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This is Lorraine with Amazing Aussies


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[quote name='Jessashelony'][quote name='BuddysMom'][quote name='Michele']ok, i'm sorry ONLY because it wasn't right...but I really don't want to be sorry......can you follow that??? :D[/quote]

Yes I follow :P Tru it wasn't right but we are only human. We have been wronged, much worse, a whole bunch of innocent animals have been hurt, and it is only natural that we'd want to gang up "like schoolgirls" and figuratively kick some a**.[/quote]


Again - I'm not saying I'm above acting like a schoolgirl myself. I just think stuff totally unrelated to her animals would have been better in NDR or Just Us. That way it is more likey just to be amongst the regular dogoers rather than out there for anyone to see.

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