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  1. You go girl :wink: She looks lovely Kat :)
  2. [size=7][color=red]YAY !!!!!!!!!![/color][/size]
  3. [quote]I didnt get one :-? ...I am alone and unloved!!! :( [/quote] ......and a drama queen apparently :roll:
  4. Oooh good luck to little Brooke :wink:
  5. I think it's the violence of shooting that is horrifying to most people,there is absolutely no excuse for this a***holes behaviour,I can't imagine any reason that he could have that would justify it. [quote]On the subject of the puppies having that "next in line" feeling... I don't know how old these puppies were, but let's face it, would an extremely young puppy really be able to comprehend what was going on when its sibling is shot? [/quote] I would beg to differ here,I have read a lot about the dogs that are eaten in some other countries and articles have stated that the other dogs "know" when one is killed and all start to panic. :( It's just sad he wasn't shot BEFORE 3 were already dead :cry:
  6. That is absolutely disgusting :evil:
  7. No spaniels either Courtnek.......the majority of sniffer dogs here are springers
  8. [quote]so you take a high energy dog, friendly or not, and put it in a low energy home, and it gets frustrated. even the most laid back lab needs to be walked and run a few times. then you treat it like a king, and suddenly you have a bored, exercise starved, thinks'he's king, dog on your hands. and Labs are very powerful, physically. so they bite. I am a low energy home. But I walk my lab mix, and have a yard and another dog for her to play in and with. [/quote] It's the same with Springers Courtnek,they are getting to be a very popular breed round here and the springer rescues are bursting at the seams :(
  9. This is a link to a tribute to the dogs who worked at ground zero turn your sound on and grab a tissue.... [url]http://www.ctlegalguide.com/SlideShow/caninetribute.htm[/url]
  10. Looks like you are doing great :wink:
  11. Aww good for Bongo :) Up and about already,well done!!
  12. Oh sheesh HF my thoughts are with you and your guys xxx
  13. Woah.......well done that girl :wink: Thank goodness he was ok.
  14. Oh Mouse she is absolutely precious :) I love those little claws...
  15. I saw that one a while back,it was so heartbreaking :cry:
  16. Wow great piccys it looks like you had a good time :)
  17. It makes me ashamed to be in the same species as those people :evil:
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