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  1. so far i`ve got Shaddow, Barney and Joe.....a new fleecey blanket each with paw print pattens on, a fleecey dog coat each, a christmas goody stocking each, a new floor cushion each, a selection of toys each, a pigs ear each and a new lead each :roll: :P
  2. what a beautiful post :angel: it has made me cry too :cry: i know my babies are waiting for me. i will definatley look for my star on christmas eve :angel:
  3. [color=red][size=7]wow that`s fantastic news[/size][/color] [color=blue][size=6]well done and congratulations[/size][/color] :B-fly: :BIG: :popcorn: :multi: :klacz: :laola: :thumbs: :banan: you must be sooooooo excited. :P i watch crufts on tv every year, so i will definatley look out for you, 8)
  4. [color=red][size=7]wow way to go girls and congratulations to everyone[/size][/color] :B-fly: :B-fly: :B-fly: :B-fly: :B-fly: :BIG: :BIG: :BIG: :BIG: :BIG: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn: :klacz: :klacz: :klacz: :klacz: :klacz: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :laola: :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :thumbs: :banan: :banan: :banan: :banan: :banan:
  5. well said Crystal :D i completley agree. It does no justice to either breed :o
  6. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :( :( :( :( :( :( :( i`m sorry i could not look at all of the pic as the one`s i have already seen will haunt me forever. i dispair with some of so called human`s roaming this planet, they sem to be a completley differnt spieces to the likes of you and i :evil: :cry: :cry:
  7. i`m so sad to hear of your loss :cry: thank you for posting this information i`m sure it will help save the life of another :angel:
  8. wahooo!!! way to go Laurel :banan: what a litlle angel she is :angel:
  9. wow what a fantastic result :banan: well done :angel:
  10. i agree with what everyone else here has said already :P everyone`s healing process is different :) Sometimes a new addition to the family can help take away the hurt of the one you have just lost :angel: Whatever feel`s right for you and Becky is the right thing to do :wink: BTW by the look of that pic there`s no wonder he`s got you hooked, he`s gorgeous :iloveyou:
  11. OMG !!!!! :evil: i hope someone tracks him down soon and puts a stop to this evil :x
  12. OMG!!! poor little boy :cry: thank goodness he`s safe with you now in a world full of love and kindness :iloveyou: evil B******s :evil: :evil: :evil: putting him through that pain and suffering. They ought to have something tied tight around one of their limbs until it`s that sarved of blood it drops off, then see how they like it :evilbat:
  13. jen


    he`s just an innocent baby :cry: ,poor sweet little boy :cry: i live in England so i can`t go and get him, but i would go and get him myself if i lived over there :cry: is it ok to cross post this? It`s all i an do to help :( i hope and pray that someone go`s and gets him. Keeping all fingers and paws crossed for this lovley little boy :angel:
  14. She`s a beauty :iloveyou: , after all she`s been through she deserves someone who will apprieciate, love and look after her :cry: . Bless her little heart. :angel: Paws and fingers cossed that the foster family come through for her, please keep us updated :)
  15. my thoughts and prayers goes out to you and Becky on this heartbreaking day :cry: :cry: you gave her the very best Crystal, you rescued her from loneliness as a pup and gave her a life full of love and comfort. You stood by her through the good times and the bad times. Crystal you did your best by her, Sassy was a lucky ittle girl to have you as her Mom :angel: God bless you Sassy, run, play, be happy and free. (sending you and Becky *big hugs*, and sending an extra special prayer with and extra special hugs and kisses for Sassy :angel: )
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