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  1. LOL! :lol: Now what exactly might you call that stunning breed? :D
  2. Kinda late on this, but I've been off dogo these last few days, ANYways, THANK DOG you're okay Tammy! Remember Dogo's here for you whenever you need us! :wink: Stay strong!
  3. That's so great! We really need more of that spirit these days :wink:
  4. Sorry to hear that JM :-? I think the vet will be able to determine what this is exactly, so until then fingers and paws crossed! Keep us posted :wink:
  5. LOL yeah it is Jess! Funny stuff :lol:
  6. Aww! Sorry to hear that AAP! Give Maggie hugs from all of us :angel: Keep us posted! :wink:
  7. I agree. I believe you should be completely and almost brutally honest with someone who wants do adopt a dog. That way they know exactly what they're taking in, which ensures that they know their responsibility to the full when they adopt. A dog's history can be extremely important to owners, and although it may seem crazy to not want a dog for certain reasons, but that all goes back to the adopter, so they're entitled to know everything. To echo Tammy, Honesty is the best policy. :wink:
  8. Don't worry, I'm sure it'll grow back. :wink: Clea had a bald spot from where the screw worm would was, and it stayed bare for quite a bit, but its slowly growing back now, although the fur looks darker, but I guess it's because she's double coated..
  9. I really don't understand these people's need to make everything miniature these days. Its like an entire race of paris hiltons. :evil:
  10. Yay! HF to the rescue! :D He's adorable, congrats!
  11. LOL!!!! :lol: I would LOVE to hear his explanation too! :rofl
  12. So sorry to hear this news Tx... Now I'm not a mother, but I know that if I did have kids, and was put in your situation, I would have the dog PTS. I know its hard, I've lived through this experience more than once, but it really is for the better! I don't think you want another woman's son to be bitten like yours was, so giving her up for adoption isn't really logical, IMPO. Of course getting a second opinion just to be sure won't hurt, but I think we know they're all going to say the same thing. It was extremely brave of you to be honest with the vet, showing the pictures and all...
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