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    HEY!!! where did my funny joke go???

    I looked under my chair, not here! :smile:
  2. dachsfilm

    Vet Joke

    Too funny, so good! :mdrmed:
  3. dachsfilm

    just a wee thing at the park

    Ahh, meg, LOL poor pup!
  4. dachsfilm

    Found a dog park near me!!

    I wish we had one, better for the owners too, to socialize...
  5. dachsfilm

    Dog Walking Business

    I always envied dog walkers and in NY there are now dog runners too!
  6. dachsfilm

    A Trip to the Dog Park *pics*

    Awe, I only see the code, would love to have seen these!
  7. dachsfilm

    Therapy dog training

    My Dad was at a nursing home for a couple of years and the therapy dogs always made his day!
  8. It was the hardest thing to do, but WORTH IT!
  9. dachsfilm

    Are a DoG Lover???? - www.dogshowclub.com

    Yes true! This is a great challange!