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  1. I was thinking about the elimination diet. He gets solid gold hound-flocken but I'm going to change that I think. He has been eating the same food for about 2 years. He also gets table scraps and whatever anyone feels like giving him. :x Makeing them stop giving him people food is going to be like trying to get an elephant to walk through a straw...it ain't going to happen.
  2. Zebs ears have been really red lately and he has been iching at them constatnly. The vet said that he has allergies and gave us some pills and drops to give him. The only problem is the pills make him REALLY thirst...I mean he has to go pee like ever 20 mins and can drink a whole bowl of water in 3 hours or so (It usually takes him 2 days to drink the water). Also I don't know if they are allergies or not because when he gets his regular allergies his eyes get very red but they arn't red now. His ears are SOOO bad though...they have brown buildup and he scratches them till they almost bleed. Uh..any tips or advice because honestly I hate giving him thoes pills. :-?
  3. No. Zeb is still afraid of going outside so he never gets to walk. :-? If by some miricle I can actually get him outside for a walk I will take him for a 1-2 mile walk. I can usually only get him outside if my mom comes with me or if I take him to the dog park that is 10 miles away. :x So I try to at least walk him on the weekends. Uh I feel like such a bad dog mom. :(
  4. Zeb will react to the doorbell sound sometimes but not always. There was a specific commercial that came out a little while ago where there was tons of doorbell sounds and it drove him crazy (I think it was a pizza hut commercial). If I have Animal Planet on and there is an elephant on TV he will respond to the low frequency sounds that they make. He gets all excited and woo-woos into the speakers of the TV. Apparently Zeb isn't part Zebra he's part Elephant. :roll:
  5. Thanks for the info TDG! I'll mark it down and see if I can go.
  6. [quote name='FearedDogFan'] But no pics of the hot guy walking his Yorkie? *pouts in corner* :evilbat:[/quote] :lol: Don't worry next time I see him I'll take a pic of him just so I can show you all on dogo. I'll also take a pic of the hot security guard that works at the bank down the street. :wink:
  7. Today was the best day I've had with Zeb in a LONG time. As most of you know I've been having serious problems with Zebra not wanting to go outside and being scared of EVERYTHING! Well today we went to Petsmart where he got to play with a very cute 2 year old Spaniel mix. She kept putting Zeb in his place. :lol: The owner was really nice too and kept saying how handsome Zebra was. Then we went home and my mom, brother and myself did some major yard work in the front. I tied Zeb to the front porch on his 30 ft. leash and he jumped in all the mud puddles while we were watering the lawn. I felt like a proud mommy when he just sat there when a huge tow-truck went down the street blowing it's horn. He didn't even run or hide! When I untied him he started to run around a bark and play which he hasn't done in a long time. Then he saw a guy walking his Yorkie and wanted to play with the Yorkie. The Yorkie didn't like Zeb to much but oh well, the guy walking her was hot! :lol: :wink: Then I took Zeb for a short walk and he didn't even want to go inside after!! He was such a happy dog today! I hope he stays like this though. Now he is sleeping by my feet with a little ghost toy I bought him today next to him. :D
  8. It would be easy to recognize Zeb if I had to, he is so unique looking. I have never seen another dog that looks like him, there have been dogs that look similar but not the same. Not many dogs are brindle long hair with a silver undercoat, grey tail, black ears and a white patch of fur on the chest. :lol: Plus he is microchiped.
  9. Simple answer. Yes. If you treat your dogs/pets like crap they it's more than likely that we won't get along at all. I tend to find that people that don't have compassion for animals don't have compassion for people either. I've also had friends make fun of me because I treat my dog so well. We are no longer friends.
  10. It's not squishy, it's hard like a cherry pit. I almost want to say it's puss filled but I'm not sure. It's not hurting Zeb so I'm not worried about him being in any pain or anything. I think it's bothering me more than it is him. :oops: I'm calling tomarrow to make an appointment for Saturday after I get off of work, I just hope the vet isn't too busy on Sat. :-?
  11. Yup I have to get thoes things out too. In the moring I wake up go the bathroom and then get the eye boogers out of Zebras eyes, I always say "Give me your eye balls!" and he puts his head in my hands. :lol:
  12. I volunteer at the local SPCA/Humane Society. I do everything from picking up dog poo to taking phone calles to training fearful and agressive dogs. I do a little of everything I guess.
  13. Nothings more fun then taking your dog out and having him do his buisness, taking him back inside and 5 mins later find a "runaway" poop under your kitchen table. Yum! Nothin' says dinner like crap under the table! :lol: Alan something about the way you worded your post and my mind thinking of Powdered donut poo in a box just made me laugh. Ahhh but anyways I think that the poo turning white is because of the minerals or vitamins that the dog has in its body...but I could be wrong...and I usually am.
  14. I feed Solid Gold. Good food, decent price, Zeb loves it, last for a month on one bag..Yup.
  15. [quote name='Kat']ewwww cold turds are just the worst :o [/quote] Totally 100% agree with you on that one Kat. No way in heck I will pick up cold poo with a plastic bag, I get the shovel for that. Generally I use a plastic bag that you get from the grocery store, sometimes Zeb poops on the parkway I just leave it there to fertilize the ground. I guess it just depends on how lazy I am that day.
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