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  1. LisaLQ

    About "breeders"

    I know I prattle on about greyhounds (and lurchers) but they are churned out of what I would class as puppy farms (although only the one breed if you get me), sold at auctions, are classed as livestock in Ireland, and recently there was a case where a man (a supposed greyhound trainer) was caught transporting 102 pups in a trailer...here's the story.... ---------------------------- STEPHEN HAMILTON ARRESTED WITH 102 PUPPIES It is with mixed emotions to WAG that it has now been revealed that the man arrested by police at Stranraer is Stephen Hamilton. This man has been convicted of operating without a licence and selling sick or dying dogs, strangely enough he too was fined
  2. I'd love to know how she made shitzus too :o I mean the comment on genetic engineering makes me think that she believes she can cross two completely different breeds, with no health checks, and make something that would pass as a shitzu in order to sell it off at a higher price. Either this person is a troll, or she should be ashamed of herself. On another note - probably the biggest ever area of BYB-ing? Breeding greyhounds for race tracks. Ponder on that one :x :wink: :cry:
  3. As some of you might know (haven't checked the boards to see if she's posted) KathyM's Ruby went to the vets tonight about lumps in her boobies. Very sadly, the vet said they are definitely malignant, and although they'd normally operate and offer chemo, Ruby is not a candidate for that as she cant have general anaesthetic or sedation. So Ruby is to go home and live out the last of her days in a warm safe home and comfy bed. The vet has said she has 4-6 months so Kathy is understandably very upset. I hope she doesn't mind me posting on her behalf, I just thought you would like to know - so that we can all send our love and hugs to Kathy, Ruby, and her family. So sorry Kathy :cry: :bigcry: :calus: (I'll let Kathy fill you in on the full story, I've not asked to post this and hope she's not upset by me stepping on toes...)
  4. Oooh that looks good....thanks! :D
  5. Thanks Zoe - have saved it might use it as me avatar :D
  6. LisaLQ

    "New" Breeds

    What about deliberate working crossbreeds such as my two lurchers? I adopted them, I didn't buy them, but lurchers are lovely dogs, and should they die out because they are not pure? They are bred for a reason, all be it one I don't agree with, but they're not designer dogs. Also, not that I'm condoning back yard breeders or anything, but it sounds a little like the only dogs you think are worth anything are pure breeds. :( Sometimes, however daft and irresponsible, accidents happen. Are those pups supposed to get homes, or be put to sleep? And are those who offer a good home, promoting bad breeders, or giving a home to a dog. Which is more important? After all, if we all boycotted crossbreeds, there would be none left. And that means my Sky and Badger. Dont get me wrong, I would not go to someone breeding crossbreeds on purpose for profit, I would always adopt. But if everyone was a responsible breeder, and only bred pure breed dogs, there would be no crosses left - in an ideal world that would be great, and I'm very pro neutering etc etc. But how boring, having to pick the same old dog that everyone else has :wink: Anyway, all dogs are crossbreeds if you go far enough back in their ancestry. :o
  7. I picked Holly, as it's a pretty name but not too weird :wink: :lol: :D You've got to see yourself calling her by it, I think shouting Serenity in the park might get you a few odd looks :wink: Or is that just me? (says Lisa, with a Sky and a Badger....)
  8. Wow - Sky is 27kg and Badger is 28kg (needs to put on a bit more though) - and they must be 4 times the size of the average staffy! :o
  9. LisaLQ

    mixed breeds

    [quote name='sled dog musher']Are they greyhound mixes?[/quote] Think so :wink: I adopted them from rescue, but lurchers are usually bred specifically for hunting or racing, so whoever bred them chose their breed mixes for a reason. Dont agree with either though, but they're pets here :D
  10. LisaLQ


    I kinda understand your feelings, as people cross the road and drag their kids away from my dogs, saying they're vicious and bite. They're lurchers (greyhound crosses) not staffies, but as many are used for hunting, they get a very bad press :( I love staffies, they're the friendliest happiest dogs - great with kids :D
  11. I doubt it was in the UK as pits are banned over here. :( All existing dogs have to be neutered and muzzled I think.
  12. This is mine on another site... [i]"Dogs look up to you. Cats look down on you. Give me a pig. He just looks you in the eye and treats you like an equal." [/i]
  13. She looks like a lab or samoyed mix, with that tail and face. I'd give the police and shelters a ring to make sure there's no-one looking for her, she doesn't look underweight or anything.
  14. [quote name='nadooshkinz']Farts:
  15. [quote name='ellieangel']Oh behave yourself Paul !!! How did you get injured ?? It was Lisa wasn't it !! she bit you !! [/quote] Wasn't me! :o :angel: I don't bite unless provoked.... :roll:
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