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    Pet Abortion

    I agree that this litter should be aborted and the cat neutered. It is bloody hard having babies so young,Chris and I had only been together 4 months when I found out I was pregnant, ( I was on the pill) I was only 19,I chose not to abort and we got married,a couple of weeks later I found out it was twins,you lose a lot of your freedom having kids so young and there are so many things that I would have loved to have done and couldn't,we were living in a shared house when the babies were born and it was very difficult but we got through it and 12 years on we are still together not everyone is that lucky though and the first few years were so tough because we were still getting to know each other as well as trying to be good parents. Abortion is personal choice and is a right that every woman should have,I would hate to think of my sister (who is 18) having to put her life on hold to have a baby.
  2. Rio shredded an entire 3 piece suite.....in 3 hours :o
  3. How awful,I'm glad they were punished :(
  4. Poor baby :( ,it can't hurt to give the SPCA a call.
  5. Arrrrrrrgh what a jerk,and racism is the lowest form of ignorance :evil: Tell him to bugger off :evilbat:
  6. Ok I'm in.......Charlie bein' a dude..... [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1246/0/eb82338839631723208c808456b32364.jpg[/img] Your dogs are so delicious I love the Olivia Newton-John one best :D
  7. I don' like it *runs to hide*
  8. [quote]I must admit I am a bit taken aback by you mentioning the monetary value of your dog first [/quote] Me too :o I am sorry this has happened though,it must be heartbreaking :( What were the circumstances of the attack ?
  9. This is Charlie (in front) an English Springer Spaniel,we found him on the internet and fell in love with him,he has been with us for about 4 months,he is 5 years old. [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1246/0/ca2b3d59472f71d0d498faee76ed3a47.jpg[/img]
  10. Awww Izzy thank goodness she found you.....fingers crossed that your friend falls in love with her,I mean who wouldn't ? :)
  11. Yay !!!!!!! I agree he should be ousted from the gene pool next :lol:
  12. Awwww Crystal you are his angel,thank goodness you were there for him,poor baby. :(
  13. What cracking pics..........and gorgeous dogs :)
  14. Ok.....my 2 cents...... I have 2 purebred dogs at present,both English Springers,one from a breeder and one from a rescue,I wanted Springers because I just love their zest for life and doolally personality :) When I went looking for Ellie (my first) I wanted a Springer,nothing else,and I had young children so I figured that getting a pup was best for us so that there was no baggage,however I wanted a healthy dog so I opted to go for a working line as opposed to a show line as they tend to be more hardy,both Ellie's parents worked in the field and they were bred initially because their pups were in great demand,however the bitch threw a big litter (11) and so there were some sold as pets. There are many people like I was who know what they want,it doesn't make them irresponsible. My second dog Rio was from a BYB I'm ashamed to say,hubby had always wanted a Weimaraner and when we saw Weim x pups advertised locally we went to see them,unfortunately my heart ruled my head and I brought home a sickly terrified nervous puppy thinking I could turn him around with love,training and socialisation......I couldn't.My baby boy is now at the bridge,he couldn't cope with life at all,but that's another story. My 3rd dog Charlie is a purebred working type Springer and he is from a rescue,again I got a Springer because it's a breed that I know and feel safe with. I think the people who need to be targetted are the BYB's the people who bred my Weim x are still breeding and no-one can stop them,there is no law against what they are doing :( Responsible breeders will take back any pup that needs to be returned at ANY stage of it's life so responsible breeders are not adding to shelter numbers are they ? Responsible breeders wouldn't dream of selling their pups through a pet store....no way. I have done all of the above,responsible breeder,BYB and rescue so I thought I'd chuck in my thoughts on this.
  15. Lets hope that next time that prat leans out to shout at someone there is a well placed lampost to take his stupid head off :evil: Poor Zebra he needs lots of love ........give him a squidge from me :wink:
  16. Hillside.......how intuitive you are.........fancy being able to spot Rage syndrome like that..........of course they have rage.........it's in their breed........and Conar will one day run away in search of snow.......
  17. What beautiful dogs,I love to see dogs and cats together :) Thanks for sharing them,I'm sorry your post has been hijacked,personally I like the irony,it makes me smile,there is so much negative press about your breed,those pics are like a "back atcha" to all the critics :D I personally have 2 mad Springers who are always on the go......... [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1246/0/b98f6d83f185ff65e50ffc82c9053c88.jpg[/img] Honestly........it's a nightmare :wink:
  18. I think you are tackling it the best way hun,obviously the best you can do is manage his problems,you don't even want to get me started on bad breeding,you know I've been there :( As everyone has said you will know when the bad days outweigh the good that you have to make choices for him......it's so sad, and I wish I had an answer for you (((hug)))
  19. Awww welcome back sweetie :) Tell Angelhubby I have missed him on msn :wink:
  20. Lady......You are different to the ones who just dump their pets we aren't completely heartless and I'm sure there are some circumstances that can't be helped.........although it is very sad :( In the last 2 weeks I have been offered 2 dogs a Springer and a GSD I have found a good home for the Springer and maybe one for the GSD but you know the reasons in both cases were "we are moving abroad"........how is that a reason ? :roll:
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