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  1. C. Weim

    Is it safe to RUN him.....

    he did fine, was super happy to back on his feet :) BUT my skateboard didnt make it all the way, I ended up walking back with two dogs and one busted skateboard :( Hehe, but seriously, he did do fine. Thanks for the help!
  2. only 6 days after neuter surgery? Hes dying to and so am I. 2-3 miles is the normal circuit. Gimme your thoughts! Thanks Ray
  3. C. Weim

    Weight Pulling

    oh damn :)
  4. C. Weim

    Got him neutered today :\.

    I caved in and called her. So far ive fealt pretty negatvie about the whole experience, he just looked right with his big ole danglers... Anyways, she said that the sack will shrink up atleast halfway, but maybe no more since he was done at such a later time than most people do. She said if I really dont like the looks of it I can have it completely reduced surgically. Im just gonna let him heal up and see what happens. Either way im glad hes OK. :) Thanks for the kind Welcomes!
  5. C. Weim

    Got him neutered today :\.

    Spank you.