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  1. Thanks, TDG! That was a very interesting read.
  2. Newfies and Bernese Mountain Dogs are my dream breeds. I would love to own them. My mom isn't into large, slobbery dogs though so she wouldn't have a Newfie :lol: :lol: Oh well, someday!
  3. Whao...totally missed this thread. I just barelly read the whole thing...owwwie my eyes, it took me forever :o . [color=red][size=6]Dogo Rocks![/size][/color]
  4. Congratulations! That is a great accomplishment for such a young dog.
  5. Thanks for your replys everyone. Neither of them got it, thank goodness. I was just worried because when my friend got it there she was sick for a very long time and I would not be looking forward to that. Thanks again!
  6. [quote name='ObedienceGrrl']Ummm.....you don't get a warning. The dog gets BLOW OUT diahrea. There's your warning! We went through this with the GSDs. It was pretty bad. Our white one lost 10 pounds in a week.[/quote] :o :o :o Oh my. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed!
  7. I hope everything works out for you, hang in there Zoe :)
  8. Well, my family and I just got back from our vacation to our cabin in the mountains. There is a lake about ten minutes away that we would go to quite a bit with the dogs, and while we brought their water dish they still drank from the lake. Is it possible for them to get giardia (sp?) from drinking the water and if so, what would be some warning signs that they contracted it? I know that humans can get it from drinking from that lake because I know someone who has before and I was just wondering if dogs are able to get it as well.
  9. I don't know of any celebs that have had Carolina Dogs at any point, but I'm going to keep looking.
  10. :cry: :cry: Oh Rowie that's awful. (Hugs) RIP little kitties :cry:
  11. Good for your parents to get her spayed! I believe the breed is Japanese Chin?
  12. That is incredibly sad :(
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