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[quote name='DivineOblivion19'][color=indigo]First of all, holy crap Michele, you rock. You may want to contact [url=http://www.deafdogs.org/]DDEAF[/url]. She may decide to go for a deaf Dane. I can help you out with all of the deaf dog organizations if you want. Just let me know what to do. :wink:

Second, Just wanted to add on what I said about her cheating...

I got a pm from her stating that she met this x-con online and she was totally falling for him. That's what her trip to Texas was, and that's why Alena wouldn't go with her! She wasn't looking for work, she was giving her new boyfriend a test drive. :roll:

I'm so pissed cuz I actually just deleted the damn pm about a week before this whole thing came out about Cody. But I did send it to Jess, Andrea and Corrie. Andrea, do you still have it? I'm going to try to get a hold of Corrie to see if she still has it. She's most likely to have it since she's not on much. But it was from a while ago. I really want to post it. [color=red][b]It came complete with pics[/b][/color].[/color] :wink:[/quote]

:o WHOAH !!!!! Really ???? I hope you find it !!!!
What is it about Cons and X-Cons that make them so appealing to some women ????? I don't get it ?? :roll: :lol:

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[quote name='Jessashelony']Crap.. I meant to call Corrie last night to ask if she still had it.[/quote]

DAK really had no limitations did she ??? Guys from the gym......guys from PRISON !!!!!! Wow........ :o
Nothing else will surprise me.............
I don't know how/why Justin would just accept this.........
NOW, I know why his parents had it out for her........ :wink:

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[quote name='DeafAussieLover']Now ......... me........... lol here's my long story.... NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE knows about this .. lol so shhhhhh it's between me and you...

OK to start off.. Yes i wanted a divorce from Justin for obvious reason, drinking, lying, really felt i was nto in love with him anymore.. wanted to wait until he was home From Iraq to do all this.. i was sad and lonly he started getting mad becuase I had freinds that were guys and i was going out having a good time. that started to make me mad that he got so jealous when all my friends are guys, i dont really get along with women. lol soo i was upset and decided whatever. it's over i'll move on.. In comes Richard ( no one knows this part... ) I met him on the net.. yes.. lol i was in a chat room with tx2478 and we were just screwing around with people, trying to pass time on a thursday night. started talking to Richard, we traded web cams and i almost fell off my chair.. lol talk about hot. he lives in Texas, super sweet caring and right from teh beggingn ther ewas somethign there. we talked for weeks on the net all the time at night. fo rlike 5-6 hours a night.. going to bed at like 3 am my time.. then we worked up to phone calls.. we called and talked for hours to each other.. then i flew down to TEXAS ( see where texas came in the picture? plus i really did have a job interview for Dell.. but it was an added plus that Richard was there )
SO i flew down to Texas, turned off my cell phone cuse Justin kept calling me blah blah i was so agervated with him, he knew i wanted a divorce at that time and was fishy as to why i was going on a trip.. so i get to texas, get my rental car and hotel.. meet up with richard and we TOTALLY hit it off.. oh wait. let me back up... Alena was pissed at me because like your Ex's he's got a criminal background I however was willing to look past it because it was int eh past and he's on probation and doing everythign he has to do, he's tyring to better himself. alena could not see past that and was pissy.. I however didn't want to hold it against him, becuase everyone else in his life does and is.. ok so i'm down ther we hit it off great.. spent the entire time together. he's TOTALLY not my type.. i'll post a pic of him.. he's got a shaved head.. tall ( oh man i love tall ) really good shape etc.. dresses kinda punk. whatever. he's hot and sweet.. SO it's time for me to leave. i bawl my eyes out cuse i have leave i really did have a special cconnection with him. he can tell just by looking at me that somethings wrong, or by the tone in my voice, we were constalny finishing each others sentences, and just so much alike..
SO i get back here adn all shit it the roof.. mom found out where i was, justin found out that iw as with a GUY alena got me in trouble, gave my mom richards email and so my mom sent him a NASTY email and allt his.. i had a break down becuase i really want to be with Richard, and everyone started attacking me , tyring to admit me to the hospital for amenatl break down.. so to get htem off my back i called richard who siad "i am here for you hun, ifyou need anything let me know, if you need space i'll give it to you" i said NO i just need you.. so toget everyone off my back i changed my numbers so they thought he couldnt get in touch with me. but i called and gave the numbers to richard.. so we still talk on a regualr basis.. I still want to move ddown to Texas.. but mmy family is pushing Justin on me.. i am soo torn and dont knwo what to do.. i really hav efeelings for Richard, i love justin, but not the same way that i love richard. i'm not sure if its just the whole deployment thing or not.. i dont know.I told justin we could try and see how things went on R&R and see how they go from there.. I however .. ugh. i dunno. i'm just lost... and HOLY COW did i write a book or what.. i dunno does it make since? i have richardd pulling one arm and justin puling the other. i feel guilty for doing this to Justin becuase he' having a hard time with it, but he's also makeing me feel guilty so i stay with him.. id unno...
i need help.. lol what doyou think? Honestly?



ps here's the pics

He treats me like a princess , and makes me feel liek one.. and everyone is holding his past against him saying he cant' treat me righ t blah blah blha...[/quote]

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[quote name='DivineOblivion19'][quote name='tx2478']:crazyeyes:[/quote]

[color=indigo]Sorry hun. This shiny has to be hard for you since you thought she was a friend and a good person at one time. Hugs..[/color][/quote]

I was just going to post that. I'm really sorry for all that DAK put you through, Alena. And saying all that shit about you behind your back.

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Wow...just..wow. I really don't know what to say. :o

Codys dead. Zoeys who knows where. Her apparent addiction with Poms. Cheating on Justin with an ex-con and who knows who else. It's like information overload.

Where is she? Is she still in Washington or did she move?

I'm still blown away at how she basicly fooled everyone into thinking that she was somewhat of a decent human being. God I can't belive I was actually her friend at one time before she said all that shit about Corrie. I just want to beat her ass so bad! :x

Good job Michele..If you need any help with notifying people in CA I'll gladly help in anyway.

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