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Anyone want to start our own "dog review"?


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Seeing as the review page I linked to isn't taking any reviews right now I thought we could start a thread for reviews of our own.

Just for fun- we could list [color=green]5 good things [/color]and [color=red]5 not so good things[/color] about our dog(s). It could be general about the breed or about our specific dog. It can be humorous or factual and of course you don't have to limit yourself to 5 things. What do you guys think?

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Sounds good to me...
I will start with Taurus. I don't think I will rate Jada at this time becuase I think at 3 months it is still too early.( she does start obediance classes tonight though!)

Taurus- 3 1/2 years old. Male. UNneutered American Pit Bull Terrier
5 out of 5

Taurus is the absolute best dog I have ever owned. He just never stops loving! That is defenitly his best quality. He plays a little rough with small things ( cats, children, puppies) He would never hurt them, but I just don't think he understands how big and powerful he is, and when he plays that he can be alittle rough for their liking. ALthough having JAda around is helping this problem. He is good with kids, although his exposure to them has been minimal, he is a bit too rammy with them. Try's to kiss them and almost knocks them over. He is a rarity in his breed in that he is not dog aggressive AT ALL! It is esspecially surprising because he isn't neutered. If he meets a dog that doesn't like him and growls at him, he just keeps on walking. ( with the exception of one dog that he got into a little scuffle with. Another unneutered male APBT).
All around I would reccomend an APBT to anyone who understands dogs, is willing to take the time to train, socialize, and most of all LOVE their dog... not just tie him/her up outside. You must constantly work with them, but the reward is in the smile...
How could you not love that face...


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That's an excellent idea! I can even add the information to my site once I get the time! :D Just remember, good things for some people can be bad things for other people.. such as energy level.

American Eskimo - 4 month puppy

Very playful indoors, loves walks, loves playing fetch, great with other pets. Doesn't chew on furniture, etc.(but has plenty of chew toys), loves people(un-sure about children)

Very vocal, can't stand excessive amount of heat, not good as an outdoor dog, sheds twice a year

GOOD/BAD: fluffy coat, lots of energy, active indoors(good apartment dog when have lots of toys)

I'll add more when i get the time *is at school* Can't think straight..

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Border Collies

Very intelligent and eager to please, a Border Collie is highly trainable. These traits also require daily mental stimulation or your BC may become frustrated or depressed. Border Collies are also very athletic and agile dogs. They excell at agility, flyball, herding and flying disc games. Any prospective owners should strongly consider one of these activities or another activity that satisfies the BCs need to [b]work[/b] and excercise. BCs will be much happier and well adjusted if they have a "job" to do for you. Obedience is excellent for this purpose. They do require plenty of socialization as they are an intense breed. Some BCs have issues with other dogs due to the staring thing. Some BCs cannot be trusted with small children or other household pets as they may try to herd them or nip, with work some BCs will behave well with children and other pets but may always have a tendency to chase, for this reason elderly cats and very small children may not be the best housemates. BCs are very sensitive dogs and harsh corrections can be disasterouse, in fact some BCs are so sensitive and intuitive that their chagrin at not doing what you want may be enough correction for some behaviours. The only challenge with training BCs that I have encountered is "anticipation" the dog may try to anticipate what you want or cycle through other trained behaviours to see which one you want. Due to their being pack animals (dogs) and due to their sensitivity they should not be an outdoor only dog although they have excellent coats and may enjoy lots of outdoor playtime so a large secure yard is desirable.

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ok we'll start with Freebee (the Lab part)


1. intelligent
2. protective
3. very loving with people she knows
4. short hair - less shedding
5. learns easily


1. intelligent (too much for her own good! LOL)
2. attention hound
3. escapist - if given the chance, she'll let herself out
4. wants to be top dog - requires constant reminder that SHE IS NOT....
5. Very untrusting of people and dogs she doesnt know...Freebee will
bite if provoked...

Laurel (new addition, English Foxhound)

I dont want to list Laurels traits yet, because she is not completely
adjusted here yet. She is timid, although getting better...
More on her later maybe....

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Great reviews so far. My, Taurus is a handsome boy!

Here is my take on the Keeshond. (kayz-hawnd) plural= Keeshonden. They are a spitz breed related to dogs like the Pomeranian, Chow, Elkhound, etc. They are not like a typical northern breed, however. They were developed in Holland as companion dogs and had no real

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Guest Anonymous

This is a great idea!

There are so many people who want a certain breed (for what ever reason) and don't realize that maybe the breed they're looking for may not turn out to what they wanted. Which is probably why there are so many dogs up for adoptions.

Here a my two cents on Yorkshire Terriers aka Yorkies

Attributes: (good and/or bad)
1. Don't shed
2. Lap dog
3. Horrible breath
4. Smart
5. Electric Personalities
6. So cute it's hard to punish
7. Blow-dry fur
8. Crazy kissers (if you're not careful, up the nose)
9. Runs to strangers
10. Fragile
11. Any piece of clothing looks extremely adorable - [url]http://www.petendipity.com/petofthemonth.htm[/url]
12. Tuck them in a purse and take them places
13. Food supply lasts for a while

I'm sure I can come up with more but I think that's good for now :)

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I changed my mind, I'm going to give a review on JAda a try, even though she's only 3 months.

Ok here goes....
Breed: Perro de Presa Canario

1) Very Big Dog- requires early socialization, training, firm handler ( you can expect your dog to be anywhere from 90-120 lbs)
2) Eats a TON of Food
3) Great Guard Dog
4) I've read that they are not easily trainable because they are so stubborn, but Jada is very willing to learn
5) Barks alot - low, threatening sounding bark
6) Mimimal Grooming required
7) NOt always good aaround other dogs. So far JAda is good around Most dogs, but we will see
8) Very playful. They have a lot of energy. ( very glad we have a big backyard and another dog to wear her out)
9) If you purchase this dog, (just the same as an APBT), be ready for people to be intimidatd, not understand why you would want a dog bred for fighting, not let their dog/ children/themselves any where near your dog, possibly look at you differently
10) Very Affectionate. Loves to give kisses. Not quite as clingy as our APBT ( who won't let us go more then 2 feet away from him). She likes to have her own space as well as be around us

Overall, I am very happy with our Presa so far. Her and Taurus get along great, she plays well with other dogs, doesn't nip ( that often!), she does chew alot, but she has been a great addition to out family. If you have time to spend socializing, and training, I would definitly reccomend a presa. If you do not have the time/desire to spend training, and socializing, I would defeitly say do not get this dog. There's nothing worse then a big, powerful 110 lb dog that won't listen to anyone and is out of control

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[quote name='sushiwelldone']Seeing as the review page I linked to isn't taking any reviews right now I thought we could start a thread for reviews of our own.

Just for fun- we could list [color=green]5 good things [/color]and [color=red]5 not so good things[/color] about our dog(s). It could be general about the breed or about our specific dog. It can be humorous or factual and of course you don't have to limit yourself to 5 things. What do you guys think?[/quote]

[color=brown]Good idea!
Well, I will just do KAI.....Kai is our female boxer and she'll be ten in January.[/i]

[b]The five good things about Kai:[/b]

She's great with people especially children. :iloveyou:
She's SO gentle and affectionate with everyone and she sniffles you like a little bunny. LOL :)

She stays by your side and by your children's side and "watches" over you.

Is very quiet and doesn't bark much.

She is playful and fun to be with.

She doesn't shed much...
Oh I have a bunch more that I could say about my sweet Kai but that's five as promised. I could go on and on about her.....LOL[/i]

[b]The not so great things:[/b]

Well, she's really lazy sometimes and won't listen. No matter how much you call her. LOL

She likes to take clothes, linen, or whatever and spread it all over the floor to make her "bed". LOL She's a lil' piggie. hee hee

She is very high strung and gets scared easily by certain noises and uses those nails to dig in you. OUCH lol

She's very picky about eating but only sometimes; and she likes to stare you down when you're eating. :lol:

She likes to get into our garbage and take it apart (inside) and we come home to a nice mess of stuff all over. This I don't blame her at all and take full responsibility. It concerns me that she could get hurt too if something in the garbage could harm her so I make sure that I never leave the garbage in the house everytime I go out....I go through a lot of bags. LOLOLOL
Well, that's it I guess.[/i]


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I'm just gonna say the 5 good things and 5 not so good things about Hippo--they might not apply to the whole breed though...
Breed: Chinese Shar-pei (plural: also Shar-pei)
1. wrinkle face!!! :evilbat:
2. loves to wrestle with all dogs (she LOVES dogs)--it's soooo funny to watch her playing, she's a little clown :lol:
3. good off-leash, usually listens well
4. not afraid of anything, very forward with dogs and people
5. independent little monster
6. sleeps for the whole time when indoors (makes a great apartment dog for somebody willing to take her to the park for about 3 hours/day :lol: If she gets 2 proper walks/wrestling, you can work at home in peace)

Not so good
1. obssessed with kids and squeaky voices--will jump up on kids to lick their faces and knock them over--she gets VERY excited around them
2. will chase anything that moves, and probably terrorize any other kind of pet you'd have
3. thinks she HAS TO meet and play with all the dogs, even if they're on the other side of the street--and she'll pull on the leash to get to them
4. doesn't care if she's scolded and she'll only obey commands for FOOD--obssessed with food to the point that she'll go investigate strangers' pockets :lol:
5. doesn't care much for petting--she'll go to strangers to see if they have food, but she won't stay for any of the petting stuff. Looks cuddly, but she's not :evilbat:

mouse, and sharpei girl, I'm sure you can add to or disagree with my review :D

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MALTESE (5 out of 5!)

1. Very gentle and affectionate
2. Portable!
3. Beautiful coats and faces
4. Hypoallergenic and nonshedding
5. Minimal exercise requirements

1. Require extensive grooming
2. Can be yappy (Macy isn't, though)
3. Too small to be with young children
4. Can be difficult to housetrain
5. Genetic defects like luxating patellas and white shaker syndrome

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Ah, I'll go with my most gee golly favoritest breed, Standard Poodles :iloveyou: , based on a combination of my experiences with mine and general stuff I've heard to be true through other Standard lovers.

1. Very intelligent and highly trainable
2. Easily socialized
3. Coexist peacefully with other dogs
4. Eager to please
5. Energetic without being hyper
6. As hypoallergenic and shed free a coat as is possible with dogs
7. Travel well
8. Versatility in styling... if you like variety, this is the dog for you

The bad stuff:
1. Though a typically hearty breed, Standards can be prone to certain problems like bloat, seizure disorders, ear infections and hypoglycemia to name a few.
2. They can sometimes be small animal aggressive (cats, guinea pigs, etc.). Hasn't been a problem with mine, but I have known some who were.
3. Aggressive chewers (freaking chew hounds... every single one of 'em, I swear :x )
4. Extensive grooming requirements

That's really about all the bad stuff I can think of, though the grooming thing isn't bad to me. There's just something therapeutic for me playing in all that hair. :o

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I think I will do a review on Newfoundland dogs...I am not going into their history...just my own personal experience I have owned 9 of the lovely dogs and I have many friends who breed them (thats how I get them, at no cost! :wink: )

1. Very gentle warm companion...very loyal.
2. Most do not have a very high prey drive, although I do own 2 Newf's who will chase cats...my other 2 won't even lift their heads at some thing running.
3. Very good with children.
4. Eagar to please, most can be very easiley trained for obedience...although this has never been my experience...my Newf's have always gotten very bored with obedience even though they excel at it...you have to be very uppity to keep them motivated.
5. Very good with other dogs, even dogs which tend to be dog aggressive...they have a very non threatening manner about them which does not provoke other dogs...I have had all of my Newf's around very dog agressive dogs and even a friend of mine who owns an APBT cannot walk any where near other dogs...but, he can walk his APBT with my Newf's (I have to leave my Rottie at home! :wink: )

The down side:
1. Require alot of grooming! are prone to hot spots etc if not groomed properly...they are being bred with more and more coat all the time!
2. Have heirditary problems including elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, heart murmers, etc.
3. If you have your heart set on a water dog and are under the impressions that ALL Newf's love water...guess again...with the 9 Newf's I have owned only 1 of them would go in the water...and I live by a lake!!! the breeder competed in water rescue with him...my other Newf's will not even wade...they will sit on the shore and watch my Rottweiler swimming around.
4. They drool...alot. A friend of mine breeds St. Bernards (rough coated)... even he gets grossed out by the excessive drooling my Newf's and my friends Newf's do! you will never have a slime free wall and your house will always be a mess.
5. If you like going to the local beach or ocean...be prepared to bring half the sand back with you and on walks be prepared to spend hours combing out all the twigs, branchs, burdock,trees! :lol:
6. They are a large breed and are very prone to ruptured anterior cruciates...I have one Newf away right now having his rear ligament repaired and have had 2 others which have blown theirs.
7. Are suited to colder temperatures, so, even in the winter you must keep a window open for them...mine all sleep in my bed room so I have to have them in bed with me to keep me warm! :lol: In the summer, I have a fan set up in their kennel (baby barn) and have to have fans going constantly indoors.

This is just my personal experience with Newf's.

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Ok, I will list the pros and cons for the Alaskan Malamute. These are based on my own personal experience and from stories shared with other Malamute owners.

[b]1. [/b]Loves people. Indy loves any and all people and loves to be patted and fussed over by strangers.

[b]2. [/b]Very affectionate and have tones of personality. Indy has to know where you are at all times and again loves nothing more than kisses and cuddles. He also loves to have a conversation with you and can be a total clown.

[b]3. [/b]Great outdoor companions. Malamutes are fantastic companions for all sorts of outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, jogging, cycling and of course if you live in a cold climate there are all the fantastic winter activities to do such as sledding, ski-joring etc.

[b]4. [/b]Very clean dogs. For a dog with so much fur they are very clean and have little to no odor. They only require a bath a few times a year and tend to clean themselves like a cat.

[b]5. [/b]Don't bark. I have never heard Indy bark more than two or three times in succession. Although they can be quite noisy with all their talking :wink:

[b]6. [/b]Very intelligent. Indy is very smart and you only have to show him something once or twice before he picks it up. However knowing how to do something and deciding if he will are two different things.


[b]1. [/b]Can be very dominant. Their pack structure needs to be clearly defined with humans as the alpha. If this is not enforced they will take the job themselves. Alpha rules must be followed and obedience training is highly recommended.

[b]2. [/b]Can be prone to dog aggression. This tends to relate to their dominate nature as although they may not set out to attack another dog they will rarely put up with being corrected by one.

[b]3. [/b]Require quite a lot of grooming and do shed a fair bit. Being a double-coated breed they do shed all year round, however they blow their coats twice a year and then you have fur everywhere. No matter how many times I brush Indy I can still get a shopping bag full of fur off him.

[b]4. [/b]Very stubborn and not known for unconditional obedience. They will evaluate if what you want them to do is worth their while. Generally can’t be trusted off leash.

[b]5. [/b]Can be quite destructive. If you value your nice pretty landscaped garden then a Malamute probably isn’t the dog for you.

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OK, here is a review of the (mostly lol) Australian Cattle Dog, based solely on my experience with one:


1. Very intelligent- this can also be a con, but not if you want a working dog who needs to be able to learn commands quickly
2. Fantastic worker- these dogs are TOUGH and will work tirelessly all day and enjoy it.
3. Great guard dog- they are naturally wary of strangers and will give a very deep warning bark if needed. Very protective of family and likes to have "the pack" in the one spot (BK likes to herd people). Tradesmen often have an ACD in the back of the ute as a companion while on jobs, to guard the ute/tools if needed, and probably for personal security.
4. Willing to please- despite his stubbornness BK really likes being told what to do because it makes us happy, and he's happy when we're happy (plus he gets lots of attention for it).
5. Good with other dogs and children- BK loves kids and immediately goes into gentle mode. Same goes with puppies and small dogs, he is so incredibly tolerant of nipping, mounting and other assorted annoyances.
6. Very low doggy odour- only needs a bath once or twice a year.


1. Can be dominant with other dogs, especially males- BK is dominant but not aggressive however I still watch him carefully with bigger dogs as he tends to think he is always the boss.
2. Destructive/escapist if bored/left alone for long periods of time- you all know about BK's exploits and the numerous fences, bluestone blocks etc we have installed or rebuilt to keep him IN the backyard. He also emptied the garage and chewed up everything in sight (books included- what a mess) on one spectacular occasion.
3. Shedding- a fullblood ACD blows its coat twice a year (undercoat) and the hair is incredibly messy. BK is only half ACD but he does shed in summer, it's not that bad though.
4. Stubbornness- these dogs are bred to be hardheaded. Single-mindedness and persistence are good for herding cattle but not so good when trying to recall your dog from mounting someone else's. :oops:
5. Aloofness- BK likes to have time [color=blue]by himself.[/color] When he has had enough of being fussed over he'll go outside, or on his bed, or down to his kennel. However ACDs are known to be "velcro dogs" and BK is to a degree (when it suits him :roll: ) so this is probably debatable.
6. Nipping- again, these dogs were bred to nip at the heels of the cattle they herded. They will nip at your heels, and I imagine could get nasty if one had children living with the dog and this behaviour was not discouraged. BK will only do it when he's excited and it's kind of an "up yours" gesture as you close the back door in his face. :roll:

*edited to tidy up* :)

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This is quiet interesting. Very good reviews. Heeeerrrrreee's Kirby:
Pembroke Welsch Corgi:

1. Very loving dog. Never agressive!
2. Clown, loves to play keepaway, high energy level
3. Very friendly towards other people and dogs, loves children
4. Easy to train (at least if you use food for incentive)
5. CUTE!!! Look at those big ears and stumpy legs!!!

1. Shed like crazy
2. Shed like crazy
3. Shed like crazy
4. Impossible to walk on a leash, constantly sniffs at EVERYTHING!!!!
5. Lives up to his Kirby name, he vacuums up everything. Corgi's tend to get overweight easily which is not good. Now I see why!!!! Keep them on a strict diet.

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Ok the breed of the Golden Retriever


1) Most are easily trainable and have the 'want to please' personality.
when I say most I am excluding my baby who has been a little on the stubborn side and only has the 'want to please' personality when it works for her :D

2) Most are very good with kids and love being played with
my girl falls in this category

3) Goldens are very sociable and friendly dogs.

4) They are family dogs and love EVERYBODY and forms stron bonds with them.

5) They make great foot warmers!! :lol:


1) They are highly popular and many end up being euthanized because of over population.

2) They require lots of grooming and shed 24/7

3) Lots have ear problems that require their ears to be cleaned often.

4) They have major distraction problems that require hard never ending work to over come.

5) They are very close to their owners and have to be in the same room with you. ( they do not make good outside dogs as no dog should)

Here is my girl Rio!! --

Taurus is a handsome boy!!

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