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  1. I went to Target with my aunt the other night and they had those little remote control mice for cats for 9.99, so I decided to get one and see how the cats liked it. Well, that was a complete bomb, one isn't the least interested, the other is afraid of it. However, Haley and Annie are both entirely too amused by it. Haley goes completely into "critter mode" when she hears the wheels whirring, and Annie seems to think its a motorized ball for retrieving. I've had more fun in the past week playing with them with this thing than I have in a month :lol: And they can chase it around in the house,
  2. You can see the collars on some of his dogs in the show. The eps I saw were between 17 and 22, and I noticed the collars on several different dogs on different eps (even replayed it to be sure). The walking a dog aggressive dog thing, he knew that the dog he was working (I think a rotty?) with hated his GSD, and was walking the two of them together, both on short leads so that they were right next to each other. The dog aggro dog just turned around and snagged the other, nothing he could do to prevent it, and all it takes is one good bite and shake to cause serious tissue damage. It's di
  3. Just a few things I want to toss in here, then I'll be returning to my "under rock" home :) First, I've noticed that several of Cesar's dogs at his compound have on e-collars. Granted, they could be bark collars, but the fact that a dozen other dogs are also barking makes that seem unlikely. The issue I have isn't even with him using the collars for control if that's what he's doing, but that it's never mentioned, and if that is something he's doing, novice pet owners won't even notice. They'll be thinking that with enough assertivness, they can run packs of aggressive dogs, and we all k
  4. [quote]I dont get it. I only read a few posts, so correct me if I am wrong. You guys are advocating taking aggressive dogs to Petco, as long as they are on-leash and "under control?"[/quote] I don't think they mean screaming, lunging dog aggressive dogs (I have one who occasionally engages in such things, and she doesn't go to petsmart. Ever), that sort of behavior is scary for the general dog owning public, annoying in the respect that no one wants to have a dog lunging and vocalizing at theirs as they try to shop, and paints whatever the breed of the dog acting that way in a bad light. I d
  5. Like DrJeff, I'd have to go with no one for all 5 :-? not you guys, it's the dogs... Individually, and with the original "not ever having met the dogs in person" stipulations: Goo, pit bull-0 Haley, pit bull- 5 or so people Annie, Dachshund-0 Casey, Cocker Spaniel- probably 90% of the regular posters Joey, Chi- like Casey, but remove any men, since he can be more timid with them I'm absolutely neurotic about who I'd allow to take care of my dogs while I'm not present, mainly because of Goo's temperament problems (she's afraid of strangers, and extremely dog aggressive outsi
  6. Not at all :oops: Haley would really like to eat both our cats, and one (who would've make quick work of her in his younger days) is too old to be defending himself, the other wasn't raised around dogs and is still uncertain enough that she'd be an easy target even if we were to try and introduce them. I'd trust her with them as far as I could throw her... which isn't very :lol: . Goo used to be great with the older cat, but since we were running a segregated household with the cat completely downstairs except for visits upstairs, she's not as tolerant of him as in the past, and I've caught he
  7. Do you know if that grinder can handle bones as well? That's my main concern since I was hoping to avoid the issues with balancing calcium by feeding meat with bone already there. The grinder I was looking at was about $190 (shipping included), but if this one can do what I need, I sure don't mind saving the money :)
  8. I've decided to take the plunge into mademade food, as I'm tired of trying various foods and never having one with exactly what I want, plus the way I figure I could be feeding decent meat/veggies (not sure if I can afford the organic/free range route right now, though I have been checking out some places) for about the same cost as all the stuff I'm feeding now. I'll be picking up a few books on the subject when I get my next pay, and also have had several people recommend a nutritionalist in case I run into any problems tailoring things to my dogs (actually, if I play my cards right and can
  9. [quote]but I do have to point out that I frequently see BSL being equated with a BAN, when all it is, in fact, is Breed Specific Legislation.[/quote] BUT, when one breed is singled out and labeled as "dangerous" or "vicious", that label has implications beyond those in the imposed legislation. For example, insurance companies aren't going to jump at the chance to insure a dog already labeled as "dangerous", it just isn't smart for them. And when BSL often includes special insurance clauses, and owners can't get the insurance because of the label, you may as well just ban them outright, since
  10. gooeydog

    National news!?!?

    I did. And while I'll admit the thought did cross my mind that it was an understatement, it was the most simple term that came to mind when trying to label the event (actually, dog attack would be more fitting, but my point remains the same). The point I was trying to make is that someone being maimed in this event is somehow more newsworthy than say, the tales of the hundreds or even thousands of peoples who are maimed or killed in car accidents every day. There was a bad one near my house last week, several people seriously injured, but it didn't even make local news, nevermind national. Why
  11. gooeydog

    National news!?!?

    I don't know which is worse, that a "pit bull rampage" makes national news because it was pit bulls, or that the situation is such that a dog bite makes national news.... [url]http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20051106/ap_on_re_us/pit_bull_rampage[/url]
  12. Of course it's entirely your choice as to what you want in a dog, however I think the idea of crossing four breeds know on various levels for having breathing/heart problems, bad hips, and bad elbows in order to get a "healthy" dog is not among the smartest. All of the breeds involved have high incidences of hip and elbow dysplasia, and the dogs shown as Titan Bulldogs have the same brachycephalic muzzle that causes breathing/cooling problems for other breeds with the same. Couple that with the fact that those developing the breed seemingly do no health clearances, and it makes it even more pl
  13. Research? Pet stores? Could be most anything.
  14. Thanks guys, this is helpful :D [quote]I take it you're switching from kibble to raw/cooked?[/quote] Well, she gets some fresh cooked meat in with some of her meals, though I haven't done it much lately because she'd been having some digestion issues due to food change, and it seemed the fresh meat on top of that was just not helping. I'd like to eventually get a bone/meat grinder and use that to grind fresh meat that I can feed, either raw (not likely to begin with that, as one of the dogs is senior and I worry about her adjusting- I know it shouldn't be an issue, but she's already pr
  15. I'm in the market for a meat grinder (have to get a better paying job first, as I'm poor at the moment), so I can make the dogs' food, but in the meantime, think I've found a way to switch them from kibble while keeping my nerves intact. They're currently getting soaked kibble with canned food mixed in, occasionally with some fresh, lightly cooked (small-ly cubed and poached) meat in place of some of the kibble. The canned food is Neura 95% meats (made by the people who make wellness), and I've recently upped the amount of that from 1/2 can to 1 can, decreasing their kibble amount. I realized
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