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  1. WOW!!! I missed this. I have no words... :nonono2:
  2. I am very sorry to hear that. Absolutely have her health checked. I think there are steps you can take to prevent a bite from happening again, which have been mentioned. They are our pets, part of the family but it’s easy to forget they are animals.
  3. And unfortunately it is quite common. :(
  4. An Azores Cattle Dog at the local SPCA [url]http://www.hamiltonspca.com/adopt/pets_403.asp[/url]
  5. voted and now Travis is winning by one point!
  6. Here are some articles that you might be interested in (below). I have never used one but have thought about it. I have seen an ecollar do miracles for someone I know with a dog aggressive GSD. He is very well behaved around other dogs now, no more barking and lunging on the leash. I would find a good trainer that could teach you how to use it properly and don't buy a cheap ecollar. (Tritronics is a good one.) The one reason I haven't really pursed an ecollar with Magic for her dog aggression is because she is hummm how to put it, has weak nerves and is mentally unstable normally so I wouldn't want to make the slightest mistake and screw her up anymore than she already is. Having said that I don't know if that could happen with an ecollar, I have never put much effort into researching them... [url]http://www.finographics.com/schutzhund/obedience/ecollarwork.html[/url]
  7. hummmm I bought a new bag a few days ago and it smells a lot different then the other ones. Is it just me? Does that mean anything?
  8. [quote name='desertlady']I am so glad to hear he may have a chance at a good life and especially glad to hear that he will be out of the house.[/quote] Me too.
  9. You have to be careful where you take your dog. One of the girls I work with use to work at PJ's or some big pet store like that and she is always saying "this dog is lucky because at PJ's it would be shaved." :o OMG! I didn't know the dog is double coated, that is a big NO NO!!!!!!!!
  10. I have heard that some places will shave a dog without asking first. Avoid those places!!! I think they were being lazy and not doing their job. A good groomer can tell you right away at the door if what you are hoping for can be done but like all humans some groomers can make mistakes and might find out once they start working on your dog that the matting is too sever. When that happens they should get on the phone with you before they do anything else on the dog! Usually there are two options 1. shave the dog or 2. they can take the extra time, maybe break it up into two visits and dematt the dog and the owners can pay extra for the time and effort to dematt the dog. It
  11. I am so sorry. :cry: Rest in peace Tabatha.
  12. [quote] Goldens are wonderful dogs. All dogs are great. Why would anyone question someones love of any breed?[/quote] I totally feel the same way! I was recently having a discussion with someone and they were like "you know how German Shepherds are a required taste..." I was like "yeah" not thinking then later thought huh GSDs are a wonderful, versatile, the most perfect breed, why would they be a required taste? Everyone must love German Shepherds
  13. After careful selection and with Magic
  14. LOL lots of breeders might fool you. It's up to the purchaser to do their homework on the breed. Do your research and find a good breeder.
  15. [quote name='AllAmericanPUP']:klacz: did ya think of that one all by yourself?[/quote] Yur too cute. :fadein:
  16. I guess she's trying. LOL She's has a German Shepherd worth $30,000.00 US
  17. [quote name='AllAmericanPUP']let me put a chain around your neck and see how you like and see if it doesn't damage your neck :wink: it's not the fact that the collar is leather and wide, it's the fact that their is a heavy chain on the thing. yes it would damage your neck, and yes it would make your dog look vicous/tough to people[/quote] I've put Magic's prong collar on and I wouldn't hesitate to put anything around my neck that I would put on my dog unless it was something I wouldn't want to put on my dog. We are not talking about putting chains around dog
  18. TDG it's okay to fast a puppy for 24hrs? People say you shouldn't fast a puppy.
  19. [quote name='hillside']I don't remember the exact reason why, but Haltis are a bad idea for Dobes. Sizzle! Where are you? And oh yeah is Peaches "disabled" :roll:[/quote] I remember reading something about that. It was an article from a Dobie rescue group and I think it's because they have bad backs or something but the article was recommending shock collars. :o I'll see if I can dig up that info not that it is very useful.
  20. What? A dog can be too healthy? That sounds wacked!!! :drinking:
  21. OMG :cry: :cry: He's yours, take him! At least your hubby should met him! Can you foster him?
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