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Whoo hoo! We made the Obedience world championships!


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Oh Wow!! I just heard tonight that Meg and I have been selected for the Obedience world championships at Crufts 2004! This will be MEGA!!!! :D :multi: :banan: :banan: :banan:

The event will be held on the sunday of Crufts in the main ring and will be televised ahhhh!! Anyone planning to come to Crufts any day?

Meggie and I will be competing on the saturday in agility and on the sunday in the obedience world champs, plus triathlon and show handling final if it ties in which is held in another ring, but the Obedience will have to come first!

So exciting and I'm so proud of my wee Meg :D

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Hey everyone, thanks! :D

Crufts is being held from 4th-7th March 2004, and in the UK will be televised on BBC 1 and 2 throughout those dates, but I think it doesn't come onto American animal planet until a little bit after that, maybe the next month after it takes place? from what I have heard my American friends say before.

I will be so totally hyper up until then, so I will keep you all posted :wink:

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[color=red][size=7]wow that`s fantastic news[/size][/color]

[color=blue][size=6]well done and congratulations[/size][/color]

:B-fly: :BIG: :popcorn: :multi: :klacz: :laola: :thumbs: :banan:

you must be sooooooo excited. :P

i watch crufts on tv every year, so i will definatley look out for you, 8)

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Wow! Congratulations, Kat! You and Meg really are something! :bday: Both of you deserve to take part in Crufts! :D

We don't have BBC or 2 but during that week I might be in the UK or somewhere else for my vacation so I really hope the telly will have BBC 1 and/or 2 wherever I am!

Congrats again! :bday: You must have worked so hard! :wink:

Way to go Meg and handler Kat! :D

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