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  1. I don't know what is going on with her, but she's still not herself. She's on new meds, but she's still refuseing food. Vet said tempt her with "human foods" I got her to eat a tiny bit of Turkey, but that;'s about it. I'm going to try to boil up some rice and some chicken today & see if I can get her to eat some of it. Vet didn't find anything pyhsicaly wrong with her. Blood work is normal. we're just stumped..
  2. I thought the same thing when they neutered Zeus. I was like the forgot something :o :o But then they just disapered. They'll slowly go away with time ;)
  3. :-? I put her back on the meds & she's sicker then before.. Gah, I'm taking her to the vet tomorrow for a full work up.. This is so strange.. If I skip a day she's fine, but if I give them every day she get really sick.. So I don't know what's up.. She got sick on the last antibiotics also, but not this badly..
  4. Well she's better today.. The vet told us to hold off on the meds for 2 days & start up again. And if she throws up when she goes back on them they'll change her meds. She back to her old bitchy self :-? Barking at everything..
  5. This just keeps getting more & more strange.. She has yet to get a drink of water today. I just gave her fresh & she just sniffed at it & walked away.. She shows no intrest in eating. She usally hovering over me when I eat something. She's curently asleep in her crate again. I'm going to make a trip to the vet tomorrow and have her checked out.. I hope it's just the antibiotics and nothing else..
  6. What a night I had last night.. 3 am Sassy is awake & whining in her crate. I thought she needed to pee since she's got another UTI. Took her out, she didn't go. Brought her inside. Left her out of the crate while I went to the bathroom. Came out, and she was throwing up. Everything she ate yesterday was brought back to life. Not once, but 3 times.. Then she has a very messy poopie on the floor. She had it coming out of both ends. Finally I guess she'd gotten it all out of her system, she walked into her crate & promptly passed out. Leaving me to clean up puke & poop at 3 in the morning.. Oh the joys of dog ownership.. Could it of been a reaction to the antibiotics? She's on 250mg of the genaric version of Baytril(Sp). Last time she didn't have such an adverse reaction to it.. And she's only had 4 pills so far. Should I stop giving them to her & call the vet tomorrow?
  7. I swear Sassy can't win the past couple days. Today she got hit in the head with the door. At first I didn't see any blood. But 2mins later she got blood all over her face :o I couldn't find the cut to save my life, she didn't yelp, whimper anything.. I got her face cleaned up and found a tiny nick. No more then a scratch! Then later this afternoon we were hanging X-mas decrations, and one scared the crap out of her!! She had her hackles up barking at it. When I took it down to show it to her she ran.. She's never acted that way before. I had to laugh at her.. But at the same time I felt sorry for her..
  8. Well today has been umm intresting :lol: :lol: Sassy keeps whacking people with her Pizzle. And I fell down laughing at the thought.. She keeps trying to hid it in the strangest places, and my grandma is like what is that thing? I busted out laughing..
  9. Bully stick? A Bull penis.. :lol: :o
  10. I'm just dumbfounded!! How in the frick can this thing be 30in? And you know what it is :o :o We bought 2 one for each dog. I'm just blown away. Must be well endowed Bulls :lol: :lol: Here it is in all it's glory if you will. [img]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v188/kccrystal/30inpizzle.jpg[/img] The Giant Pizzle from hell!
  11. :x :x I should've known that I was getting to non-chalante about the dogs behaveing with each other.. Well not today.. I let them in the house, turned my back for 2 seconds & Zeus is on top of Sassy Biting her in the face. I grabbed for his collar and pulled him off of her, shoveing him into the closet.. I had to crate Sassy while I got Zeus back outside.. At least Sassy wasn't hurt, just surprised. I think I took it harder then either dog.. I guess I'll have to start all over again..
  12. This probally isn't anything to worry about, but I'll just ask. Last night Sassy was lying in her crate and her entire back end was twitching. Like her muscles were haveing a spasm.. She wasn't acting like it was bothering her at all, but it scared me.. I just wonder if she overdid the exersice yesterday & pulled something. Or should I have her check by the vet..
  13. The Cranberry & the Ester C has dramticly elimnated the UTI problems Sassy was haveing.. Before I started that, she still had UTI's even when on the Hills SD prescription crap.. They told me her diet was causeing the problem. Bull.. I'm curentlly feeding Chicken Soup for the soul food & she's loveing it..
  14. It's chicken, turkey, Salmon & Lamb i believe. It doesn't smell over processed or greasy like some dry dog food does.
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