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  1. That is a tough question but I always loved the standard collie (Lassie). They have such pretty fur and I love that long tapered nose and those pretty eyes.
  2. Have --- Corgis of course!!! wants--- A big bully (bull terrier).
  3. Thanks for the reply's guys! Kiwi, I remember chatting at you before. I love your picture of the cute bully's cuddling for a nappy. What are there names? Your so lucky. Since we already have a Corgi I was thinking getting a puppy might be the way to go so we can train her. I know bully's can be tough breeds to train (or so I have read) because they are 'bull headed' no pun intended (well, okay that WAS intentional) and I want to make sure there is no agression problems and proper socialization with the dog. I'm a little iffy on the rescues because of that. What do ya'all think (I'm working on developing me southern accent to fit in).
  4. I'm still wanting to get a bully. We just moved to Florida and I was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable breeder in the Florida area?
  5. This is quiet interesting. Very good reviews. Heeeerrrrreee's Kirby: Pembroke Welsch Corgi: 1. Very loving dog. Never agressive! 2. Clown, loves to play keepaway, high energy level 3. Very friendly towards other people and dogs, loves children 4. Easy to train (at least if you use food for incentive) 5. CUTE!!! Look at those big ears and stumpy legs!!! Cons: 1. Shed like crazy 2. Shed like crazy 3. Shed like crazy 4. Impossible to walk on a leash, constantly sniffs at EVERYTHING!!!! 5. Lives up to his Kirby name, he vacuums up everything. Corgi's tend to get overweight easily which is not good. Now I see why!!!! Keep them on a strict diet.
  6. wyluli

    Puppies update

    Way cute. Look at there fat little puppy bellies. :D I can almost hear them squealing and squirming around.
  7. Those pictures are great!!!! Very funny dogs. I saw one of the hairless CC at a local pet shop :-( I felt very sorry for it. I have never seen one in person prior to that. They are not common dogs here. The one at the shop was so cute and playful. He kept grabbing his stuffed toy and growling and shaking it around. I wanted to dog nap him.
  8. Got it, thanks! This is Kirby as a puppy dog.
  9. I'd like to have one of those cool little pics of my Kirby below my user name. How do I get this added?
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