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  1. Yes, dogs can suffer from a form of ADHD. The difference between a dog with a normal high energy (sporting dogs, herding dogs have been bred specifically to perform tasks which require them to be unusally hyper) and a dog with ADHD... Dogs with ADHD have exceptionally short attention spans and a high degree of impulsiveness that makes it impossible for them to focus on one task for long...they are easily distracted. A normal high energy dog will focus very quickly on the click and treat game...they are normal active dogs who haven't learned how to control their behavior, but they can i
  2. I wouldn't consider champion conformation show dogs to be evidence that you have a good breeder. I have seen the worst genetic disasters become Champions...hey, I have one at home right now, a champion in 3 countries Canada, USA and Bermuda. Do I think his breeders are doing a great thing...no I don't. The only good breeders are ones who are bettering the breed as Courtnek already mentioned. A good breeder is one who gets titles on their dogs such as agility, obedience and other sports perhaps breed specific. I don't see too often in the dog show world where they are bettering the bre
  3. [quote]Despite its dog-aggressive nature, the American Staffordshire terrier is in no way human aggressive and is utterly loyal to its owner. [/quote] This is very misleading. ANY dog can become human aggressive if brought up incorrectly. I work with dogs daily in 3 different working environments the worst attacks to humans I have seen have been from APBT's, American Staffordshire terriers and Rottweilers. We had a local women who purchased an American Staffordshire terrier from sound lines, from a reputable breeder who breeds for temperament...the lady was almost killed by her American S
  4. First off, our purebred dogs are not "races" of Canines. Purebreds have been inbred to meet a certain standard. We humans are not purebred; we are races of humans. Mongrel dogs would be races of dogs, these dogs naturally evolved to adapt to a certain environment. Mongrel dogs evolved to be scavengers with low to moderate predatory drive. With purebred dogs we have selected small populations of Mongrels and inbred the dogs. Man bred for certain enhanced drives and motor patterns. Man deselected some motor patterns to fulfill certain jobs. I certainly would not want a dog with a ful
  5. All of my dogs eat raw meat and all 5 eat side by side with no issues. Food aggression is the result of poor training and lack of rules in the household. It really doesnt have much to do with the food. I have seen small spoiled dogs get very vicous when eating a bone or kibble meal...because the owner allows the dog to get away with it the dog will guard whatever it has. Some owners inadvertely encourage guarding behavior. My dogs will sit nicely before I place their meals in front of them. Same goes for raw meaty bones, they will sit nicely before they get one...they know there is no r
  6. I would have to say that the name Pitbull would refer more to a race of dogs. Generally dogs which had a keen interest in Pit fighting...it was at one time a general term for a race of dogs. For instance I could say Mastiff type breeds etc. and this would be a general term for Bullmastiffs, Great Danes, Rottweiler type dogs etc. Back in the day before Purebred dogs there were only races of dogs. Slang names were used to describe different groups of dogs that showed similar behaviors and enhanced drives. When kennel clubs came along and dog fighting was frowned upon the name "pit" was dr
  7. Unfortunately this type of recall happens more often than we think. I have on occasion seen this type of recall, I think the owners are embarrassed their dog won't come and it escalates their anger. I have made a joke in passing of "gee, I don't think Id want to come over to you either...hee hee". An opening joke can decrease the tension the owner is feeling and allow them to seek your advice without feeling like a fool. Yelling at a novice owner can only embarrass them further and escalate the situation.. I have even seen some professional trainers who train other people and use these f
  8. I wish I could post the article from the paper...I don't have it in front of me I just read it while at a friends home. You make a good point behle about no trespassing signs...I wonder if by law they would not be allowed to put snares on my land if I posted a few of these signs. In my anger I never even thought about this :oops: Thank you behle...my blood vessels in my brain are much to constricted in anger to think logically right now. That is a very good point you brought up. :wink:
  9. What a wonderful story. What a horror to read the horrible ordeal these people went through. One Newfie managed to stay alive by holding onto a dead body with a life jacket on. A baby was found alive floating on a mattress...another women holding onto a pole had to make a choice of which of her children to let go of because she could no longer hold onto both. How horribe for these poor people :( the child survived having been grabbed by another person. As Courtnek mentioned animals have a sixth sense, superior nose and ears. There were reports that animals fled before this tidal wave
  10. This is disturbing. This week a person lost their English springer spaniel to a Coyote snare. There is an access road behind our airport where many people walk their dogs. Unknown to we dog owners there are Coyote traps along most of the well walked paths...they are only about 20 ft off the trails. Most people walk here as you can let your dog off lead with no worries, airport officials OK'd this...they own 1200 acres of land which has some great trails for us loyal dog walkers. Any way, it turns out that Coyote hunters are setting snares along these trails...by law they do not have to po
  11. In my experience Staffordshire Bull Terriers are inclined to be dog aggressive. Even in the show ring dog aggression is not a disqualification for many guardian type and terrier breeds. If it were a Newfoundland dog or Retriever showing dog aggression this would be unnatural for the breed and shouldn't be bred....it would also be a disqualification....but for your breed of choice it is a normal trait. What is the name of the kennel you got your Stafforshire from? If you signed a contract for one litter then you will have to do a breeding. Just keep in mind what breed you have a
  12. If you want to get technical, the only purebred dog would be a mongrel. Purebreds technically are mixed breeds that have been inbred and line bred to set a standard size, shape and behavior. So, considering this it's quite silly to think that a Purebred could be healthier than a Mongrel. People tend to forget that our purebreds are artificial and even Purebreds like spitz breeds may look more like the original mongrels they descended from...but, in order for a purebred to be recognized they have to meet a certain standard...in order to create a certain standard you need a small populati
  13. [quote]I am going to give the Synflex a try. I can always mash a sardine into his food, he'd eat sawdust with fishies in it! My dogs do love their fishies. [/quote] This is exactly what I have to do with my little girl Athena. I give her lots of different supplements and she has the sense of smell of a bloodhound :lol: The Yucca root I put in her food has a very minty smell. Athena will turn away from her dish if she even catches a hint of this smell. I find sardines work wonders at covering the smell. I feed a raw/kibble diet so normally I put her supplements in her morning kibble m
  14. DO, I am so glad it has worked for you. I hadn't even tried it myself when I recommended it to you :oops: I had just heard from numerous people of how pleased they were with the supplement and how economical the price was. [quote]Words cannot express how much I am grateful. It has helped me so much! If we ever meet, I shall bow down and kiss your feet! [/quote] :lol: heck, I don't get offers like that every day. :lol: :wink:
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