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  1. WOW!!! I missed this. I have no words... :nonono2:
  2. What you probably are looking for is a nice black or black and tan, 60lb pet that barks a lot. The shelters are loaded with them because it is a proven fact they are last dogs to get adopted out because of their colour, they look scary. You just need a dog that looks the part. Even if you were to get a protective breed it is likely to run away in the face of danger and leave you standing there to defend yourself. It would need to be protection trained and having said that very few have the temperament to even be considered for protection training.
  3. I am very sorry to hear that. Absolutely have her health checked. I think there are steps you can take to prevent a bite from happening again, which have been mentioned. They are our pets, part of the family but it’s easy to forget they are animals.
  4. Screw her! You're not a bad dog owner but you are a responsible dog owner for asking them to bring the dogs out at the side. I think the kennel should only allow one dog in the office at a time, we do it and it works well without incidents.
  5. What a very good looking dog! Good luck to Eva's father for his SchH III I can't wait to see more pictures! :wink:
  6. [quote name='JackieMaya']It looks like the Berners are the most popular![/quote] Bernese are becoming very popular they predict they're on their way up with the GRs and Labs in popularity. They are very much like Goldens in temperment.
  7. There are other breeds? Jk Australian Cattle Dog Dutch Shepherd American Cocker Chesapeake Bay Retriever Standard Poodle
  8. And unfortunately it is quite common. :(
  9. An Azores Cattle Dog at the local SPCA [url]http://www.hamiltonspca.com/adopt/pets_403.asp[/url]
  10. Good for Anabelle! :angel: I love the big smile on her face. It looks likes she's had a litter before.
  11. I would like to go but I might be working. Be sure to check out the Wag-a-way booth, that's where I work.
  12. Where Magic has had a cut and/or scar either the hair doesn't grow back in or it grows back in a white patch. I think it's the same thing with people, my boyfriends brother has a white patch of hair because he was hit in the head with a baseball when he was young.
  13. Awww she sounds perfect and I can see how much in love you are with her already. Oh look at that face! :iloveyou:
  14. Maybe he had a bad dream the first night, I think dogs learn new habits so fast and maybe now he's doing it every night for the attention? If he doesn't need anything then how about ignoring him for the next couple of nights and see if the episodes go away, if not then check out health issues as causing the behaviour.
  15. Oh Carol I am sorry to hear Jesse is not doing well. Hugs to you and Jesse.
  16. I failed to read the part where you said you didn't think it was a dominance issue. LOL The only other time I have seen it was when a bitch was about to come into season, but she was a dominate bitch. hummm And I think you can have sensitve yet dominate dogs. I would still say no bed tho.
  17. Females that hump are most often showing dominance, if it were me I wouldn't allow the dog on the bed, or in the bedroom anymore. I think she may be confused about her rank in the pack. I'd try to make it black and white if that makes sense.
  18. That is so scary!!! Yesterday Bobbie ate a sock and I had to make him throw it up. :-?
  19. I know someone that uses Leba III on her Yorkie. It's similar to that. Her dog is feed raw also, she still needs to brush his teeth and he still needs to have his teeth cleaned at the vet twice a year. I find just brushing and scraping the tartar off my dogs teeth is enough but my breed doesn't usually have teeth problems. (Well Magic has broken a lot of teeth but they are all still all white and shiny). I was also wondering, I know these products are all natural but my first thought is they can't be good to give your dog if its strong enough to breakdown tartar on teeth. I would be surprised if it only worked on the teeth and nothing else like the digestive system or organs etc and damaged them, I don't know, I'm not into biology or physiology but it just doesn't seem right to me.
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