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Got him neutered today :\.

C. Weim

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Hello Everyone, this is my 1st post!
I have a male Weimaraner, Caesar, who is 10 months old today.
He was just neutered this morning. I know I should have gotten him 'done' sooner but I was unsure if I wanted to breed him or not. Decided against that since im unexperienced. Anyhoo, my aunt is my vet.
I dont know the specific technique she used, but there is a small incision infront of the scrotal sac which im guessing is from where the testicles where removed. My question is this: It appears that his 'sac' is still intact and just deflated. It looks like she removed his goods and just left the bag hanging there. It looks 'wrong'. I trust her techniques and everything, and im just wondering will he always have the hangy sac or will this eventually fade?? Im going over to her house tommorow and Ill ask her personally, just wanted some outside opinions. Thanks


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I caved in and called her. So far ive fealt pretty negatvie about the whole experience, he just looked right with his big ole danglers...
Anyways, she said that the sack will shrink up atleast halfway, but maybe no more since he was done at such a later time than most people do. She said if I really dont like the looks of it I can have it completely reduced surgically. Im just gonna let him heal up and see what happens. Either way im glad hes OK. :)

Thanks for the kind Welcomes!

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Maybe this will help

Without the danglers (LOVE that term!! hee hee) he will be less aggressive, less likely to run away, less likely to feel the sexual tension
that goes with being whole but not allowed to mate.....

He is no "less" of a dog than he was before...they're not like people in that respect. He doesnt feel any less "male" and in fact, an unneutered male dog has a greater risk of testicular cancer than a neutered one. This will mellow him out and make him a better companion and pet for you.
And,it's not fair, in my honest opinion, to leave a dog whole and not
allow it to answer to nature's call to breed. Your pup would be after every dog in heat it could sniff out, and then be frustrated because he couldnt
act on what nature was telling him to do.

In the long run, since you dont intend to breed him, he wil be happier this way. If int he future you decide you want to breed dogs, then you need to
take the classes necessary to teach you the ins-and-outs of breeding,
and they're not always easy. Or always nice.

Glad to have you at Dogo - pop in whenever you like!

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Hello & welcome to dogo.

I had my boy neutered at 7 months and I admit I was pretty ignorant on the actual procedure. When he came home I noticed the same thing and had almost exactly the same thoughts. I really expected him to come home and have absolutley nothing there at all. :oops:

After a while the skin did shrink and as he has long thick fur I can't see anything there at all now - nice and neat and tidy :D

LOL - Hillside you cracked me up with the neuticles comment :lol:

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Welcome to Dogo, glad you made the right decision about your fur-kid. As for the danglers, they should shrink up pretty good but probably not all the way. I will share this little story with you, my Sally's daddy didn't get fixed till he was 6 and it was the funniest thing to watch him when he would sit down, he would hover over the ground swinging them so that when he sat he didn't sit on them, from what I understand the first time he sat down after they were removed he literrally sighed and smiled. Elsastarr here can fill in the rest of the details.


[quote name='courtnek'][quote]Perhaps you could ask her about Neuticles? [/quote]

OMG I lost my dinner....

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:[/quote]

dinner!, I just washed my moniter with a very, very good amaretto sour.

Hillside, shame on you, disappear for a while and you come back getting everybodys monitors dirty.


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Just because you stopped teasing me doesn't mean I disappeared Rosebud. :lol: Unless you are talking about this past Friday-Monday when I was in Colorado... Umm I forgot to mention that didn't I? 8)

And I guess I will buy a round for anyone who I caused to spit up their drink after reading my neuticle comment.

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:hand: [size=6][color=red][u][b]WELCOME TO DOGO.[/b][/u][/color][/size] :hand:

Congrats on getting your little fur-baby neutered. :wink:

What is your weimaraners name?

I just love weimaraners. :iloveyou:

I dog-sit a female weimaraner now, that will be bred in a few years. I will be getting the runt of the litter.
I can't wait. :multi:

I would love to see pictures of your handsome boy. :D

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What a nice group of people you guys are!
His name is Caesar, and He is my SON!
I was never allowed to have a dog growing up, but I always vowed that as soon as I moved out I would get one :) I moved out on december first of 02 and by the 21st I had little Caes. :) He is a wonderful dog with more personality than I could have ever hoped he have.
I might have a pic or two online, if not I have some on the comp. to upload. THanks so much everyone!

~Ray :drinking:

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Guest Anonymous

Hey, my dog had his berries plucked from his twig about 5 weeks ago (he is 6months old now) and he still has an empty sac hanging back there.....I'm not sure how much it'll shrink but that is normal, I've seen several other dogs with the same deal, I was thinking of asking the dog to drop in some golf balls in there so it didn't look so.....empty. j/k. When he first had it done I noticed it more because it looked weird, but I haven't noticed it anymore, just keep an eye on the incision and keep it clean, my dogs got real dirty and looked gross so I cleaned it with alcohol and peroxide to keep it from getting infected and it is healed up just fine.

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Guest Anonymous

Yeah, I gotta get some pics up of my furry friend, as soon as I get my computer set back up at home I'll post the pics, I may just go to one of my friends houses and use their comp so I can get the pics up, i've got some great action pics of him in the air trying to pull a frisbee out of my hand....anyways, i'll try to get the pics up soon.

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Ben was "fixed" in... hmm... April was it? (do any of you guys remember exacly?) Anyway, he has still got this skin "flip-flop" hanging. It has slowly started to shrink and I think it's absolutely normal. I never even thought that it should "disappear without a trace".
He is now two years old and he's not at all calmer. :D He's exacly the same. The only thing that changed was that he stopped marking around and that when he really have to pee-pee he "sits" down like a girl. If not, he lifts his leg up.

Heh heh... I rememberd now when he was a pup and for the first time tried to lift his leg. He nearly fell over! :D :lol: And offcourse he got pee-pee nearly all over him. :D

It would be fun to know where the both "berries" are put to after removal. ;)


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I believe in the 6-9 month range is whats normally recommended. But I could be wrong :)
Heres a couple pics of Caes and Belle (my girlfriends Golden)

He is embarassed in this one!
This is Belle

Youll have to look past the negro-ized fingernail. She smashed in her car door a little previous to the photo :)
Unfortunatly I dont have any fotos of them when they were REAL little. I have one of Caes the first night I had em, but ill have to get it from my Dad...
Caesar is a 10month old male Weimaraner (minus the figs) and Belle/Boone is a 11.5 month old Female Golden Retriever. We got Caes at 7 weeks and had already had Belle for about 1 week. They have been the best of friends ever since. :) Enjoy the photos, ill try to get that last one up soon. Thanks


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