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  1. I have 2 English Springers Ellie who is 3 and Charlie who is 5... Ellie is at the back......... [img]http://www.mypetpages.net/artists/1246/0/ca2b3d59472f71d0d498faee76ed3a47.jpg[/img]
  2. Um hello my old friends :D Sorry I haven't been around much....I got rid of Jay though....fed him to the Shepherds.... [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0aQDbAj0gPqkMRFnrODAbSCf7hyiS*ARyQ99r5CqOrBxvFwqHCOQhlMEJz5UqS*ds3L788wjjtidHpQiNQ7mRp9xImwYkTzpMRlLF*HRy2ZssB0vo8bTTecRQPbN7dzGnSFPitXvIgX9m4w8KmnyvurzEr97EZ1QU/Jay%20with%20Tai%20and%20Razz0.jpg?dc=4675474066266009098[/img]
  3. Aroura I have been where you are babe and am so sorry :cry: When we made the decision with Rio it was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through in my life. If you feel that you can,read his memorial....it won't make it better but you will know that I understand completely. I am only a phone call away honey....just holler and I'll be there for you.
  4. Ooops should have said red cockers :roll: I wondered that Courtnek but then again Irish setters are generally excellent as far as temperament.
  5. Ooooh and one more thing,rage is most commonly seen in solid colours,most often reds.
  6. Not at all Hillside :wink: Actually rage is very rare in springers......it's usually cockers that will have this and even then it is rare. Aroura I think the breeds you mentioned and English Springers are all very similar in temperament....I have obviously only ever had Springers myself but they are great dogs and very versatile.....an aggressive springer is very rare.....in fact I have never met one.....I have met a couple of timid ones but never aggressive......most are bold happy-go-lucky attention seekers that just love to be around people. Also they are,in general a hardy breed,HD occasionally rears it's ugly head and the parents must always be eye tested (the name of the disease this is relevant to escapes me :roll: )but so long as you get your dog from reputable sources there should be no worries there. I don't know what the situation is like over there but regarding English Springers you tend to have the breed split in 2,working and show....both of mine are from working lines,they are smaller and are often bred for better characteristics than the show ones,a working Springer has to be a tough little dog and Ellie was bred because her parents were both excellent gundogs and they had people begging for pups,also the breeder was a vet so all the health tests were carried out too although Ellie didn't have KC registration....not that it bothers me one bit. Ellie has been very easy to train too,although they can have a stubborn streak but you have the experience to not let that be a problem I'm sure. Oh pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease get a springer :D
  7. I think the safest sign to have up is "Dogs loose on property"
  8. What a wonderful story Courtnek :)
  9. Beautiful piccys.............Laurel's face just tears at your heart doesn't it.
  10. Awwwww Kat I really feel for you :( ,I hope she will be all yours very soon :wink:
  11. What wonderful news,he is a lucky chap to be coming to you :wink:
  12. Poor Felix :( My hubby would have been gutted if he'd done that,I can't believe the guy didn't stop :evil:
  13. Mouse is right,we would love you to join us :buzi: I think the time has come to let her go hun,but I think you already know that don't you. Please keep in touch,we will be here for you.
  14. About the APBT....... [quote][color=blue]this dog can be very gentle and affectionate but unfortunately humans developed the breed to fight other dogs and so they are considered one of the most aggressive of all dog breeds and have the highest incidence of human attacks. they have powerful jaws and when they do attack it is hard to break them free. as an alternative, the american staffordshire terrier is very similar but the aggression has been bred out[/color][/quote] The highest incidence of human attacks ??? I'm sorry but I think not :evil:
  15. Awww sizzle what are you trying to do to me with those beautiful dobes,and a GSP.......and a weim....... :D And the little black and white one has springer in there yes ?
  16. Congratulations Aroura :) Can't wait for the pics......
  17. You are doing the right thing....if you contact a rescue you could act as foster while they find the pup a home then they will be able to do homechecks etc for you. Good luck :wink:
  18. Yay !!!!!! It said English Springer as my number one :D These things never usually work for me :roll: My top 4 were... ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL -Yup yup yup COCKER SPANIEL-love 'em SCHNAUZER (MINIATURE)-not really me WEST HIGHLAND WHITE TERRIER-hmmm no Still the first 2 were right :)
  19. Sheesh HF you're like a loose cannon :o :lol: :lol: :lol:
  20. [quote]Absolutely not so. I said many of those dogs would make wonderful pets. I was only defending people who choose not to risk it.[/quote] But even buying a puppy is taking a risk. You're just not getting it are you :roll:
  21. It's ok if you get a puppy ?? Is it ??? Did you even read my post :evil:
  22. What a complete crackpot :o The rebuttal article was brilliant though :)
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