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  1. [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote]I am for the ban, too. And please, guys, don't think it's because I don't agree with her marital status[/quote] Not sure why this would even be brought up???[/quote] Me too??? :drinking: :drinking:
  2. [quote name='Jessashelony'][quote name='xavierandrea']Jessi I second it... You would be third.. :D[/quote] Oh whatever! Just ban the twat! :lol:[/quote] ROFLMAO!!! :lol:
  3. I would call the vet to rule out any problems. But to me it sounds like she became the alpha. The growling and not letting him lay down next to her. I don't know I'm not an expert.
  4. [quote name='Jessashelony']anyone have Justin's email? :lol:[/quote] :lol:
  5. Let's not forget Baileysmom.... They are/were friends also???
  6. I have so much to say....... But for now I will be nice..... For all you fellow members who were fooled by DAK just remember what comes around goes around. Many people tried to help her even I. Until I found out what she did. Being married is a special bond that is to be unbroken. Unless there are mutual feelings that the marriage is over. What DAK did is unforgivable.. This includes breaking that bond of marriage, and what she has done to her past and present beloved pets. Many people were fooled and many people are now hurting over this.... Maybe we need a support group or something DAK's R US...
  7. LMAO!!!! Yeah and all of DOGO and the world now... I love you to Miss.. I held onto that PM because someday I knew we were gonna need it..
  8. I still have it... I was waiting for the right moment...... 8)
  9. [quote name='Jessashelony']note to self: never piss off Michele... :lol: I'm certainly glad to have you on my side Michele.. You deserve Dogo'er of the Year or something![/quote] My thoughts exactly..... Never piss of Michele.
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