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When you have to leave your dog alone, do you play music or the radio?

I play Simon and Garfunkle's greatest hits for Colby (thats all my parents had laying around) on repeat. That could be why shes always sleeping when I come home!

Looking for some good music ideas.

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When I leave the dogs & cats alone, they watch Animal Planet, if it's just the cats, they get the radio, now considering the amount of shedding that goes on I think they will start watching Animal Planet too. It looks like they have wild party's when the dogs are also gone.


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I try to remember to leave the radio on, of course I also try to remember to pack my lunch everyday too . . . :niewiem:
I just realized our crate has a pretty good view of the tv, when we get our satelite working again I'll have to leave an animal station on as well.

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