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ok, due to my 22 day hiatus, provoked by loss of internet, i never got a chance to tell you guys.. I'M GETTING A GOLDEN RETRIEVER!!!!! :lol: :lol:
Finally, i will join the wrath of the dog owners world!.. it really is a dream come true, i've wanted a golden for 3 YEARS! ok the story FROM the top :D
New year's eve, rowie(human) was throwing a little party for some of our friends, and since new year's day is my birthday, she suggested we have a sleepover to celebrate it... anyways, after the midnight struck, we were pigging out and then i suggested we retreat to rowie's room to hang out for a bit, after we got there rowie asked everyone to leave so that she could talk to me for a second, and she gave me incredibly cute birthday cards, when we walked back downstairs i saw candles in the kitchen from afar and then im like: i knew u were going to get me a cake! when we got in the kitchen the lights flipped on and i saw my mom, her best friend and her daughter, 2 of my other friends with HUGE choco cake and presents.
I burst into tears immediately of course.. i couldn't believe my mom sacrificed her new year's eve to surprise me.. so after much crying and laughing and excruciating hugging, i opened the presents.. a silver and gold daisy necklace which to this day i haven't taken off, and from my mom.. well ok.. earlier that day i asked her for a clue as to what my present was, and she said "24" so i sed: is it a watch? dont get me a watch.. i lose them quickly" my mom just laughed.. so i opened the box like present to find ... a silver and gold Giovanna watch! but i really do like it.. and i havent lost it.. yet :lol: anyways there was a small paper in the box, everyone was just like READ THE PAPER! so i pick it up and it says: in 24 days you will have your present, now you can name your (flip paper) DOG!! :P
of course i started screaming and crying again, then rowie says: Nadz its gonna be a Golden!! then i just SHRIEKED from sheer joy! :lol:
turns out my mom and rowie had been planning this for nearly 3 weeks! i would just like to take the chance to thank rowie so much for helping make my dream come true, it means so much to me and i love you for that and for everything rowie.. :wink:
so anyways, about the dog, well the breeder is EXTREMEMLY responsible.. so much that he visits the quarantine twice a day to feed his dogs, my doggie will be imported from either Thailand or Czekoslovakia(sp?), she will be a bitch, about 4 months, and rowie and i are visiting her tommorow!!!!
I'm so excited! then were going shopping for dog stuff!!! i'll take loads of pics i promise.. :D
Any suggestions on dog names? :-?

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Your most welcome Nad, anything for a fellow dog lover! :wink:

Oh my, we visited the little munchkins today. Of course, I can't get the smell of pee off me ( :lol:) and I had a 15 minute "sniff inspection" at the door by the one and only. Anywhoo, the two pups are from Thailand, and two months old which is perfect. They are [i]the[/i] cutest puppies I have ever seen. :D The minute we went inside the quarentine room, Nad almost burst into tears. I can't imagine how amazing it must be to visit your future dog, after all the months of waiting and preparing! Nadooshkinz' female dog is slightly smaller than her brother, whom I have nicknamed Fat Albert (wonder why :wink:) and a bit darker at points. Gorgeous though, both of them. And don't worry, we took loads of pics! Fat Albert was the funniest little chubby roly-poly puppy! SO much like Rowie it's scary. There was a brush on the floor by his kennel, and while we weren't watching stole it and ran back inside. I want that puppy soooo badly now. :lol:

Nadooshkinz will probably fill you in on more details, since it was her special visit I won't ruin everything and I'll just let her tell you the rest. The names she thought of for her puppy (now that she's seen it) are amazing!

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Awww! Thanks everyone! :angel:
Well we DID see them today, and it was pure BLISS!!! :D :D the last time i was this happy was when i found out i was getting her! She's just PERFECT! lively and playful, but not too hyper or too submissive, and she warmed up to me real fast! as soon as she was let out of her cubicle, she crawled into my lap and started licking and nipping my fingers! I'm in love! tommorow we'll be going to a couple of pet shops to buy everything we need.. I can't wait!! these past 3 days have been perfect, I got an iPod mini too! :lol:
Anyways i know you guys are DYING for pics so here you go!
The dreaded red brush!!

Profile pic of the little angel!

My puppy and her brother! (she's the one looking up)

battling for the red brush!!


thats all for the pics.. as for names, I was thinking Luna or soleil or Cleo..but nothing is definite yet! :wink:

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[quote name='Aussie_Chick']I love puppies!Your baby's so beautiful :angel:

[b]I like the name Tia....very cute[/b]![/quote]
Thats kind of what im leaning towards! im not sure, i mean i want something catchy but original... my mom suggested naming her after a precious stone.. OFF TO GOOGLE! :lol:

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Guest Anonymous

I'm so happy for you... there is nothing like a Golden.. Spark is my third Golden.. ^Mulligan^ was my big boy , ^Tucker^ was my life....
So many need good homes where people understand what they are getting into. :angel:

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