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  1. Dear Fellow Dachshund Lovers, I hope you'll take a moment to view my 6 minute 18 second short. Click on the link below to visit You Tube: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sawT6g4CKpg[/url] Feel free to leave comments and give us a high rating on You Tube! Pass it on or embed at your favourite sites! Regards, Erik Paulsen
  2. dachsfilm

    HEY!!! where did my funny joke go???

    I looked under my chair, not here! :smile:
  3. dachsfilm

    Iowa joke (I'm from Iowa so it's OK)

    My Dad is from Council Bluffs, hehe.... :mdrmed:
  4. dachsfilm

    New Joke

    Oh, LOL loved that! :mdrmed:
  5. dachsfilm

    Vet Joke

    Too funny, so good! :mdrmed:
  6. dachsfilm

    The Stages of Canine Pregnacy (joke)

    Love this, I'm gonna pass it on! :lol:
  7. dachsfilm

    just a wee thing at the park

    Ahh, meg, LOL poor pup!
  8. dachsfilm

    I walked all three dogs together today!

    Great this is good news!!! :smile:
  9. dachsfilm

    Found a dog park near me!!

    I wish we had one, better for the owners too, to socialize...
  10. dachsfilm

    Trip to the dog park

    Wow, this is some story! :smile:
  11. dachsfilm

    Dog Walking Business

    I always envied dog walkers and in NY there are now dog runners too!
  12. I don't have a dog, but believe it or not love to walk our neighbors dogs all the time, It helps them out and we love it!
  13. dachsfilm

    A Trip to the Dog Park *pics*

    Awe, I only see the code, would love to have seen these!
  14. dachsfilm

    A.d.d. aussiedoodle

    Such a great dog this breed!
  15. dachsfilm

    Therapy Dog

    This is a noble undertaking and thank you on behalf of my father who was always a cheerier soul the day the therapy dogs would visit his nursing home!:smile:
  16. dachsfilm

    Therapy dog training

    My Dad was at a nursing home for a couple of years and the therapy dogs always made his day!
  17. dachsfilm

    Therapy dogs

    This means the world to those in need. My Dad always looked forward to this at the nursing home when he was alive! Thanks so much!
  18. dachsfilm

    Whoo hoo! We made the Obedience world championships!

    Congratulations! Best Wishes in the event!
  19. dachsfilm

    Fellow musher?

    Not a musher but very cool to read about you!
  20. dachsfilm

    If It Should Be

    Soul stirring, thanks, :(
  21. It was the hardest thing to do, but WORTH IT!
  22. dachsfilm

    Are a DoG Lover???? - www.dogshowclub.com

    Yes true! This is a great challange!
  23. dachsfilm

    Are a DoG Lover???? - www.dogshowclub.com

    Yes a difficult task!