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  1. Thanks for the concern. I was recently in Costa Rica where I was chargin some huge hills and I think I did a number on my bearings. I need to replace them. Caesar loves to pull me :) I met another Weim tonight at a local dog park, her name was Samantha and she was 6 months. Thats the 2nd other Weim ive met in person, kinda neat :)
  2. he did fine, was super happy to back on his feet :) BUT my skateboard didnt make it all the way, I ended up walking back with two dogs and one busted skateboard :( Hehe, but seriously, he did do fine. Thanks for the help!
  3. only 6 days after neuter surgery? Hes dying to and so am I. 2-3 miles is the normal circuit. Gimme your thoughts! Thanks Ray
  4. I got my weim neutuered last wed., so its been almost 6 full days of LOW activity: no hard running, no pulling me on my skateboard etc. etc.. I was wondering, is it too early to take him on a REAL run? 2-3 miles to give you an idea. Im just curious, cause I know hes dying to run and ive got the urge aswell :). Thanks Ray
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    pics? I wanna see these dogs
  6. C. Weim

    Pavement Blazer!

    Hey All! I figured id share my technique for running my two beasts/ attempting to wear them out. I leash em both up and mount up onto my skateboard. Its a 36" long Sector9 longboard which is easier to control at these high speeds as opposed to a normal shortboard. Once I get that thing pointed down the sidewalk WE'RE OFF! I swear we hit 20 mph before the first turn!! I usually run em 2-3 miles a day with this technique. Belle the golden falls back about halfway through and Caesar my weim ends up puling us both. Im gonna take a few days off though since Caes just got his jigs hacked off. But once he's healed up ZOOM ZOOM! Hehe, Its a blast for all 3 of us. I stop every so oftena nd let em play around in the lakes and cool off. Ray
  7. [quote name='Horsefeathers!']It sounds like a perfectly normal neuter. The skin will likely draw back up and it won't be so prominant. I know what you mean. We always called it a flat tire on our dogs. It seems that the older the dog, the longer it takes that skin to shrink, but it eventually will. :)[/quote] Thanks. I hope it disappears although if not, its fine :)
  8. Go here [url]http://forum.dogomania.com/viewtopic.php?t=7919[/url] for MUCH MORE pics. I had alot more than I thought!
  9. I believe in the 6-9 month range is whats normally recommended. But I could be wrong :) Heres a couple pics of Caes and Belle (my girlfriends Golden) [url]http://community.webshots.com/photo/87858568/87858625djCCoR[/url] He is embarassed in this one! [url]http://community.webshots.com/photo/87858568/87858734DjjsQM[/url] This is Belle [url]http://community.webshots.com/photo/87858568/87858790YycIsb[/url] [url]http://community.webshots.com/photo/87858568/87858831ILrRnY[/url] Youll have to look past the negro-ized fingernail. She smashed in her car door a little previous to the photo :) Unfortunatly I dont have any fotos of them when they were REAL little. I have one of Caes the first night I had em, but ill have to get it from my Dad... Caesar is a 10month old male Weimaraner (minus the figs) and Belle/Boone is a 11.5 month old Female Golden Retriever. We got Caes at 7 weeks and had already had Belle for about 1 week. They have been the best of friends ever since. :) Enjoy the photos, ill try to get that last one up soon. Thanks Ray
  10. WOW! What a nice group of people you guys are! His name is Caesar, and He is my SON! I was never allowed to have a dog growing up, but I always vowed that as soon as I moved out I would get one :) I moved out on december first of 02 and by the 21st I had little Caes. :) He is a wonderful dog with more personality than I could have ever hoped he have. I might have a pic or two online, if not I have some on the comp. to upload. THanks so much everyone! ~Ray :drinking:
  11. I caved in and called her. So far ive fealt pretty negatvie about the whole experience, he just looked right with his big ole danglers... Anyways, she said that the sack will shrink up atleast halfway, but maybe no more since he was done at such a later time than most people do. She said if I really dont like the looks of it I can have it completely reduced surgically. Im just gonna let him heal up and see what happens. Either way im glad hes OK. :) Thanks for the kind Welcomes!
  12. Hello Everyone, this is my 1st post! I have a male Weimaraner, Caesar, who is 10 months old today. He was just neutered this morning. I know I should have gotten him 'done' sooner but I was unsure if I wanted to breed him or not. Decided against that since im unexperienced. Anyhoo, my aunt is my vet. I dont know the specific technique she used, but there is a small incision infront of the scrotal sac which im guessing is from where the testicles where removed. My question is this: It appears that his 'sac' is still intact and just deflated. It looks like she removed his goods and just left the bag hanging there. It looks 'wrong'. I trust her techniques and everything, and im just wondering will he always have the hangy sac or will this eventually fade?? Im going over to her house tommorow and Ill ask her personally, just wanted some outside opinions. Thanks Ray
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