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  1. [quote name='K']Throw it one of these pesky small children to distract it and then scarper?[/quote] :lol:
  2. Hi... I have no idea,,, but give your doggie a big kiss and hug from me... :(
  3. LMAO!!!! Jeff that was flippin' funny!!! :lol:
  4. Oh Jeff that reminds.. :lol: . Last week I went to collect rent.. And some of my tenants are a little looney... lets leave it at that... Well we got on the subjet of dogs.. And he goes.. " Oh yeah you got them ROCKS.." I busted out laughing... :lol:
  5. [quote name='drjohn']AllAmericanPup..... (for those of you that don't get that......it's an invitation to AllAmPup to play, [b]doggie style[/b])[/quote] :icon_rock: , :hmmmm: , :banan:, :cunao:,
  6. [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote]I am for the ban, too. And please, guys, don't think it's because I don't agree with her marital status[/quote] Not sure why this would even be brought up???[/quote] Me too??? :drinking: :drinking:
  7. What I didn't say nothing it was Andreaxavier........ 8) :D
  8. Your calling us stupid....???Kiss our ARSES!!!!
  9. [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote name='xavierandrea']Jessi I second it... You would be third.. :D[/quote] Oh whatever! Just ban the twat! :lol:[/quote] ROFLMAO!!! :lol:
  10. Jessi I second it... You would be third.. :D
  11. I would call the vet to rule out any problems. But to me it sounds like she became the alpha. The growling and not letting him lay down next to her. I don't know I'm not an expert.
  12. Wow..How old is she? Has she ever bitten before? Did he do any quick moves before the bite?
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