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  1. [quote name='courtnek'] the other nite she grabbed a can of dog food off the counter (that I was going to mix with their dry) that has a pop-top. she pulled the pop-top off and started eating it!!! :o :o :o :o :o[/quote] Laurel believes in self service apparently!
  2. Lord knows I was a bit tempted today to add another to the pack. I was helping with transport of a Belgian Sheepdog mix from South Carolina to Pennsylvania. While at first very reserved, Lady soon warmed up to me, leaned in for a cuddle and gave me a tiny kiss. I knew right then I had to get back on the road quick so I could turn her over to the final leg of the trip for the night. I met up with the next person in Fredricksburg VA, as she walked towards us, Lady pressed herself against my leg. 'Oh now don't do that!" :-? She's a sweet girl, looks very much like a SMALL Belgian Sheepdog, probably a bit of Chow in her. Weighs about 47 lbs and has that pretty black coat. She's looking for a home too. UTD on shots and spayed already. 8)
  3. If I had a bit more money and a bigger house I would have 1 or 2 more dogs just because I wanted them. Now if I was to win the lottery and did not have to work for a danged living, woo watch out!
  4. When Jesse was still a youngster, he stole my peanut butter and jelly sandwich right off the dining room table. I had put it there so I could go out and start the car, it was freezing out. It was to have been my quickie breakfast. I came in, sandwich is gone, and Jesse is smacking his lips. I think he wanted another one. Jesse was the first dog in our family who could literally put his HEAD on the dining room table, all the other dogs before were too short.
  5. I do try to keep my dogs teeth and gums from getting loaded up with plaque and tarter. Each gets a greenie a day, now and then raw bones, and I am trying very hard to stick to brushing their teeth twice a week. Ideally, brushing more frequently but if I can do it twice weekly, that better than nothing. I tried one of those triple headed brushes [img]http://www.petsmart.com/media/ps/images/products/detail/standard/June05/55081_4837f.jpg[/img] I did not feel it was as effective as the Crest Spin Brush I use. I use chicken flavored toothpaste just for dogs. Jesse's teeth are the worst looking but his gums are in great shape. Years of build up. The girls have nice looking teeth and great gums. Our vet wants to clean Jesse's teeth but I will not have him put under at his age for this.
  6. "Also, is obedience training successful with adult dogs/" But of course! Proper and fun training is ALWAYS a good thing for all dogs. My aunt has a young male lab, neutered, that peed in the house very frequently. The littlest things would trigger it, someone speaking to him in a happy voice, turning the tv on, walking acros the floor, a knock at the door, the phone ringing, etc. Her dog was, to her knowledge, never beaten or perhaps even smacked but as a puppy, he was NEVER corrected for anything and as a young adult, he spent all day outside and all night in a crate. Very little human interaction. She has had him now for just over a year and says he does not pee AS MUCH as he used to. I have offered many suggestions to her, she took some and rejected others. One of the suggestions I made was to put a belly band on him when he was indoors. Here is one link I found for them. [url]http://www.kennelkomforts.net/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=3001&Category_Code=BB2&OVRAW=male%20dog%20belly%20band&OVKEY=band%20belly%20dog%20male&OVMTC=standard[/url] My sister recently purchased a couple through ebay, I think she got two for about $6. One of her boys has started hiking his leg in the house. I have heard MANY recommendations for these via BELG-L. As I told my aunt, she did not want to correct the dog since this would most likely make the problem worse. A belly band is a passive way for the dog to experience a consequence with being corrected by a person. Dog wearing belly band pees, now dog has this wet stuff he has to carry around. I would NOT leave a wet belly band on for long of course, a few minutes should be long enough for the dog to make the connection. Belly bands are lined with an absorbent pad. Here's a link to them on ebay. [url]http://search.ebay.com/male-dog-belly-bands_W0QQfkrZ1QQfnuZ1[/url]
  7. I'm thinking healthy soothing thoughts for you and Cheech. Hope it turns out to be a minor issue that is easily fixed.
  8. I would have your dog checked out by a veterinarian to see if there is a specific reason she has not come into season. If you can, also check with your dogs breeder. Are Central Asian dogs generally slow to mature? Some lines may be slower than others. It is possible your female is barren (unable to have pups) but I don't know if barren bitches still come into season or not. It is possible that there is some sort of health issue that is causing your dog not to come into season. At 2.5 years of age, most bitches would have had at least one season by now, more than likely two. Have you had your girl since she was a tiny pup or was she a rescue? If a rescue, perhaps she was spayed before you got her? Try to find out WHY she has not had a season first, it may be that she is not a good candidate for breeding after all.
  9. It really is fun, and addictive! Sometimes when I am crawling out of bed at 0 dark 30 I have trouble remembering why I do this, then I get that little jolt of excitement as I start wondering what kind of course will we face, what kind of run will we have, etc etc.
  10. Candy and I were in Manassas VA today for AKC trials. We left in the dark and got home well after dark, we are both very tired but I we both had a great time. Her first run of the day was in Excellent Standard, she was clean, we were under course time and earned our second Excellent leg. She was a bit pokey in the weaves but then turned on the afterburners for the final 3 jumps, she pretty much took the zigzag pattern on her own as she had left me in the dust. Our teacher was at the gate, felt good to hear her say 'What a GREAT run!' It was a few hours until our jumpers with weaves run, we started good then as I turned with her from jump 5, I froze, my mind had gone BLANK! For just a split second, I had no clue where we were going. Candy knew where she was going but it was not OVER jump 6, she daintily stepped right between the vertical bars of the jumps left standard. It just had to be a winged jump didn't it! That was our NQ but I got my senses back and we continued. All I can say is I was cold, my feet hurt and I was tired, but what the heck, we had fun and her finish over another crazy zigzag path of jumps was again really nice. No more trials til the spring.
  11. "You serious? The dogs MUST have collars on?" Yeah, most of us who run UKC think it's pretty weird too. Ok as an option, but to require one is silly. Then there is NADAC, dogs CANNOT wear a collar from what I am told. I have not yet run in a NADAC trial to I best remember this come spring! I do think the wearing of a collar should be optional, as long as said collar has no attachments or dangly bits to get caught on anything.
  12. I have 3 Keep Safe collars, one for each dog. They NEVER get used! They are hanging on the wall. Some years ago, when my dogs wore collars all of the time, Jesse managed to get his own lower jaw hooked in his buckle collar. Now obviously that collar was too loose. Thankfully I was right there and was able to calm him down and get the collar off. It was a very scary few minutes and we were both shaking when it was over. Another time, I noticed that the tags were missing from Jesse's collar. I looked and looked and finally, weeks later, saw a 'glint' in the grass in my neighbors yard. Walked around, there were Jesse's tags. At the time, Jesse liked to hang on the fence and bark at said neighbor. Apparently, the tags got caught on the fence and thankfully, popped off when Jesse got off the fence. I do not know if Jesse had to struggle or for how long. The tags were on with one of those O ringy things, not an S hook. As I frequently take my dogs to the park for off leash play, I CAN see how the Keep Safe collars are a good idea, my girls will play with much grabbing of necks and wrestling. Neither is inclined to bolt out of the area so I will consider using the Keep Safe from now on at the park. My dogs are each tattooed and chipped as well just in case. In UKC agility, dogs MUST wear a collar with no tags in the ring, I normally switch to the one without tags as soon as I get there so I won't forget. The Keep Safe collar, as long as there are no tags, are perfect for this. My dogs never wear collars in the house nor do they wear them when able to go in and out the doggie door. My dogs know that bolting through an open front door is a grave error and generally wait for permission. I still practice this frequently in case anyone (Candy) thinks I am not paying attention. I think we can agree, for some this is a great idea, for some it just aint gonna happen. As far as choke chains, to quote 'but you could have used a second collar, such as a choke chain (is that a dirty word on this board) for walking.' The pivotal words here are 'for walking'. Such as on leash. I don't think this is ironic at all. Even choke chains have a 'dead' ring you can use.
  13. abker, it would be GREAT to see you again too, and your dog this time! :) Hope you can come and play agility! If you can make it, just be sure to check the website that morning in case of nasty weather cause we will cancel if so.
  14. The Central Virginia Agility Club is hosting an agility fun day three weeks from today, December 4th in Ashland, VA. Jesse and the girls will be there, I might see about taking Jesse through the 'puppy' course where jumps will be low and the tunnel very tall. We will also have a NADAC tunnelers course, an AKC jumpers course, and a USDAA Snooker course. Please visit the CVAC website [url]http://www.centralvirginiaagility.org/[/url] and look under Club Events for more information and to download the flyer.
  15. Ha, in this family, Christmas is practically all about the dogs! I don't buy anything for my own dogs, they get presents from grandma, their aunt nancy and uncle jim, their uncle steve and aunt amy, and of course their great aunt peggy! Most if not all are wrapped so the dogs have fun ripping them open. Right now, I have a bag with about 14 new toys, they are for the above aunts and uncles dogs. My dogs also gets bags of treats from the above people just as I will give treats to the other dogs. Oh yeah, we buy for the cats too but not quite to the extent as the dogs.
  16. Jesse sees a canine holistic vet who does his chiro and accupuncture. I think in your situation HF, I too would feel comfy in having your own chiro dr. take a look at Tucker and perhaps do an adjustment. The first time Jesse was adjusted, he snapped his head around at the dr. like WTF! then...his whole body relaxed. Quite a dramatic reaction to it. Haven't seen near as clear reactions since then but hey, he is still going at 14+. I do believe a large part of his continuing ambulation is the swimming! He saw his vet recently, she said tho he has no muscles to speak on his rear legs, he has added muscle in his lower back. Rather unusual for an older dog to add muscle like that.
  17. Oh yeah, I relented and bought some photos taken at the trials. I should have them in a week or so, will get them scanned onto my website. Some can actually be seen already at [url]http://www.photoreflect.com/scripts/prsm.dll?eventorder?photo=067V002Y0B0004&start=0&album=0&adjust=-1&d=0&nphoto=067V002Y0B0005[/url] Just click next to see a couple more. That IS my sexy outfit of the day 8) , and I do feel a bit guilty seeing how miserable Candy looks coming off of that Aframe.
  18. Candy had a very nice run in standard, we were clean and well under course time. We got the blue ribbon for that one. Our jumpers run was going SOOOO well. Really nice and we were moving at a good pace. We came within a toe? a toenail? of Q'ing. Next to the last jump, she dropped a bar. Boogers! Candy very rarely drops a bar, I am wondering if I dropped my arm or even just a shoulder or who knows. Just one of those things. No matter, I told her how wonderful she is nonetheless. Her time was really great, well under course time. It was cool and cloudy, she likes that! We are going to try Excellent standard next weekend while we continue to try and get that last Open jumpers leg. I took all the dogs with me, each got to walk about and do the meet and greet. Jesse, the big ole love sponge, got hugs and was sneaked a cookie by one gal. After the trial, I took all 3 to the field in the back and let them run around a bit and play before heading home. They got fish in their dinners, I treated myself to pizza. 8)
  19. Soooo not a brag! 8) Foolishly set off for agility trials knowing that it was supposed to rain all day. And rain it did. Steady rain. All day. Pools of water everywhere, including a large one directly in front of the Aframe. I was trying for a bit slower than normal in the interest of safety. We were only in the standard ring for oh, about 20 seconds. Had a very nice course set up, two jumps to the Aframe, left to a jump, right to a jump, weave poles, seesaw, left to a jump, then a straight tunnel. We call straight tunnels 'puppy cannons' around here. Candy came shooting out of the tunnel, cleared a jump, leaped onto the table in a very fast touch and go and kept on going. She bolted out of the ring and ran around the fence line back to the tent we had been under. Thank you judge, I do believe we are done! :D Got a little further in jumpers before she said 'see ya!' She was jumping GREAT and running fast, especially so when she again headed for a tent that was keeping the scribe and timer dry! Thanks again judge, we're done! I praised her for having more sense than I and gave her cookies. Sooo hoping for drier weather tomorrow!
  20. Can't wait to see new photos of the now not so wee Kes! Bet she's a beauty.
  21. Used to play fight with Jesse all of the time. He would really get into it and look quite fearsome with flashing jaws and snarls and growls. He never once crossed the line. He'd peel his lips back so that it looked as though all his teeth were on the OUTSIDE! He still likes to play like this with me, but I am far more gentle with my old buddy. Could never do this at all with Brittany, she would get this hurt look on her face and back away. She still gives Candy holy heck and used to beat up on Jesse but she will not play rough with a person. Candy loves it! She, like Jesse, is quite vocal about it and will bite me, though never enough to draw blood or even bruise. I will hook a finger behind her front canines and she will try to whip her head from side to side like she is going to tear me apart. I also play tug games, Jesse would drag me across the floor in his younger days. A few years ago, my then 11 year old niece was playing tug with Jesse. He was lying on his side, she dragged him across the floor like that. Both the niece and the dog had a good time.
  22. From the Belg-l list First up, a diving Belgian Tervuren. (posted the link to the page here) [url]http://www.pbase.com/sunfiretervs/image/49966538[/url] Next, a dock diving Malinois. [img]http://members.aol.com/dantero3/dax_dockdiving.jpg[/img] and [img]http://members.aol.com/malndobe/dare_dockdiving.jpg[/img]
  23. Sorry, been running amok last few days, the fair is at the Richmond Raceway Complex in Richmond. It runs through Sunday, the K9 extreme team has two shows daily. We plan on being back out there Sunday afternoon if I can get away from the agility trials in time.
  24. Well we've been having a blast! The Classic K-9s Extreme team has been in town for the VA State Fair. They travel around the country, their website is: [url]http://www.classick9.com/index.html[/url] I've taken Candy out a couple of times. We run a very simple but very fast course then we have a high jump competition. Candy gets faster each time we run the course and has jumped higher each time we do the high jump. Last Thursday, her best high jump was 36 inches, keep in mind she is only 18 inches tall. This afternoon, she cleared 40 inches. This evening, she sailed over 44 inches! When the bar was raised to 48, she clearly said 'you must be outta yer mind!' :D Tonight we had a straight line of low jumps, then had to race around 3 barrels, and back down the line of jumps to a table. Thank goodness Candy does a great GO GO GO! as there is no way I could keep up with her. Also tonight, a Saluki set a new record for the state of VA at (I think) 58 inches. It's been great fun. They wanted us back tomorrow, when I said we could not make, the guy running the show said, 'I want my star dog here!' I promised I'd try my best to come back Sunday evening after our agility trials. Hopefully I'll have some photos to share soon.
  25. It depends on some factors, if this is your girls first heat, it 'may' be shorter than otherwise. If possible, check with the breeder of your dog, some lines may have longer heats than others. As a very GENERAL rule, keep her away from the boys for at least 3 weeks even after she stops bleeding. The presence of bleeding or lack of, does not mean her heat is over with and she could still become pregnant if you're not VERY careful. Hopefully someone with more knowlege of how long the girls actually bleed can step in to answer your specific question. Please feel free to ask more questions if you need to.
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