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    Proud mother of two, wonderful boyfriend and love, love, love animal's!!!
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    Working on figuring out hobbies right now, I just enjoy peace and quiet and observing nature!
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    At the moment I am a stay at home mom, going trough therapy for PTSD, and starting college soon!

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  1. [B]Thank you for responding and sorry I never responded back. As far as the loose stool it turned out to be due to the Nutro dog food we were feeding him, according to someone at the pet store my honey talked to when he went to restock on puppy food it was causing dogs to get sick. The person suggested Science diet and after two feedings his stools were just fine. He is healthy and happy now, no puking and no stool problems.:smile:[/B]
  2. [B]My new puppy Zeus, has bad Diarrhea.He Is currently being treated for round worms and I was wondering if the medicine he is on could be the cause, or if it is the food we have him on, or something else all together? I took him out routinely throughout the night, and each time he poohed and it was really, really runny and with all the trips out he still managed to pooh ALLOT on his potty pad and in some hidden zones and they to were very, very runny. He is currently eating Nutro, and he has his treats he gets for going potty outside after each #1 and #2 he gets 1 Zuke's Mini Naturals chicken formula, and once we get inside from completing both he gets a canine carry out chewy snack. As Far as water we only give him filtered water like we drink because we don't trust the tap water. He was chewing mini rawhide bones, but we took those away because he went nuts on them and we were afraid he would choke, so we got beef flavored compressed bones instead.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.[/B]
  3. [B]Just wondering how goes the battle? We are using the frontline on Zeus and it seems to be working. The fleas that were on him are slowly but surely dieing and any that have been getting on him are to. We also keep on vacuuming and empty out the vacuum each time and remove it from the apartment. But he is a very happy little puppy now, the only itching is at his new collar, lol. We even see the difference on his belly when he is on his back. His tummy use to be completely over run now we may see one or two, and they are really sluggish and obviously close to death. The last time we gave him a bath before we applied the treatment, we didn't use any shampoo at all we took him to the bathroom and used the power sprayer on him and got them off with just water. He liked it, it was a super itcher, lol his foot started thumpin...:smile: [/B]
  4. [B]:niedowiary: O.K. So I took my little fella Zeus out for his usual potty, and he started nibbling at the grass as usual..:roll: But this time instead of making him stop due to the fact that we have mushrooms all over the place and I don't think they are good for him, I decided to get on all fours right along beside him to see what all the hu bub was about with this whole grass infatuation among dogs... Oh I most certainly did in front of a busy road and all..got a couple of honks and woohoos even! Anywho to my surprise, he was not eating the grass at all. He was up rooting the grass, spitting it out to get to the dirt. "DRUM ROLL PLEASE!"....He is digging up freeking worms????:shock:he is eating earth worms:eating: LOL..Should I just let him do it? Besides the fact I don't think the apartment manager will take to kindly to the digging, but surely earth worms cant be harmful to him right?[/B]
  5. [B]:niedowiary: My little Zeus has em on all four and an extra on his back right, and I say they should be removed on the back because on the back they stick out more and are allot looser and may catch on something easier and rip off. So we are getting it done when we take him in as soon as we can get him fixed while he is still little. We researched and it was also recommended by our vet. But not necessary for the front ones they are allot more sturdy and they don't stick out and are less likely to catch on anything.:wink: But it also depends on the dog and their dew claw, they are all different and it depends on how ya feel about the sturdiness or floppiness of it... lol! [/B]
  6. Missy

    Rescue Poll

    :( [B]The whole time I was looking for my new puppy I new I wanted a puppy that "really" needed a home, thats why when I saw that he was the runt and dirty and looked a bit unhealthy I said he was coming with me right now!!! I want to be able to rescue and do all those things for animals in need and I do what I can In my immediate neighborhood but I am currently going trough therapy right now and just leaving my apartment is a hassle and a scary thing for me, so maybe sometime down the road...:roll:[/B]
  7. Missy


    [B]:oops: Due to haveing to get him dewormed, first shots, flea medicine, so on and so forth and other expense's we have to wait till next pay day....:watpliwy: [/B]
  8. Missy

    Foster Homes

    [B]:smile: I don't take on more than I can handle for the sake of the pet. So at this time in my life I don't, but after my two kids are grown and well on their way definably:mdrmed:. When I see wonderer's I most definably take them in, only if I can determine if they are not hostile. That way I can keep them from harm until someone can come pick them up.[/B]
  9. We will hang in there together I guess, I have been battling them for a while. We just got a puppy last week but had a kitty before that, our apartment complex seems to be over run with fleas from the mas amount of pets in the area and drastic change in temperature's. The only advice I might be able to give because it does seem to be getting a bit better in the house is "constantly" vacuum...like a mad woman...lol...it also helps with the stress! And I have been doing allot of research, try not to switch from frontline, the more you switch flea treatments the less affective the treatments will be, I would stay with the one you have. Plus cut down on the amount of bathing you do on your K9 pal, and when you first start the frontline treatment they say if infestation is really bad it will not hurt if you apply again in another month from initial treatment date, just make sure that you have the right frontline for the weight of your dog that might be the problem as well. And just a disclaimer the information I just gave you was research I did for my little fella Zeus on the internet, I am under no way shape or form a professional just wanna try and help ya!:)
  10. :( [B]I am new here but noticed that you haven't got a answer yet. I love pet's but I am also going trough a kinda lonely depressed thing as well, from what I read you seem like you really care for her, but know what you need for yourself as well and that may be more along the lines of human companionship instead. But because you took the step in getting her you are feeling guilty in wanting to let her go, and I am "NOT" a professional, lol, but I think you shouldn't stress you or her out any further, you seem like a pretty together person to me and from your post you already have your answer. I feel you should probably give her to a "nice" person "thoroughly" investigated:lol: or even talk to someone you know and trust to take her off your hands for a while, and if after a while you start to suffer separation anxiety you have the chance to get your little sweetie back in your life and that way you will know for sure if it was a friendship meant to be! Hope I was a little help, and hang in there...:angel:[/B]
  11. [B] :roll:My new Puppy Zeus is being a silly butt..lol..I have been wanting to take him with me to pick the kids up from school but I am afraid we will never get there! Just to take him outside is a hoot, and takes around 20 min.'s to get him from the sliding glass door just to the end of the porch:wallbash: just for potty time? He has to stretch, yawn,scratch,sniff himself lick himself, then sit and look at me like what are we doing out here and he does the same thing when I take him to walk to the mail box, but to the mail box it is without the other stuff. When we go to the mail box he just does not want to walk with me he wants to go back home, or he will just sit and look at me? So I will do the excited voice like "come on Zeus!"and he will get up and go for a little and before I know it "PLOP!" lol...I don't know, any advice?:help1: P.S. He walks on the leash just fine when we get in the back yard for potties....once we get out there! [/B]
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