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  1. LOL! :lol: Now what exactly might you call that stunning breed? :D
  2. Kinda late on this, but I've been off dogo these last few days, ANYways, THANK DOG you're okay Tammy! Remember Dogo's here for you whenever you need us! :wink: Stay strong!
  3. That's so great! We really need more of that spirit these days :wink:
  4. Sorry to hear that JM :-? I think the vet will be able to determine what this is exactly, so until then fingers and paws crossed! Keep us posted :wink:
  5. LOL yeah it is Jess! Funny stuff :lol:
  6. Aww! Sorry to hear that AAP! Give Maggie hugs from all of us :angel: Keep us posted! :wink:
  7. I agree. I believe you should be completely and almost brutally honest with someone who wants do adopt a dog. That way they know exactly what they're taking in, which ensures that they know their responsibility to the full when they adopt. A dog's history can be extremely important to owners, and although it may seem crazy to not want a dog for certain reasons, but that all goes back to the adopter, so they're entitled to know everything. To echo Tammy, Honesty is the best policy. :wink:
  8. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll grow back. :wink: Clea had a bald spot from where the screw worm would was, and it stayed bare for quite a bit, but its slowly growing back now, although the fur looks darker, but I guess it's because she's double coated..
  9. I really don't understand these people's need to make everything miniature these days. Its like an entire race of paris hiltons. :evil:
  10. Yay! HF to the rescue! :D He's adorable, congrats!
  11. LOL!!!! :lol: I would LOVE to hear his explanation too! :rofl
  12. So sorry to hear this news Tx... Now I'm not a mother, but I know that if I did have kids, and was put in your situation, I would have the dog PTS. I know its hard, I've lived through this experience more than once, but it really is for the better! I don't think you want another woman's son to be bitten like yours was, so giving her up for adoption isn't really logical, IMPO. Of course getting a second opinion just to be sure won't hurt, but I think we know they're all going to say the same thing. It was extremely brave of you to be honest with the vet, showing the pictures and all...
  13. WOHOOOO! :evilbat: Last year we took "Fuzz" in our 1950's terminology :o
  14. You really should NOT feel bad, don't think of what you COULD have done, think of what you DID.. You looked long and hard for her, and even though that didn't result in her being found, she was in the end :wink: But I think we all learned a lesson today.. :D
  15. That sounds like a good idea JM :wink: It's the same with Clea though.. as soon as she sees a pigeon she goes beserk! :lol:
  16. That's such a great site! :D If only I had kids... *runs away before her mom hears her* :lol:
  17. [quote name='__crazy_canine__']Id play with him too ...but, unlike you, I [i]would[/i] chain him. :evilbat:[/quote] kinky :lol:
  18. [quote name='BuddysMom']Actually you can stuff it all into netting to make a ball, annd then hang this from a tree in early spring. The birds will take it to line their nests.[/quote] That's a GREAT idea! :D
  19. I found an article: [quote]Jourdanton, Texas A public works supervisor has been disciplined this week for ordering city employees to drown stray dogs at the city sewer plant to save money. "There was an incident. It only happened once that I know of and I have taken corrective action," said City Manager Dan Nick. "The individual is going to be going to classes with animal control and we'll be writing up a policy so nothing out of the ordinary happens again." Nick declined to name the person who was disciplined or confirm details of the episode, which he described as "a freak incide
  20. [quote name='FearedDogFan']That is really sick! :o If nothing could have been done about them, or to help them, all he needed was a big syringe. That's so bad! :evil: I have heard that it is terrible to die by drowning. RIP, poor doggies. BTW, what breed(s) were they?[/quote] I have no clue! The girl posting this was ranting about the fact that reporters were invading her quiet little town(pathetic if you ask me :roll:) So there weren't many details, I'll try to find out though.
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