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  1. She actually chewed a spot in the woodwork and that allowed her to get to the linoleum!
  2. No way!! Our three think the other one will get whatever we are offering so they take anything and most of the time they will try to take a finger along with it too if I don't say "nice, easy.... gentle" or make them sit.
  3. Yum, leather :P Daisy did some major damage to our furniture, and ummm woodwork, and ummm floor and socks........ that's enough!
  4. Tammy, all I can say is GOD BLESS YOU ALL! I am so glad you are safe and I cannot even fathom what you are going through! Please let us know if we can help, I mean that!!
  5. Hey, I agree!! With three dogs, we have some much too. Why don't we all go into business..... we can sell stuffed animals! :lol:
  6. Wow :o It just goes to show you, it generally isn't the breed, it's the way they are trained! Doesn't sound like they get any socialization. Hope Sassy wasn't scared too much!
  7. Thanks guys :wink: I'm going to try out "Jake's Cakes" too with edible muffin papers :D I[color=blue] got a call from a local animal rescue and we are going to work together. I am going to sell some of their merchandise and they are going to sell some of mine! (This is because I am donating to them!) I think this is going to work out so well :D [/color]
  8. Thanks guys :wink: I'm going to try out "Jake's Cakes" too with edible muffin papers :D
  9. Oh, too bad. My guys just chew and switch :D
  10. [quote]Wow, it looks great! But I must admit, at first I thought the Soft Carob Pretzels was dog poo... [/quote] :oops: :lol: DO, That's not the first time I heard that :roll: Let me tell you though, they don't taste like poo :lol: Thanks Behle! I think the best part is that I donate to local shelters. It is a win-win situation!!
  11. I am baking and selling Gourmet Dog Treats, and I had to show you guys. Here is the link to my ebay store. Make sure you view all three pages (on the left hand side) to see my "official taste-testers" [url]http://stores.ebay.com/Daisys-Delights-Gourmet-Dog-Treats[/url] My three are loving it!! They get all the leftovers :wink: Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas for me!!
  12. So glad he's back!! I just posted on the other thread!!! Maybe a couple of kids took him and that is why is he nervous around yours. I would have the kids just be very quiet and not make any sudden moves until he is feeling more like himself. Congrats!! :D
  13. Alena, wish you all the best Leo's safe return!! Good luck!
  14. Yeah, I have carob, but I still need a receipe. I really want to thicken up the yogurt and make it stiff...
  15. Any ideas for a good yogurt frosting? I am starting to make dog treats, and want to try a frosting (doesn't have to be yogurt) but do not want to add sugar. Any hints or ideas would be appreciate :D
  16. Oh Marion....... I'm so sorry. Cleo was so lucky she had you to take care of while Mum was wo patiently waiting for her..... You know they are together again. Don't be sad. Rest in Peace dear Cleo :angel: Miss ya
  17. I think donating to a local or even neighboring county is wonderful. We take rides to Lancaster County (puppy mill capital), tour, donate supplies and money. Going in person really shows you how far your money goes.
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