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Is your dog microchipped?  

  1. 1. Is your dog microchipped?

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Just curious as to who has their dogs microchipped.

Last week a member of another board I visit mentioned that his dog was missing and that all his searches had proved futile. It had been a few weeks and he was almost to the point of giving up hope.

Another member of the board was at that point looking for another dog and was visiting shelters and rescue organisations trying to find a female that would get along with her male. Someone from a rescue organisation sent her to a particular shelter to view a female. When she got there she was quite disappointed that the dog she went to see was in fact a male!

Although not what she was looking for the dog was lovely and obviously someone’s pet - the light bulb when on above her head and she wondered if it could be our other members missing dog. After tracking him down via the phone book he went out to the shelter and thank god it was his dog!

This story has a very happy ending but it could have so easily gone the other way. The dog was not microchipped (he is now) and came very close to being PTS.

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I really like the idea of chipping. Both my cats were but they have problems with them as they are so thin and have very little body fat. I am worried the same will be true for Kavik so I have held off to see if he'll put on enough weight after he's 2. Zaphod should be no problem of cousre :lol:

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Guest Anonymous

Nobody is chipped here. :o

I really didn't start learning about mircrochipping till recently. I'm planning on getting them all chipped on their next vet visit, but it would be so expensive for them all! And no area shelters do microchipping! :(

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