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  1. hey ess isn't it time for your english homework? it's disgusting silly! [url]www.dictionary.com[/url]
  2. well here's what i would do . . . everytime they need to go outside to potty or poo take them on leash over to the prepared spot. no potty/poo no freedom in yard. if they do go where you want then have a party and hand out a 'shrimp from the barbie' heehee. once someone goes in the spot it will be easier to designate that area as the toilet. i think you can even buy stuff to put down to encourage them to go in a certain place. we put down mulch or sawdust and my two seem to love it. the love it even more when we put down fresh mulch they race to christen it!
  3. then he runs up and gives you big kisses!
  4. well you got the bitch part right :wink:
  5. normally i might run thru a detailed behavior modification plan but there are so many things going on and so many things to consider that the best i am gonna do is ask that you find a positive trainer in your area (pm me if you need help) and do a couple private lessons to get you on the right track.
  6. both my dogs are very vocal and growly during play so they growl for that. aspen used to guard his food bowl from gaia and he would growl at her. gaia had a brief resource guarding problem with greenies but we worked with her and she doesn't guard anything but me now :roll:
  7. gimme a sentence that describes your dog's motto. gaia's motto would be 'take no prisoners' or 'leave every man behind' aspen's quite simply is 'will do tricks for food'
  8. this is so true! one time my friend's rhodie would not get out of my crotch -- i mean she wouldn't even let me walk and she kept banging her head into me. more than usual :roll: the next day i got that all too familiar twinge in my back that indicated a bladder infection. went to dr and told him a rr diagnosed me -- sure enough i had an infection. guys read no further . . . gaia gets all 'concerned' and curious around that time of the month for me. as if i don't know already what's going on :roll: aspen is probably the most perceptive tho -- he will not leave my side if he senses i feel bad.
  9. yes you have to get this pup to the vet hasta la pronto! don't wait on advice from us -- get a move on to the vet and get that puppy healthy! if you can't properly care for her then what good have you done her?
  10. OR you could just not travel (jackie maya and pooh told me to say it)
  11. what are the pills? sound like steroids with the excessive thirst and piddles. vets frequently give these for allergies. :roll: does he lick or itch anywhere else? definitely consider what TDG says with elimination diet -- what kind of food does he get?
  12. maybe the shelties were confused by you n.i accent? :wink: glad it worked out in the end. please tell me someone knew where you were? what if you had a seizure?
  13. any amount is appreciated -- with cheechweech's help we have decided to donate to best friends because there are no chi rescues near her.
  14. have you asked the neuro whether there is an anti-seizure med he could use until maybe you can manage the fungal infection? maybe it won't be effective or maybe you already asked -- just trying to think of something you haven't tried :D hope all works out for starr and he continues to have more good days than bad!
  15. oh ok! so what anti-fungal is he on? that website seemed to imply diflucan worked best for cases where the cns is involved.
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