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    what to feed??

    [quote name='TDG']you can stick with the bland diet if you like, but if you plan on feeding it for a while, it needs to be balanced for a proper calcium-phosphorus ratio because meat without bone has by far more calcium than phosphorus. [/quote] Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you mean that the meat has more phosphorus than calcium, and calcium is the one that should be supplemented. At least that's what I understood from some of your earlier posts, TDG :D
  2. pei obssessed

    Pet Abortion

    [quote name='Crested']But when it's just a misstake and the expected life for the child would be good then I vote NO. [/quote] But you're talking of financial things here, Crested. Don't the kids also need love, and time, and caring? Even if the family is well off, but they wouldn't love and care for the child, then I don't think the child would be any better off than in the first situation you described.
  3. I'm sorry to hear about Holly--she'll be waiting for you and Boomer at the bridge...
  4. pei obssessed

    Went to the dog beach today!

    can't wait to see the pictures... I wish they allowed dogs in retaurants (outside, I don't care where) here too, I'm so envious... We only got to take Hippo on a patio once at a festival, and that was only because one of the waiters really liked her--otherwise we would have all died of thirst :lol: anyway, I think beaches are lots of fun, I take Hippo to our beach too, and just like your Zebra, she doesn't wanna swim... she tries to drink all the lake up instead.
  5. pei obssessed

    pig ears & bones

    I wanted to report great success with lamb bones--she loved them and they were small enough for her to be able to eat. Unfortunately, there is nowhere I can buy just the bones, so she'll be having them only when we (or her) have lamb. I bought her frozen beef bones and gave her one--she licked it all around and pulled the meet off it, but now she deserted it. What exactly are they supposed to do with these big beef bones anyway--eat them completely? I don't think she can do that, as she can't get her mouth around them properly...
  6. pei obssessed

    Dog teeth earrings anyone?

    the ear rings seem pretty freaky to me, but the story of the poor sheltie is heart-breaking :cry:
  7. pei obssessed

    Meet our new puppy

    she's so beautiful... I want to see pictures of her and Indy now... please :wink:
  8. pei obssessed

    pig ears & bones

    Thanks, cassie. I didn't know samonella is one of the dangers of pig ears :o Samonella is the main reason why I'm afraid to give her any raw chicken necks or pork bones. And then with the beef bones, I'm afraid of the mad cow disease. Lamb bones I never seem to find fresh--it seems all lamb is shipped frozen from New Zeealand. It must be so wonderful to know all your meat and bones come from... Somehow I don't worry as much when it comes to what I eat :-?
  9. pei obssessed

    Need some help regarding clothing!

    If I were you, I'd take him to the pet store and just try on different sweaters, different sizes--see what fits :wink:
  10. pei obssessed

    What was I thinking!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: I don't see any way out--just pray for the batteries to run out faster :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. I just noticed I have 497 posts and I think at 500 I'm getting another paw, so I figured I'd make the rest of the posts here and get it over with :evilbat:
  12. pei obssessed

    I am SOOO angry...and sad....

    Hey, why would you care what those dummies think? You know you're helping Laurel, that's all that matters.
  13. pei obssessed

    We're back from Crufts!!

    congratulations. I need to see pictures, because I can never figure how to read the tv guide (not a big tv fan), so I don't have any hope of watching you on tv :cry:
  14. pei obssessed

    Solid Gold WolfCub

    I wouldn't give her any yoghurt until her stomach is ok--I know from myself that yoghurt is diuretic :oops:
  15. pei obssessed


    [quote name='science_doc']Sad to say, but science is my life...........that's the life of a Ph.D. student :roll:[/quote] I'm a Ph.D. student too--just not a very serious one :lol: No, seriously, I do like dogs far better than working :wink:
  16. pei obssessed


    1. 2 times for walks (and 3-4 more times to go potty--we live in an apartment) 2. between 150 and 180 minutes--and more in summer. 3. Train basic obedience (Come when called, heel, sit, lie down, etc.) + talk to her (that definitely requires her to use her head, right? :wink: ) 4. dogs are my life :D
  17. pei obssessed

    Jake almost died yesterday :(

    that's very scary... I'm glad they're both ok :angel:
  18. pei obssessed

    most popular breeds in your country?

    courtnek, if you go to the link kendalyn put up, you'll see that these numbers represent the number of pure breds registered last year :D AKC makes a list of "most popular breeds" based on how many new dogs have been registered with them that year.
  19. pei obssessed

    dogs and horses

    [quote name='DogPaddle']You might not be able to stop private citizens from riding horses near there[/quote] Private citizens riding horses in downtown Toronto? :shocked!: :shocked!: :shocked!: Thanks for the suggestion--I was actually thinking about that, but I have to figure now who to write to :stupid:
  20. pei obssessed

    I've been marked!

    hey, I'm a happy person today: after picking at the feathers and evening them out, and then putting my coat in the dryer again, now it's ok , almost as good as new :D But I still think that if I was to be peed on, at least it could have been a Shi Tzu or a toy poodle, didn't have to be a great dane with a full bladder :lol:
  21. pei obssessed

    Worst day ever

    [quote name='courtnek'] Food is one of the biggest reason for dog aggression - people dont understand that it transcends training when it involves other dogs. WE should always be able to take their food, we are Alpha. Another dog, no they wont go there.[/quote] Courtnek, I wanna thank you for clearing this up for me: I never understood why any human can take food from Hippo (which is good, we've trained her for that :D ), but when she is around other dogs who are getting treats at the dog park, she's going after them causing trouble. She's not causing fights, but she growls at other dogs. I wasn't too worried about it because I don't think people should be feeding all the dogs at the park anyway and I'm always telling everybody not to feed Hippo, so all I have to do is call her and treat her for coming... but I was curious why she's so pushy when dogs are involved, and so submissive when humans take her food. Sorry for the digression from DAL's problems, I just wanted to say thanks for clearing up my questions :angel:
  22. pei obssessed

    I've been marked!

    I'm pretty pissed off right now: I've washed the coat because it said on its label "do not dry clean, machine wash in cold water & tumble dry low". Now it's gone twice through the dryer and it had clumps of dawn all through the different little sqares--I've evened them out and put it through the dryer again because it wasn't dry yet... but it doesn't look good at all. Problem is that I have another one of these coats which I had dry cleaned and the feathers still cumped. So there is no way around it, these stupid coats aren't made for cleaning--ever. And I'm pretty sure this is the last one of them feathered coats I'm buying! :evil:
  23. pei obssessed

    anal glands expressed too often

    Thanks, gals :D I know Hippo doesn't empty them because she's anxious or excited, because she does it when she is relaxed (i.e. in the car, sleeping). I'll try the bran, and in about a month I'll be able to tell if it made a difference...
  24. pei obssessed

    Grapes are bad for dogs?

    [quote name='KP']Here is a listing of other stuff [url]http://groups.msn.com/RealityBites-DogTrainingForum/yourwebpage.msnw[/url][/quote] I looked on that page and it lists apples as well--is it true apples are bad????? I never heard of that and I've been feeding pieces of apple to Hippo...