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  1. A good follow-up article on this would be one that educates people in what it takes for a breeder to get a dog like Carlee and why the breeders go through what they do before breeding. :angel:
  2. :-? Last night the deer were up on the hill, just a little ways down eating, but they were all heading towards the spot across the street from where I live. There were 14 of them this time. The hill they are at the top of makes them look like litte brown dots, so they are far away from us, but I think it's strange that the place they have chosen to lay down at is directly across the street from the same dogs that whine at them late at night when they are crossing the road. :angel:
  3. [quote name='behle'][quote name='Rosebud']:D I guess I can officially say that me and the pups are now being stalked by deer. :angel:[/quote] Great story! Turn about is fair play, right? :wink: They've got your number now![/quote] :o :o The DEER were there again last night, just laying down in the grass watching us. :angel:
  4. :D Ever so often me and the kids will drive around at night trying to spot deer. Sometimes we see some other times we don't, anyways Sally and Rocket think it is the best thing in the world to do. They just wag their tails and whine at the deer till they disappear. I think we have seen the same group of deer on many occasions because they just stand and look at us now, then they will literally toss their head in the air, flip their tail at us and bounce out of sight as if saying Na, nanny, boo, boo to the pups. Well last night when I got home, their was a herd of 12 deer laying down at the top of the hill across the street. I let the pups out to play and potty and the deer just layed their watching us. I guess I can officially say that me and the pups are now being stalked by deer. :angel:
  5. :-? Don't feel so bad. I once came home from playing cards with some friends of mine and found six narled and three punctured beer cans in my garage along with 2 drunk 6 month old Ridgebacks. By the sixth beer they figured out all they had to do was bite a hole in the can. Needless to say I have never left a 12 pack accessibly to them again. :angel:
  6. :D Sally just whines when she wants something. Barks a very loud and unlady-like bark when she sees something. If Rocket barks, RUN. He barks ONE deep, loud bark that is more of a warning, if you don't head it, he starts growling. The rest of the time he just whines. When he really wants something he says Momma or Mom. And I do not think this is howl or whine that sounds like it, I believe he has learned how to say it. Like I said he only says momma when he wants something. Both of their whines sound like they are saying Uh, uh, uh. Sally's bark Buarr, buarr, buarr. Rockets bark Woof. :angel:
  7. [quote name='courtnek']Hounds were developed for one basic purpose, in all different parts of the world, but in all of them, they were bred to hunt. to "hound" their quarry as it were, outrun it, like a greyhound or foxhound, or follow it til its exhausted, like a bloodhound. Much like terriers, but usually in a bigger package, for bigger prey. does that help?[/quote] Or as in a pack of Rhodesian Ridgeback's; to track the prey and hold it a bay until the hunter could move in for a clear shot. :angel:
  8. :-? I think they sub-divide the Sporting Group because it is the largest Breed Group to the AKC. :angel:
  9. :D Too cute. The one in the foreground looks like he's trying to push the other one out of the picture. :angel:
  10. [quote name='maz'] Diamond Pet Food has never, and will never, knowingly utilizes any rendered protein meals containing the remains of pets. Like all quality, pet food manufacturers, Diamond has strict ingredient specifications which detail the quality required in every delivery of an ingredient. Diamond purchases its meal and fats from only one source no brokers.[b]Although single sourcing rendered meals is more expensive, this practice provides maximum control, removing opportunity for unsupervised material to make its way into the product formulations.[/b] [/quote] Pumpkin From this I get that Diamond uses single source Rendered Meals. :angel: Rosebud
  11. A 3-day local show will cost me 22.50 a day for entry fees. Round-trip Gas varies I always buy Rocket a toy, since he is not a show dog and doesn't get to go to them. Food, of course Hotel accomodations for out of town shows. Bare minimum expense on a 3-day show for me is around. Entry fees: 67.50 Gas: 40.00 closest town 200.00 furthest town to drive Food: 20.00 closest town 60.00 furthest town to drive Toy: 15.00 Hotel: 120.00 4-nights Closest town: approx. 150.00 Furthest town: approx. 500.00 You can get away with only paying entry fees to the yearly show in your town, but if you are going to show your dog you should do it regularly, approx. 2-3 weekends a month. so your looking at a minimum of around 300.00 a show, 600.00 a month for two shows. That's makes the yearly bare minimum 7,200.00 a year. That's for a dog that does not require extensive grooming, and training and handling your own dog. :angel: Rosebud
  12. If they won't win in the AKC ring, then it is the judge who is at fault for letting the breed become extreme. Not to put Ms Clothier down, put part if not most of the problems with the AKC breed ring are the direct result of the unethical judging practices and the lack of proper breed knowledge of the [b]JUDGES[/b]. Yes, Breeders do play a HUGE part, but the reality is that the ultimate discision is with the judge and a way to many of them judge the wrong end of the lead. Another point is the existing taboo of breeding dogs that are not finished or did not come from a top ten breeder. With these three points you have a breed that gets ruined. Theory: If a breeder stays true to correct structure and the judge starts putting up exaggerated backs then eventually the breeder with the correct structure will not be the one winning, therefore that breeder will be breeding unfinished dogs and eventually other breeders will look down on them for breeding dogs that are not finished, the pups will be harder to place and less and less breeders will breed to them. In this scenario it all started with the judges lack of knowledge about the correct structure of the breed and the majority of breeders following the uneducated judges [b]OPINION[/b] [quote name='Sarahstaff']I will quote Suzanne Clothier, from a seminar of hers I once attended: "The AKC doesn't ruin breeds. Judges don't ruin breeds. [i]Breeders[/i] ruin breeds." [color=red]They won't win in the AKC ring, but they are correct, and their are good, responsible breeders who are more interested in producing a sound working dog than one that wins in the ring.[/color] [/quote] :angel:
  13. I used to work with a company where all of the upper management either hunted or golfed. I was talking with one of the guys who's hunts and he told me that alot of hunting lines, Labs, Chesapeke Bay Retrievers and another breed I can't remember are starting to have alot of genetically related health issues. He told me about this one hunting breeder that breed to a comformation line to try to help eleviate some of the problems. I believe the biggest problem he was referring to was some kind of hearing/vision disorder. Glad to know your friends lines are still sound. [quote name='Cassie'] [quote]Hunters don't usually enter their dogs in Conformation events since that is not their main concern and most of them can't stand the snobbery that goes on in the "show" ring, but that doesn't mean that Hunting clubs don't have problems in their lines either.[/quote] I have a friend who breeds true working hunting Lab's...she has very healthy dogs which do not suffer from genetic diseases. She does not show her Lab's in conformation as she feels it is pointless for a working dog....[/quote] :angel:
  14. [size=2][quote name='zheelah']This is something I've never been able to understand, why does the AKC use a different breed standard than the country of origin? Why do breed clubs decide that in their country each breed of dog doesn't have to look excatly like in other countries? Take the dobermann for excample, the FCI breed standard is quite different on aspects that really do matter, it affects the movements and total structure, I like to see dobermanns in america that look like the europian dogs and are also able to work. Why doesn't the AKC (or in this matter the breed clubs) make it a rule that a working type dog isn't able to become a champion if it doesn't pass a working test? It can get all the show points it wants but it wont become a champion if it can't at least show an inclination of being able to do some work, this would maby have helped the GSD in america as the breed there has a very unhealthy sway in the back. But there is also the fact that the breeders will breed what the judges reward...[/quote][/size] This same thing bugs the crap out of me. The original standard is there for a reason, and unless a change can "actually" make the dog better at performing it's function why change it. I would absolutely love to see the AKC institute a policy like that, but the individual breed clubs would have to be the ones to institute it, and their theory is there's already the Versitility Titles/Certificates. Do remember that the AKC is [b]ONLY[/b] a breed registry club and that the real changes are made through the breed clubs. That is why it is important to be a member of your breed club and adhere to their interpretation of the written standard. Show puppies, Working puppies, Pet-mill puppies, that puppy in the window are all registerable with the AKC provided that the parents were registered with a breed registry club that requires the parents to be registered. :angel:
  15. [size=2][quote name='JudyHoffman']Eric it is the breeders of GSD who are taking the GSD breed down the wrong path, not the AKC. It is the breeders who produce bad dogs, with bad hips, too much slope (in the case of the GSD), too little slope etc. Jeff, many many conformation dogs are also working dogs. Breeders/ Handlers these days are really trying to do what their dogs were bred to do. Even the best breeding of two dogs can produce less than good dogs for conformation/showability, but that doesn't mean they are not wonderful companions and pets. Kira's pups are the product of the #1 Belgian Sheepdog in this country in 2000 and 2001 (based on show points) and he loves herding and being a guardian. To me, he meets and exceeds the standard of the Belgian that the AKC uses.[/quote][/size] Thank you Judy. The Breed Standard is there for a reason, it is the written representative of the perfect dog. When bred to the standard the dog "should" be able to perform it's particular breed function/job. However there are flaws in the whole theory. Conformation "Show" breeders get carried away with the newest "hip" look and tend to concentrate on one particular trait... ie. the excessive slope in the GSD and lose site (become kennel blind) to the other traits in the breed. Judges also tend to become "handler blind" and think that just because a dog is being shown by ""big name handler"" that the dog is the ultimate representative of the breed. Another BIG problem is in almost every breed, breeders differ in their interpretation of the breed standard and because of this you get a variety of type. Hunters don't usually enter their dogs in Conformation events since that is not their main concern and most of them can't stand the snobbery that goes on in the "show" ring, but that doesn't mean that Hunting clubs don't have problems in their lines either. And last but not least, Show breeders don't usually compete their dogs in performance events. This is however changing fast, with the exception of Hunting/Sporting breeds. I firmly believe that the best representatives of the breed can win in the show ring and then in the evening go out and herd that livestock, hunt that game or do whatever the breed was bred to do. :angel:
  16. Not around much anymore but I've got. 2 Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Sally-Rose & Rocco aka Rocketman 1 Italian Greyhound: Sandy 2 cats: Pumpkin and Miss Kitty :angel:
  17. Shannon, I'm not sure which commercial silvermoon is talking about, but if it's the one I think it is, it's a Rhodesian Ridgeback. There's one commercial out right now that the dog looks alot like an RR but the dog isn't in one single frame long enough for me to get a good enough look. Rosebud :angel:
  18. That's the first thing that I thought of. This genetic disorder also affects Italian Greyhounds, my little girl has it pretty bad, she is a blue-fawn. CDA is somehow connected with the gene that produces the blue, as none of the the white on my girl is affected, just the blue-fawn. This genetic defect in not curable or very effectively treatable, basically all you can do is make sure that the skin and hair that is affected stays soft so that the hairs do not break off before they can grow. [quote name='SexxieRacerChik']I can give you some information on "dobermans" which are in no way related to Min Pin's but get their color genetics the same way. The Blue(actually comes in several different shades of grey) and Fawn(isabella) color's are a recessive gene. [b]This condition is called Color Dilution Alopecia[/b]. It is a gentic problem, [u]not contagious (unless you breed to an affected(not INfected) dog). [/u]It occur's in several type dogs, not just Doberman's and min pins. It also occur's in Irish setter's(fawn), Bernese mountain dog, chihuahua's(blue), chow's{blue), dachshund's(fawn), Great Dane's(blue), saluki's, schipperke's(blue), Shetland sheepdog's(blue), standard poodle's(blue), whippet's(blue), and Yorkshire terrier's(blue/tan). [url]http://www.seattle-attorney.com/storm/sup.html[/url] Please pay special attention this statement: [b]Because CDA is thought to have a genetic link, blues and fawns should not be bred until they reach three years old or so, and still have a good coat.[/b] (if you buy from a breeder make sure you check the stock they have for any thinness of coat (this means parents and some of their siblings if avaliable...don't be afraid to ask for references of previous pups as far back as 4 years also). And also make sure the bitch of the puppies you are looking at is atleast 3 years old (common age when the dogs start to have problems). Here a few other good links: [url]http://www.upei.ca/~cidd/Diseases/dermatology/colour%20dilution%20alopecia.htm[/url] [url]http://www.seattle-attorney.com/storm/[/url] I don't suggest any color dilutions, because of the skin problems. They are expensive to treat should they crop up...doesn't normally "hurt" the dog...but it's gotta be aggravating (to dog and owner) to have to deal with all that stuff that goes with treating it.[/quote] :angel:
  19. :lol: Sally watched Westminster and an show on Lure-Coursing with me, but slept through the AKC National Agility Trials. Guess it shows me where her heart is. :angel:
  20. :evilbat: Rowie, if you can get ahold of a webcam and get it set-up then use it to "set him up", that way you will have Proof of how un-trustworthy the gardener is to the whole family. :angel:
  21. :-? Wow, didn't know that about grapes, I have never really let the babies have any because I just didn't know if they were o.k. or not, guess I made the right choice. I wonder if using grapes/raisins to train a dog and show one in the ring has been a contributing factor to the increase of show dogs with kidney disease. :angel:
  22. :D You are doing a great job with him. Congratulations to Beau and Cassie. :angel:
  23. :cry: Thank you everyone so much for your condolances. It has been very hard on everyone, with so much going on I haven't been able to come online and will only be able to post sometimes in the next 10 days after that it may be another month on so before I can come back. Marion I am so sorry to hear about your mum. I am sure that Caleb is with her, he loved to be around people more than anything in the world. He never knew a stranger and accepted everyone as a friend. Although she may be a little taken aback by his preferred display of affection [size=2](nose planted squarely in the crotch while scratching him behind his ears)[/size]. Shelterlover: Hope everything is going well with Jr. and I wish you safe and easy delivery. May he be the joy your life and you his. :angel:
  24. :lol: The only problems I have ever had is Miss Kitty wants to climb the tree, I have to leave a small narrow path through the presents so that Pumpkin can get to the back corner where he absolutely loves to sleep during Christmas and to make sure that there are no ornaments hanging on the lower branches that could hurt the puppies. Aside from that all the babies seem to do fine with the tree. :angel:
  25. :lol: [quote name='hillside']THREE Ridgies? Ahem, Rosebud, I need more info! [/quote] Elsastarr took back one of the pups she placed in AL, she had two intact boys and their neutered daddy who really didn't want to get off his throne. With that not being a good mix, I got daddy-dog. :angel:
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