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  1. What a night I had last night.. 3 am Sassy is awake & whining in her crate. I thought she needed to pee since she's got another UTI. Took her out, she didn't go. Brought her inside. Left her out of the crate while I went to the bathroom. Came out, and she was throwing up. Everything she ate yesterday was brought back to life. Not once, but 3 times.. Then she has a very messy poopie on the floor. She had it coming out of both ends. Finally I guess she'd gotten it all out of her system, she walked into her crate & promptly passed out. Leaving me to clean up puke & poop at 3 in the morning.. Oh the joys of dog ownership.. Could it of been a reaction to the antibiotics? She's on 250mg of the genaric version of Baytril(Sp). Last time she didn't have such an adverse reaction to it.. And she's only had 4 pills so far. Should I stop giving them to her & call the vet tomorrow?
  2. Bully stick? A Bull penis.. :lol: :o
  3. I swear if I hear another doodle I'm going to cry!! I was getting dog food for Sassy at the vets office. I get handed my bill, and what does the breed line say??? Goldendoodle :x :x I'm like did you give me the wrong bill or did Sassy change breeds on me.. I was utterly pissed off.. I can't believe the vets offices use those bloody idiotic names.. Why couldn't it said Golden mix or poodle mix :evil: I don't know why it just pissed me off..
  4. :o this thread just took one hell of a turn :o
  5. She's been drinking water like a dang fish!! I've refiled her bowl twice already today. and she's been wanting out alot, haveing to pee. Her nose, and stuff are normal. I think partly it's due to a few extra pounds :roll:
  6. Yes Dog poop. Why do the neighbors insist on letting their little terrier mixed crap in my yard.. I kindly asked to please get your dog out of my yard, the owner looked at me like :o just a second. He let his dog finsh shitting in my yard. Yes I have dogs, and I don't fancy cleaning up other dogs shit besides my own. Last time I had Sassy out with me. That cut the dogs crap short.. he's like omg!! Pinched it off & took off..
  7. I love a good fart, my whole family is fartastic :lol:
  8. Actually my family isn't anti Pit bull at all. But I know the entire conflict with me, Sassy, Zeus & them isn't going to be helped by bring in yet another mouth to feed. But I feel so compled to do something!! I wish I could save them all, and if I had my own place, then I would take them in. Right now I'm haveing major puppy fever moments.. It's like PUPPIES!! I want a puppy :oops: But I have to rember I have 2 adult dogs that depend on me, and at 5 weeks they'd take alot of time away from Sassy & Zeus. I seriously wish they hadn't of told me about them. I adore puppies, and I'm so soft hearted when it comes to ones that really need the help..
  9. Once again this morning Sassy found her way out of an open door. It's 7am and I'm trying to catch her. Not very sucessfully, but I finally manged to corner her in fenced in area.. Her recall is gone when she hits the open road so to speak. I don't want to resort to the zap collar, but my god. I'm tired of haveing to track her down when someone isn't paying attetion to where she is when they go out. And the funny thing is, i'm always the one to get her, no one else even offers to help me. I'm at my wits end about this. I don't want to see her get hit by a car, because of someone else not paying attetion.. My Grandpa was suppoused to crate her after he took her out this morning. He left the house, she wasn't crated & out she went.. I swear when I move I'm getting a fully fenced yard!!! Front & back. Because here we only have the fence in the back.. Sometimes I really want to kick her, when actually I should be kicking my family!!!
  10. Yay!!!!! Sassy & Zeusy look so good!! :D
  11. I had Sassy at the vets office for a UTI Check & just a checkup. Well I'm sitting in the waiting area, and in comes a woman & 2 young girls. One was carrying an massive doll, & the other one was slightly handicaped. Well I stand up & move Sassy & myself away from them, and kindly ask them not to approch her. It fell on deaf ears! Sassy freaked out & backed herself into the corner behind me. All the while mom is on the other side of the room chatting with a friend. While her 2 children are harassing others with pets. Sticking & waveing their hands in front of strange dogs, not even asking the other owners. And I'll be damned if the one with the doll didn't get right in Sassy's safe space. I'm like, look she's wearing a muzzle, please leave her alone. Kid looked at me like I was stupid!!! Kept saying nice doggie, does she bite? I said yes she does, so please back off. Finally mom comes over takes one look at Sassy & asks if she can pet her :o I said no, she doesn't like strangers, so please leave her alone. Meanwhile Sassy is fighting to get far enough away from all these strange people. Made her really happy to finally see the vet :-? I was thinking next time lady put your kids on a leash!!
  12. Well Sassy was the one who ate a $20 dollar bill and pooped it out in one peice. And yes I cleaned it up & used it!! It's money! If it would've been a one, I would said hell with it. But not a 20!!
  13. Not sure if I could afford it. I was thinking about boxing in the front porch, so if she gets out, she's stuck on the porch. But I don't really know what to do, besides haveing her crated when some goes out, but that's really not possiable
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