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  1. [quote name='Tammy']I AZ is where the Anatolian rescue is based out of. If someone can send me something well thought out and coherent (if you can imagine right now I'm not coherent very often) I will pass it on to the director of the group and make sure she doesn't get one of the gentle giants we foster.[/quote] I will send you the DNA paper when I write it up and you can just pass it along.
  2. Hi All, I can't believe I was writing a reply and hit something wrong and the whole thing just disappeared! Just my luck today.. I just wanted to thank everyone for their support and help and let you know I am going to make a word doc about what has happened (as briefly as possible). Then I will send a DNA to the lists and post their names and have anyone with questions contact me. That will make things much easier. I was able to find and follow some threads on what Naomi was doing...thanks to someone who posted a bunch on one of the lists (can't remember which list now....think it was "you're not going to believe this") After reading a gazillion pages and getting sicker by the minute, I had to quit. I went over Naomi's old e-mails to me and I found one where she talked about Cody starting to become agressive. She also mentioned he had started submissive peeing at a year old. NOW that I look at it, I realize she must have been abusing him physically, as I don't know ANY dog that starts submissive peeing at that age....not considering medical problems of course. My rescue partners are just sick about this whole thing! We were discussing Naomi tonight and separately we came up with the same idea of what kind of mental illness she has. I don't know the name for it, but you have heard of mothers that abuse their kids just enough to bruse, or give them a cut, or when they give them something to make them sick? Then they rush them to the doctor or emergency, crying the whole time. When they relate the story they tell you how upset they were, crying, sobbing, etc. These sickos thrive off of people saying how sorry they are for the person, and oh they would have done the same thing, and oh it must be so hard.........are you guys getting the pix here? Go look at Naomi's e-mails and see how she writes. You know we had a potential adopter in WA, but I did not send her Naomi's e-mail or phone because I thought Cody was not good with kids. Now I wish I had and he would be out of there......... If anyone knows about Zoey and she needs to get out of there, let me know and I will contact a few people before she ends up dead too. BTW, the below in italics is what Naomi wrote me about Zoey. [i]I have not heard back from you since i emailed you about Cody. If you are not able to take him please let me know so that i can find another group that can take him. We already have a home for Zoey she is going to be a service dog for a friend of the family. So now we just need to find a home for Cody.. If you could please let me know so i can make plans accordingly.[/i] and this is what she wrote about Cody when she had his death all planned out. Written 10-13-05 [i]We have an appointment to have him Euthanized tomrrow at 5 pm. He has bitten children and bit another one just yesterday and then today he attacked our pomeranian and almost killed him. So we think that the fair thing to do is have him put to sleep. We have tired everything with him and training and socializin and he seems to just go down hill instead of going int he right direction. It was a very hard desicon for us tomake. i can't even see the computer screen as i type this and he is getting showerd with loves tonight. But we dont understand why he is progressivly getting worse with his aggression. there is nothing medically wrong with him. And with us living with my mom and her daycare for 9 months it is too much of a liability to have him in my moms house. [/i] I am really burnt out and going to bed now!
  3. Hi Everyone, I am writing because I was contacted by Michele Sebeso about a problem with a woman named Naomi Browlow. I have been in contact with Naomi via e-mails for two years, since she adopted Cody. She contacted me because our rescue, Amazing Aussies, rescues and re-homes Lethal White Australian Shepherds. We had Cody on our Coast to Coast page to try to help her place him, as she said she could not bring him back to AZ when she moves at the first of next year. Next I hear is that he bit a child and this is the 2nd or 3rd time and they were having him PTS. It had been my understanding all along that she only had 2 dogs, Cody and Zoey. Michele however told me about all the dogs she's had and how she has had them PTS for various reasons. Because our organization rescues these babies, I am very concerned about her moving back to AZ. I know she will want to be involved with us, and from what I have just learned, we will not allow this. If you have any more information you would like to share with me, please send me a mail. In the meantime, I will let my partners and some Aussie rescue folks know about what is going on. We also have a rescue Yahoo group for AZ rescuers with a DNA (do not adopt) list, and I will post to that list to inform the rescues in our area. I will also get word out to some other folks that do special needs rescue in CA and other parts of the country. Thank you all, and a special thanks to Michele for notifying me. From Naomi's e-mails, I NEVER would have guessed.........I feel so bad about Cody, and now that I know he may have been PTS for no reason, I feel even worse!
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