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  1. My Elle loves or cat Shadow's food. Weird :o
  2. I'm tired of the crappy weather also :(
  3. I've seen this a lot of times and I never bring myself to read all of it, though I know how it ends. It's really sad. I can't wait to go home and hug Elle and give her a big kiss. :cry:
  4. Good idea. I've given Elle pills wrapped in cold cut meant I used to have arcrylic on my nails since I was 15. I'm 24 and took off arcrylic and cut nails 4 months ago. After my nails grew out, they've never been healthier. Only manicures now 8)
  5. [quote name='DeafAussieLover'][quote name='mjriggl2']Woooo... how lucky you are! Cannot imagine they allowed you in Old Navy? Is that just Old Navy or is that just Seattle... or is that just Cody? :o[/quote] it's just Cody.. lol i've brought him in to malls, target, walmart, old navy. No one really says anything i think becuase he has a vest on. and people think he's a service dog in training.. i know it's bad but he's my "son" lol and i want him to have as much socialization as possible so he'll be the best dog and not let anything bother him... you should have seen the people at 4th of july. they were so amazed that Cody didn't freak out. lol just barked at a kid he didnt like.. i was like oh he did great becuase he can't hear.. and then they are like really... and ask amillion questions, which i dont mind :)[/quote] wow you're a sweet dog mommy. Good idea. :bday:
  6. I know, I know :lol: She's a little diva :bday:
  7. Good idea. I think I may start playing music for her when I'm away. She likes Depeche Mode. :bday: (That's cuz they're my fav group lol, she's biased). She also likes dancing to reggae music (don't ask) :lol:
  8. I am not a football fan but I just may start. My boyfriend is getting Elle a football jersey. Check this out: [url]http://www.jakesdoghouse.com/default.asp?strpage=products&strsubpage=reallymoreinfo&intCategoryID=0&intSubCategoryID=0&strBackpage=search&intProductID=595&intSkuID=7201[/url] How cute is that. I will definitely become a fan if Elle does :lol:
  9. I think that's invading pups privacy :lol: [b]Just kidding[/b] It's a good idea. I've thought about it but Elle runs around all day and doesn't hang out where the pc is so I'd be watching my empty bedroom. Good Luck :bday:
  10. I got the red one. Wanted the pink one but I bought it off ebay and that was one of the nicer colors there. It's going to a mission painting her toesies. I'm ready for the challenge :x
  11. I'm not even going to tell my bf that I'm putting that on Elle :lol:
  12. I just ordered one from ebay. What do you think? [url]http://pawlish.opi.com/Index.html[/url] :bday:
  13. [quote name='stacer126']Colby is the same way. I also think she doesn't like her food because it takes her 3 hours to eat her breakfast. Would that mean she doesn't like her food?[/quote] That's how I see it. To answer your question Ellie We take her bowl away after 8pm. But the bowl stays on the floor all day whether she eats her food or not. It usually takes her all day to eat one can. But the cat food and human food she gulps down :roll:
  14. :o Elle's driving me crazy. Ever since her puppy stage, she's been a very fussy eater. She ended up liking Mighty Dog after trying all types of dog food. Now she won't eat her Mighty Dog but she'll eat the cats hard food. So I figured she wanted hard food of her own, so I bought her some. She won't eat that neither. She's quick to eat human food and cooked meats. I would like to start her on BARF but I'll ask her vet what she thinks. What should I do in the mean time? She'll eat her Mighty Dog if I hand feed it to her. She's already a priss as it is and I don't want to get her used to hand feeding :x
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