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  1. I was thinking about the elimination diet. He gets solid gold hound-flocken but I'm going to change that I think. He has been eating the same food for about 2 years. He also gets table scraps and whatever anyone feels like giving him. :x Makeing them stop giving him people food is going to be like trying to get an elephant to walk through a straw...it ain't going to happen.
  2. Zebs ears have been really red lately and he has been iching at them constatnly. The vet said that he has allergies and gave us some pills and drops to give him. The only problem is the pills make him REALLY thirst...I mean he has to go pee like ever 20 mins and can drink a whole bowl of water in 3 hours or so (It usually takes him 2 days to drink the water). Also I don't know if they are allergies or not because when he gets his regular allergies his eyes get very red but they arn't red now. His ears are SOOO bad though...they have brown buildup and he scratches them till they almost bleed. Uh..any tips or advice because honestly I hate giving him thoes pills. :-?
  3. I always buy gifts for my Zebra. I wrap them up and he rips the wrapping off the presents. For christmas I probably spend around 75-100 bucks on him. :oops:
  4. [quote name='Mei-Mei'] You mean after he gets to 'know' them then he doesn't just dump him he rips them to shreds???? Just like a man! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:[/quote] Yup Zebra is a typical male. :roll:
  5. We go threw a LOT of dog beds around here. Right now we have two, one in Zebras crate and one under the kitchen table...but right now the one under the table is in the ER. Mr.Pillow had a very unfortunate accident with Zebras teeth. :-? :roll: Zeb likes to um...how do I put this?..Get to "know" (in the biblical sense) his pillows. After he umm...finishes getting to know them he rips them up. I think this year alone we have gone threw half a dozen pillows. HF-Hmm that egg crate foam bed sounds interesting. I think I'm going to have to try that.
  6. [quote name='Debbie']Although I think it's good news that she wasn't stolen by a crack-head dog fighter...... :wink: I'm almost a little sad she'll be going back to where she was neglected.... that is what you said in the first post ? They neglected her and didn't care about her ?? :( Seems like this guy that found her did more for her in the short time he had her......too bad he didn't keep her. :([/quote] I agree debbie. I'm going to have a talk with my aunt and youngest cousin this week and see if they will keep her inside from now on. I think when I said "neglected" I was being too harsh. By my standards (dogo standards) every dog I see that isn't inside happy with the family is "neglected". Her dog stays out durring the day and comes in at night and gets to sleep on the couch. Anwyways I'm going to see if they can change the current situation or make it better for Trouble. I'm just happy that she is back. :D
  7. She was found!!!!!!!!!!! :D Woo Hoo! A man found her and refused to take her to the shelter because that shelter is known to put Pits down even if they have an owner. So he actually took the dog to his vet and got her all up to date on her shots and somehow found my aunts phone number from the rabies tag or something and called today. I'm so happy, I really thought that they would never find her again. Thanks for all your prayers and kind thoughts! :angel:
  8. I need some dogo prayers and good thoughts right now. My aunt's dog Trouble, is gone. :( My aunt came home Friday night and noticed that the back gate was opened and Trouble was gone. She called the local pound but they didn't answer. Her and her son went looking for her but couldn't find her. I told my aunt not to leave Trouble in the back yard but of course she dosn't listen to me. Personally I don't think they will ever get her back. She is a Pit Bull and to be honest I think one of my cousins crack-head, gang member friends took her and is probably trying to fight her. :cry: She is such a sweet dog and she was so neglected, no one cared for her, took her out or loved her and now no one really cares that she is gone. So can you please send some good thought her way that she is happy and safe right now, I think she needs it. :cry: Here is the sweet fat girl... [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TQDdAsEUVOqhrnRWy14cmmEjb1Vt0*HmanVWzIOnyo0R5ZYWQvbUXvx*2EiuZ2gnV9psoTvc1g3pJJVCKsjYWvgxmLX8BedC8*ylJu5JstJNsQnpvfa26g/850012-R1-11-11A.JPG?dc=4675546618010743898[/img] [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0TQALA8MU0eqhrnRWy14cmh5cigVM4hHk6PVosErqH9QonrooesGjpDtOphGlln77t93Z5DvkhEbW6*GLSZbqb9Kz6bw4*Y8vqTDIgqFsIVUBQ04aI76sRw/850012-R1-12-12A.JPG?dc=4675546618024344628[/img] [b]*UPDATE*[/b] My aunt is still looking for her. She called me up a while ago asking me if I had any idea on how to look for her or what to do. I sent her my pics of Trouble so she could make some 'Lost' Posters. She actually sounded really upset when she called me, I think she thought that Trouble would just come back home or get picked up by Animal Control. :-? I know my youngest cousin is really upset and she is taking this really hard. I just have a feeling that they will never find Trouble. :cry: Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts. I'll update again if anything happens.
  9. [quote name='Michele']BINGO!!!!.....I found the Pom Rescue that Naomi used....I just got off the phone with Cynthia.....I have to call her back tonight when I get home from work.......Naomi got ALL her poms from this place called: NW Pom Rescue in Portland Oregon.......I cant beleive i found it......This woman is very disturbed by what I told her.....I cant wait to tell her the rest of this story...[/quote] She got all her poms from there? Like 3 or 4 of them (I can't keep track of how many poms she's had). And they never were suspicious or wondered why she kept needing a pom??? :-? DAK reminds me of one of thoes women that would marry a serial killer that's in jail just for the publicity.
  10. Wow...just..wow. I really don't know what to say. :o Codys dead. Zoeys who knows where. Her apparent addiction with Poms. Cheating on Justin with an ex-con and who knows who else. It's like information overload. Where is she? Is she still in Washington or did she move? I'm still blown away at how she basicly fooled everyone into thinking that she was somewhat of a decent human being. God I can't belive I was actually her friend at one time before she said all that shit about Corrie. I just want to beat her ass so bad! :x Good job Michele..If you need any help with notifying people in CA I'll gladly help in anyway.
  11. Your right. I'm glad they returned him now instead of a month down the line. I think he will find a good home though being so young and so darn cute! The only thing that makes me really sad is that he has some previous injury to his back legs so he walkes and sits kinda funny. :( I hope they didn't return him because of that. :-?
  12. Today at the shelter we had a black Lab puppy returned. These people picked him up late yesturday afternoon and returned him early this afternoon. They didn't even have him for a full day! :-? The reason for returning him.... "Jumps on the furnature and kids". It's a 4 month old puppy for christ sakes! Of course he is going to jump all over things. Did these people think that maybe the excitement of being in a new place may have mad the dog a little more hyper? Or that the dog is ONLY 4 moths? Or that Labs are usually high energy dogs? No, of course they didn't think of any of that because that would require using a BRAIN, and they obviouly don't have any! :x
  13. No. Zeb is still afraid of going outside so he never gets to walk. :-? If by some miricle I can actually get him outside for a walk I will take him for a 1-2 mile walk. I can usually only get him outside if my mom comes with me or if I take him to the dog park that is 10 miles away. :x So I try to at least walk him on the weekends. Uh I feel like such a bad dog mom. :(
  14. Zeb will react to the doorbell sound sometimes but not always. There was a specific commercial that came out a little while ago where there was tons of doorbell sounds and it drove him crazy (I think it was a pizza hut commercial). If I have Animal Planet on and there is an elephant on TV he will respond to the low frequency sounds that they make. He gets all excited and woo-woos into the speakers of the TV. Apparently Zeb isn't part Zebra he's part Elephant. :roll:
  15. Thanks for the info TDG! I'll mark it down and see if I can go.
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