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This is Lorraine with Amazing Aussies


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Has anyone heard from Naomi now lately? I'm just curious. :?

And she got me too with this cr*ap. Even so much that she helped me with Bella's sister who's deaf. I forwarded her mails translated to Bella's breeder. That's how much I believed in her! :evil:

I'm angry as hell at Naomi! :evil: No dog should go through anything like this! I wonder why she hasn't started breeding. That way she could get puppies and put them to sleep whenever she wants to. :evilbat:
But oh yeah... she's against breeding. :roll:

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I'm SOOO glad that you've put the word out Michele!

I've read about 17 pages of the DAK thing in NDR. And I can't help thinking that if she's looking for a Great Dane... Then what next? A Chinese Crested? :evil:

And the moving from one place to another just makes me mad. And if she ever (EVER!!) comes to live here in Finland then, well... She'll find out that hell is a lot colder then you'd think. :evilbat:

But there is one good thing about Finland. No petshops!! :D (I guess Finland has done something right) It's illeagal to sell dogs or cats in shops! But then again... there are BYB's here too... either good, bad or REALLY bad (close to puppymills). So if you really wanted a dog then you could get one here too. But not as easilly as from a petshop.

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[quote name='Debbie']
I remember when she was posting about going to the gym and wanting to go out to celebrate her birthday with some "guy" from the gym and Justin was giving her a hard time about it and she was saying he was just a friend and it was all innocent..........now I'm having my doubts.... :-?

I flat-out asked her if she was interested in that guy from the gym because that's exactly what she was acting like and she said no (I would imagine the thread is still kicking around somewhere). My instincts about people are usually right and they were proven so in this case.

Go Finland- love those socialist democracies. :D

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[quote name='Doberfanatic'][quote name='Horsefeathers!']Jeez, is this stuff for real? So it's a fact that she's already gotten rid of Zoey, too, in favor of getting another dog? Holy crap! :-?[/quote]

Yeah no kidding! Those were basically my thoughts.

How did we find out that she already got rid of Zoey? I must've missed that one.[/quote]

WHAT ???? :o They gave Zoey away too ???!!!!!! I missed that one....... :x
EXACTLY which animals do they still have ???? :-?

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[quote name='Michele'][quote name='Debbie'][quote name='Michele'][quote name='rotten_two']each other![/quote]

yea.......I think they have Moose and Tank left....[/quote]

That's the Pom and the c@t right ?? :-?[/quote]

yes.......for now.....[/quote]

That burns my arse they think these dogs are exchangeable items....... :evil:

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she doesn't have time to read this because she is looking for more dogs and cats to adorn herself, DUH!

ya know i always wondered why she never replied to my pm's when i would try to help with cody or zoey's behavior probs. she just wanted attention -- she didn't give a rat's ass about those poor animals.

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I'm am pi$$ed off beyond dog knows what......This heifer low life comes here and plays the role as a God dam caring fucking military fucking wife and a fucking dog lover. Then she is fucking trading in this helpless fucking animals who can't defend for themselves because they do not live up to her fucking standards??? Who the fuck does she think she is?? Really... If I traded in my freaking dogs everytime they did something I didn't like then dam I would have well over a fucking hundred... She is a liar, low life scum of the earth. A dam cheater, and if Justin stays with her then he freaking deserves it... They deserve eachother low lifes.... And if I get censored I understand..... :lol:
( I'm just being nice.. I have much more to say but I don't want Mod God to be mad...)

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