2)[quote] lot of times its not the potential dominance problems which makes wolfdogs/wolves the WRONG choice of pet for someone who doesn't know anything about them. [/quote] Please don't mix two concepts: recognized breeds and "typical" wolfdogs. "Wolfdogs" are mostly F1 or F2 crossing and there is huge difference between Wolfdogs and CzW/Saarloos acording the character. Especially when we are talking about "Czechs". Saarloos and Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs are recognized breeds by F.C.I. (by the way Saarloos is almost as old as German Shepherd Dog... ;)) - in the most cases they have wolves in the 12-15 generation.... Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs as breed was made in 1955 for the Czech Army. For over 30 years the only aim was to breed working dogs that can be used for protecting the state borders. The soldiers had no scruples: they eliminated all shy and aggresive dogs and left only these which passed the working exams. Sure these dogs look like wolves. There are two reasons for it: the genes responsible for exterier are stronger by wolves than by dogs and the offspring were looking exactly like wolves. 2nd: as you can read in the standard: Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs is "In body shape, movement, coat texture, colour of coat and mask, similar to the wolf". It means the breeders try to breed dogs which look exactly like wolves...but with character of a dog. I own three Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs. The male is a pet dog. With both females we passed 9 working exams within 2 years (obedience, tracking, exams for rescue dogs, aso.). And we are just starting (and training just for fun) and we are also not the best. I don't want to advertise this breed - like all true working dog breeds also Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs require very experienced owners. But an experienced owner can make a lot with them... :) Because they are not more dominant/shy/agressive than other dogs I know...[/quote] Well said I wanted to mention the same things but you already did it for me :lol: . To many of you guys are classifying the Czech Wolfdog as a regular "Wolf Hybrid" they are far from it. Most Rotties and Shepherds I've seen are far more aggressive than dogs of these breed. Do they need special training and handlers? Yes they do. But not anymore so then oh lets say a Pitbull....
  19. Man you people accusing RNP should be ashamed of yourself. Why not use your heads and send him a PM instead of being hot headed and posting before the real story is out. I'm sure RnP would be the first person to start up a thread had he known about the auction... Drey is a really good looking dog and it makes perfect sense why some deceitful unscroupolous person would use him for an auction picture. Disgusting. I find it disconcerting that some BYB is using pictures of well bred bullies and trying to sell his own on the net for $500 +. Instead of ragging RnP we should be doing what we can as smart internet users/dog lovers to stop this sort of crap! Any ideas?
  20. Lol its times like these I'm glad I live in Canada... These cases would never even make it to court.
  21. I bought this dry shampoo spray stuff from petcetera. Spray a bit on brush it out and it leaves the doggie smelling a lot better and has non of the dry skin effects of frequent bathing. Also dousing the carpets with baking soda / vacuuming works too!!
  22. Seems like you guys are being way to simplistic about cancer. You're overlooking the cumulative effects that different substances can have on the body. For example maybe Frontline alone doesn't cause cancer but just like aspartane alone may not "cause" cancer but in combination with the thousands of other chemicals, UV rays etc we are exposed to it could definately make things worse.... Also just because you're 46 and still drinking coffee doesn't prove anything what so ever. My grandma is 86 drinks coffee, smokes a pack a day, eats nice fatty meats and is healthy as an ox. Again it means nothing especially when looking over a bigger population (i.e. its a rare case). 46 is considered a young age in terms of cancer, not only that but sometimes cancer can be slow growing and hard to detect etc etc and can take years to diagnose. Theres so many variables but I for one would take a study that suggests frontline causes cancer in mice as a BAD thing. Rant complete 8)
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