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dogfighting article


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I just love their "signs of dogfighting" and "how to recognize it in your community" sections....
[quote]Dogfighters often walk the streets with their dogs "to build them up," [/quote]
So now anyone who happens to take their pit bull for walks around their neighborhood is doing so to "build them up" for fighting?

[quote]Ropes, boxing bags or other items hanging from trees also could indicate a dog owner is using the items to strengthen the dog's jaws for dogfighting[/quote]
Boxing bags???

[quote]Dogs left unattended in back yards are another sign.[/quote]
Sheesh... we've got about 3 dozen dog fighters in my neighborhood, then. Who would've guessed that lab mixes would be the next "in" fighting breed :lol:

[quote]Back yards where many dogs are tethered with heavy chains and locks. Chains are put on dogs to help them build strength and endurance.[/quote]
Soooo.... since I occasionally use a heavy cable to tie out one of our dogs while I work in the yard or play with them, is it to be assumed that I'm only doing so to "build strength and endurance"? Here I was thinking it would only keep them from running into the street and getting ran over :roll: (Yes, I realize it said back yards where many dogs are chained, but would someone just driving by notice the difference?).

[quote]Buildings or homes where people are seen taking large numbers of dogs. But no dog feces, dog houses or other pet gear are outside. This could indicate the building is a site for dogfights.[/quote]
We have five dogs (only two pit bulls) that we take in and out of our house daily, with the occasional foster as well, but no "supplies" outside because that's not usually where our dogs are.

[quote]Small animal crates in yards. This may indicate kittens, puppies or other small animals are being used to bait fighting dogs.[/quote]
We also store our extra crates/carriers out by the side of the house, some under the porch, where we can get to them easily.

[quote]People who show off dogs having obvious injuries and scars and wearing heavy, metal-studded collars.[/quote]
Both of our pit bulls have scarring and or injuries that could easily be mistaken as injuries from us fighting them, and the oldest also wears what some would consider a "heavy" collar (though it's not metal studded).

[quote]Homes with dogs and medical gear such as hypodermic and suture needles and antibiotics.[/quote]
Since my mom works at the vets, we have lots of "general" care things around the house... antibiotics, syringes (which we need for Haley anyway), cauterizing sticks, we even had an IV setup at one point (we used to rehab reptiles, so it was a lot easier than having to take them to the vets everytime they needed them).

This one was my absolute favorite:
[quote]Also look for wagons loaded with weights. Owners train dogs to fight by making them pull weights.[/quote]
Poor, poor fighting dog (and those are some annoying weights, too :o )...

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geez, I guess my lab mix is a fighter too then.

My cat is often out in the yard.
I have syringes in my house all the time (both my son and myself are diabetics, like Haley)
I have antibiotics in my house
The cat crate is often outside to allow it to air out
the dog crate spent forever outside until someone took it (Alex's old crate)
; it was too big to keep in the house!!

although my dog is not chained, she is often outside in the yard

people are really stupid about this - I had a harness for Jarvis - he would pull wagons and pull my son around the block on his roller blades....


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Oh, my... I've been busted. I am the neighborhood badass with my gang of fighting Lhasas and Poodles! We have very little dog equipment actually in our yard because our dogs stay IN THE HOUSE. We probably have more medical and first aid supplies than my vet does. My Standard Poodle, Toy Poodle and right now a Lhasa Apso go with me EVERYWHERE I go, work included. I am frequently seen walking this rogue gang around. Had I known it was a red flag, I would be secretly walking them at night so as to not arouse suspicion. We have an old red wagon in the back yard loaded with clay flower pots. We're busted! Everyone knows how heavy those clay pots are! I have been seen a time or two TRYING to teach my Standard Poodle to pull that wagon only because I thought it would be cute to put my smaller Poodle in it and have them in the local yearly parade :oops: . Don't even get me going on the large number of dogs seen at my house. :roll:

I'm in deep doo doo, ain't I? :oops:

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I'm reporting all of you to the police! :x

I saw some feathers around your houses the other day, I'm sure your Cock fighting too! :x

You evil, sick, people! :lol:

Wait a minute! I'm a dog fighter! :o Rowie is tied up at the moment (due to circumstances at my house) does that mean she's bait? And she goes on two 20 minute walks a day, I guess maybe I'm "building her up"? Oh, look at that vicious doggie mommy! They're actually WALKING HER! :roll: And Rowie's stuff is inside, I mean how can I keep it outside? :roll: GOD THESE PEOPLE ARE INSANE! Hey, you know what we should do? Start a "Dog Fighting Club"! Yeah! We'd be the BEST! We could use K's springpole, and Gooey's wagon! We can call ourselves "Dogomania's Dog Fighting Ring" or something like that... :D I bet you that Dog Lover's Madison will beat my Rowie after 3 rounds! :lol:

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So in their theory, if you walk your dog, you're using it as a fighting dog? :o My two must be fighting dogs too then.
So all the good owners dont let their dogs in the garden, dont walk them, and dont keep medical supplies for health reasons then..... :roll:

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PMSL!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
In that case I'm kid fighting too, as they have a huge selection of Pokemon toys. You know what? They even have Beyblades!
Omg - I must hand my kids over to social services. What next? I'll let them play with planks of wood with nails in I suppose....

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Guest Anonymous

U peeps so funny :lol:

Gooeydog those ppl don't have dogs or know anyone with one obviously :cry:

they need to go to the shelter and adopt a dog.

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OMD I just remembered!!

There used to be a pit bull in the next yard (fostered until adopted) and
Freebee didnt like him, so I must be training her to fight as well...and
the car trailer is out front, gotta go hide it.....and flush the syringes and antibiotics, and put all the tug toys away....and...and...and....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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