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  1. I used to feed Colby a raw diet but I have switched to a cooked diet. I got worried about the bones. She loves her new diet and she gets all the nutrients she needs.
  2. I strated my Weimaraner on the BARF diet over a month ago and she loves it. SHe is around 45 pounds now and looks amazing. Her coat is just so shiniy and other people are noticing it to. Its tough at first to get used to, the first day that I gave her chicken necks I thought I was going to puke but she loves it and is alot healthier then before. My boyfriend was very picky about it too but the loves the end results. He agrees with it now and even feeds her the raw chicken necks. Its a tough decision because all anyone ever knows is kibble. Good luck, I learned about it from people here at Dogo and they helped me make the switch, you won't find any more information about this from any other place. They know what they are talking about, so you can look ahead to my postings. I asked all sorts of questions. Again Good luck!!!
  3. I like the names: Paige Tyra Summer April Sunny Daisy Kesley Kelsey Brooke Rilla Regan Presley Sage Abby Jaden Joelle Jasmine If you need more suggestion I can help...
  4. Here is a site with some great costume ideas. [url]http://www.costumesinc.com/pet_costumes.html[/url] I hade fun looking at these, I'm glad they used Weims in some of these pictures so I could see what Colby would look like! Enjoy.
  5. That sounds so cute. Dogs are so funny. I can sit and watch dogs for hours, all they want to do is make you happy.
  6. I think I will dress Colby up as a Devil or Angel. My parents see her as a little devil but I say she's my angel. IS it wrong to Trick or Treat for candy without children and take your dog out instead?
  7. My heart goes out to you...... Sorry to hear what happened but don't blame yourself.
  8. Sorry RNP. Colby and I send our hearts out to you and we will pray for Snow White's safe return :( And I hope you find the jerk :evil: and ensure this person doesn't do it again!!!!
  9. I love everything about Colby. I love how she follows me everywhere, like you said Sheltielover even if I go pee. I love it when she cuddles into me when we sleep, how excited she gets to see me, just everything! :D
  10. I suggested her going to the vet too. I hope she went, I haven't seen her since Friday but i'm sure I'll see her today. Thanks everyone.
  11. We brought Colby home at 10 pounds and now she weighs 33.8, she used to fit in my hand.
  12. My friend has a little puppy named Pepper, he is vommiting and has a very watery stool. He is also doing this in his crate. Does anyone have any advice for her???
  13. :usa We send our thoughts and prayers to everyone. I will hold a moment of silence at 11am. What a sad day :cry:
  14. I feed Colby BARF and she loves it. She looks and feels great. I also make apple cinnamon treats for her.
  15. stacer126


    I was having problems with Colby and dry food for a little while. SHe liked everything for about a month and she is very picky. I did some research and with some advice and help from people in Dogo I switched her to a BARF/Raw Diet 3 weeks ago and she is doing great. She is very happy, she loves her food, her coat is shinnier, no more bad breath and she went from 45 minutes to finish eating to 5 minutes. I would recommend this diet to anyone. I found someone who makes these meals, so I don't have to do all the blending myself.
  16. Have you checked out [url]www.petfinder.org?[/url] Under the shealter Take me Home in Mississauga they have a purebred female Bernese named Peggy. She is beautiful. I think she's 2 1/2. I want her but I already have Colby and Jeff would kill me if I brought her home. He said I could have more when we have a bigger place.
  17. I started looking last night. I have some for you already, should be ready to ship soon. Those dogs look like they love them. Good job :D
  18. So cute :angel: Finster Finikey All I can come up with right now but I will think about it and let you know...
  19. I agree with you Aurora. Colby has a docked tail, but I believe Weimaraners get it done for medical reasons. If harm can be done to the tail later in life and docking is a solution I feel that there is nothing wrong with that.
  20. I have that next weekend too. The walk is 1.5K around a small park. Lots of demos and prizes. Colby and I are all signed up and so far we have raised $150.00 Have Fun.
  21. I can't help you there but I have to tell you she's BEAUTIFUL :D
  22. I just came in contact with manufacturers of the plastic clips and patches. I am starting to work on them this weekend and hopefully the clips will come in shortly. I will tie the demos on Colby and post them for you hopefully Sunday. Thanks everyone.
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