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  1. MajiesMom

    This is Lorraine with Amazing Aussies

    WOW!!! I missed this. I have no words... :nonono2:
  2. I am very sorry to hear that. Absolutely have her health checked. I think there are steps you can take to prevent a bite from happening again, which have been mentioned. They are our pets, part of the family but it’s easy to forget they are animals.
  3. MajiesMom


    And unfortunately it is quite common. :(
  4. MajiesMom

    Kind of rare

    An Azores Cattle Dog at the local SPCA [url]http://www.hamiltonspca.com/adopt/pets_403.asp[/url]
  5. MajiesMom

    ? about the furminator

    The tool is a carding tool it
  6. MajiesMom

    Please vote for Jackie in photo contest!

    Voted! She is winning by far. :D
  7. MajiesMom

    Help Travis win

    voted and now Travis is winning by one point!
  8. MajiesMom

    Help Travis win

    Voted again! :multi: Woohoooo go Travis!!!! In second place. German Shepherds rule and Golden-Lab crosses drool! LOL
  9. MajiesMom

    Please Vote for Jake : )

    voted again!
  10. MajiesMom

    Please Vote for Jake : )

    voted! :)
  11. MajiesMom

    Electronic Collar?

    Here are some articles that you might be interested in (below). I have never used one but have thought about it. I have seen an ecollar do miracles for someone I know with a dog aggressive GSD. He is very well behaved around other dogs now, no more barking and lunging on the leash. I would find a good trainer that could teach you how to use it properly and don't buy a cheap ecollar. (Tritronics is a good one.) The one reason I haven't really pursed an ecollar with Magic for her dog aggression is because she is hummm how to put it, has weak nerves and is mentally unstable normally so I wouldn't want to make the slightest mistake and screw her up anymore than she already is. Having said that I don't know if that could happen with an ecollar, I have never put much effort into researching them... [url]http://www.finographics.com/schutzhund/obedience/ecollarwork.html[/url]
  12. MajiesMom

    Evo - Excited

    This is probably my 4th or 5th large bag. (I started feeding it in the beginning of November). Before it smelt pretty good to me (humm how to describe it) like baked... chocolate chip muffins? I know it sounds weird but it smelt like something baked and sweet. Now it smells acidicy, like tomatoes, there is also a lot of crumble with the kibble, more than usual. Seems more oily too. I know for sure it smells totally different. I will email natura to see what they say.
  13. MajiesMom

    Evo - Excited

    TDG - you know how they say you shouldn't feed kibble and raw meat in the same feeding? Is it different with EVO because it's like a raw kibble?
  14. MajiesMom

    Evo - Excited

    hummmm I bought a new bag a few days ago and it smells a lot different then the other ones. Is it just me? Does that mean anything?
  15. Woohooo Jake! You have all my votes! :D