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  1. Queen Bitch

    Uneasy around?

    I'm pretty much a combo of Tammy and Abker. I will always take the bigger dogs out first when I am volunteering before I'll take the smaller ones. (Plus the other "main" volunteer is more comfortable with smaller dogs so it works out.) I am pretty wary of any dog that is totally aloof and doesn't want to have any sort of interaction, not even a check out sniff.
  2. [quote name='Oscar The Grouch'] And yeah, ordinairly, while cautious, I typically dont just out right ask.[/quote] Then YOU are the one being an irresponisble dog owner and not very mannerly either. Actually by not asking you are being pretty rude and inconsiderate. If I was with the most dog friendly dog in the world, I would still be irritated by having any random person allowing thier dog free rein to get in my dog's face. How am I am supposed to know if the dog approaching us is friendly to other dogs or people? Or sick? PetSmarts and PetCos don't have any requirements beyond leashes for dogs that come into thier stores. [quote] I think the owner bears some responsibility to protect other dogs from their own dog also given that petsmart is somewhere where you EXPECT to see other dogs.[/quote] And you bear the responsiblity to protect your dog(s) from harm by not allowing them to do something so foolhardy as approaching an unknown dog, wherever it may be without explicit permission. Yes, you EXPECT to see other animals at petsmart/PetCo, but that doesn't mean that it is a free for all. Many dogs DO go there for socialization, being in the store isn't an open invitation for being approached. Much like when a woman goes to a bar, she should probably EXPECT to get hit on by some slobbering toothless loser, but it doesn't mean she has to welcome it or accept it. And knowing that most of the general population isn't as dog savvy as some of the members here, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure the other dog is approachable before you let your dog just run up and say "hi". It [i]should[/i] be common sense.
  3. Queen Bitch

    Would you be intimidated if you saw this?

    Yep Dalmatians are big smilers. Two of our three would "smarl" all the time. Does Peyton sneeze when she smiles? Phyllis would always sneeze like a fiend when she smiled.
  4. Queen Bitch

    Pom owners, please!

    Well my Conar never has that problem and he is for all intents and purposes a Pom on steroids. He's very fluffy all over, but that has never been an issue. Before him all of our dogs were shorthaired, so I don't know what to tell you.
  5. Queen Bitch

    Hellfire and Dalmatians!

    [quote name='JackieMaya'][quote name='hillside']Hellfire and WHAT JM?!?!? :x *sigh*[/quote] I fixed the spelling. Okay, so there's my third blondheimer's episode on Dogo today! :crazyeyes:[/quote] :evil: You still don't have pizzle privledges for a while young lady. Go to your crate!
  6. Queen Bitch

    Urgent help needed!

    I think a lot of the advice that you got in the original thread still holds for this issue.
  7. Queen Bitch

    I hate People

    Ryan's sister's dog, Maddy got let out by her boyfriend a couple weeks ago while she was in heat. Big surprise, she got bred. Better surprise, she got spayed this week. Thank Dog there are some sensible people that aren't "dog nuts" like us.
  8. Queen Bitch

    Saying good bye?

    You too Hmmmmm, I did the same thing yesterday. Weird, I wonder how many other Dogo gals are on the same cycle. :o I know women who live together tend to be, but in an online community? :lol:
  9. Queen Bitch

    New addition

    Awwwwwwwwwww so he was a Trice, not never? :lol:
  10. Queen Bitch

    what does your dogs name mean?

    [quote name='Rowie-the-Pooh']Rowie (pronounced Row-E) -Scottish Bread Roll. :lol:[/quote] Like Row your boat or like Row (ryhmes with cow) as in an arguement? I've always said Row(ie) like the boat.
  11. Queen Bitch

    how to pick a dog guide

    Most of the faults you list for a breed Jill apply to EVERY breed and all dogs in general. Vicious is a fault in all breeds, if you use it for one breed you should use it for all. In the AmStaff listing, you say that "powerful jaw and body strength can inflict horrible wounds" but you don't say the same thing about similarly sized breeds, even those that originated as guard dogs. Also, you really need to clarify on faults, your site isn't consistant in the least. With some breeds the characteristics aren't seperated, the list just runs on with no notation of it being a fault. The way it is set up is confusing and makes it sound to the lay person that EVERY example of that breed has that trait. Some breeds don't even have faults listed. MeiMei's suggestion regarding phrasing was excellent. I think the main reason that the guide hasn't been mentioned is who would be comfortable taking advice from someone that does barely any research, just skims the surface and allows falsehood myths to be perpetuated as truth? In some cases the spelling of the breed name isn't even right. For a site that uses the title "dogs in depth" it is quite the opposite. For as minimal as the breed descriptions are, I have a very hard time believing that there was 20 minutes of research done on them, much less 20 hours. But if you want us to talk about the guide......... I found at least a couple grammatical errors and some sentances that flat out just don't make sense. There are also a few other things I take issue with: [quote]Consider how you might obtain one. Wherever, inspect the premises for cleanliness. If you cannot travel to the location of the litter and inspect the premises, ask for references and contact them regarding the breeder/rescue/store.[/quote] This is the first sentence pertaining to the obtaining of a dog. You have the word store listed. Further down, you list pet stores and commercial breeders as a viable place to get a dog. Those are places that should be avoided at ALL costs. Puppymills, or commercial breeders as you say, are horrible places that should not be supported by anyone. Under rescues in the guide, you don't mention that as an offshoot of being in a rescue that the dogs are already spayed/neutered and vetted. Many times they also have some basic training down. I would elaborate more in your descriptions. Under small kennels, you reccommend that people try to meet the parents of thier pup. That's great in theory, but most small kennels/breeders don't breed thier own dogs together, instead they find a dog that best suits thier dogs traits. Meeting both parents is sometimes not possible because of that. If the breeder does have both dogs, I would be somewhat suspicious. Generally, those who have both parents are backyard breeders and are not doing anything to better the breed. You also don't have a list of questions to ask the breeder, you only suggest asking how long they have been breeding that particular breed and there are WAY more questions that should be asked. You say that a good way to get a referral for a good breeder is to ask a rescue org. reccommended by a national breed club. Huh? I don't know of any rescue that gives breeder referrals. Logically that should read: To find a reputable breeder find one reccommended by the national breed club. Is that what you meant? When you list off the breed groups, you list nonsporting as : "miscellaneous category, just not like the others" It really sounds like you didn't put any thought into that listing. Yes, the nonsporting group is a sort of catchall, but your phrasing is extremely vague. It would be better to describe it as a varied group of dogs that don't nessisarily fit into the other categories. You may have seen the aftermath of dog bites etc, but since your site is billed as encylopedia/reference and not as a personal home page, shouldn't you be offering information in an objective manner? Oh and Dalmatian is still misspelled on your A-Z list.
  12. Queen Bitch

    how to pick a dog guide

    :o Jill, Jill, Jill, I see your breed descriptions are STILL grossly inaccurate. You have not changed any of the blatent falsehoods that we brought to your attention the last time you were here.
  13. Queen Bitch

    The BYB's Big book of excuses

    Great idea DP, I only put it here to give it more exposure.
  14. Queen Bitch

    Meg photo at Crufts...

    As per usual, I'm up for a bit of aggro. ( Surprising eh?)
  15. Queen Bitch

    Stupid *$#@$ dog!!!

    Hey you nutjobs, quit talking about me! And to think, in all of that about me, nobody mentioned my new signature. Nobody likes boogying pasta? :cry: I will be moving to Des Moines. Nerds. The casino that is somewhat near there is in Altoona. I'm going to cry myself to sleep( or work rather) because "that woman" doesn't pay attention when I'm talking.