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  1. Happy Easter everyone mmmmmmmmmm chocolate :)
  2. [quote]Many references were made to how crossbred puppies were "throwaway" dogs. Somehow less entitled to exist. [/quote] No-one on here would say that :evil: [quote]Now, I am beginning to see that most of you are against breeding period, unless it's done by licensed breeders. [/quote] WRONG again,just because a breeder is licensed doesn't mean they are good breeders,we are against ANY irresponsible breeding whatsoever. I have owned the most beautiful crossbreed boy and at 18 months he had to be put to sleep because he couldn't cope,he had nervous aggression and "panic attacks" which made his life a misery,everyone here was touched by his story and it's stories like his which make people get so upset about issues such as this. I have recently heard of a litter mate of his that is having the same problems :( And guess what I also know that they are selling a new batch now :cry: Your first post was very offensive, [quote]you people can all just f**k off. there's nothing wrong with what these ppl did. if u have a male and female dog, u can breed them if u want to. AND put them on the internet, there's nothing wrong with it. So what if ppl are proud of their puppies? Find something else to bitch about![/quote] I think it's you who should f*** off.....or apologise. NOTHING WRONG WITH IT !!!!!! :evil: Honestly you haven't got a clue have you. This was my baby and he was a VICTIM of these kinds of people who are p***ing about with breeding ... [img]http://groups.msn.com/_Secure/0aAC1KBcgf5rVtleqMDRrA6vDxfv5FQJlEEK0ZlpgqyhQA9cHrlhNCXJplkWyfR2kiQU4ci2dXrJ9VCVI*1Qx!zLNa6EsvS9mOMbDjZ6bbNgHRxHuyeyq5fk9aPQNOrlGjo0pPhBJd4xJJmOC0kWQhhhTgTVg3LY6/Rio%20asleep%20in%20his%20bed.jpg?dc=4675454213734688405[/img] And this is where he is now...... [url]http://groups.msn.com/Dog-O-Maniaphotohosting/ellieangelspictures.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=1075[/url] Don't you dare tell me there's nothing wrong with it.
  3. Good for you Mouse,I'm glad it was you who found her, :) otherwise she could have been much less lucky :( I hope they find her escape route so that they can stop it happening again.
  4. I hope your Mum will be ok Crested,the news looks good though doesn't it. You are a great daughter :wink:
  5. Over here you can get "paw wax" I'm sure there must be something similar where you are :wink:
  6. Yup mine sleep as long as I do but Charlie will start winging to get out of his crate at about 7 and I let him out but usually he jumps on the bed and kips a bit more. :)
  7. ellieangel

    what kind of mix?

    Shepherd / Husky I reckon,she is beautiful. :)
  8. Evil b****** should have strung him up by his balls. NO punishment would be enough in my opinion. :(
  9. Sheesh HF what a crappy time you've been having :( (((hug)))
  10. Poor baby :( Take some pics of him,they will be precious to you. Enjoy him,play with him and love him all you can.
  11. HF I am a mother and my kids wouldn't dream of doing that,they are not allowed out after dark and I have to know where they are at all times. I don't blame you one bit,I can't stand most of the kids round here either :evil:
  12. That made me feel sick :evil:
  13. What great news,you have been a wonderful owner :)
  14. ellieangel


    Yay !! great news :)
  15. I have spoken to them (RSPCA) before but the law is not on their side. It did sound like the puppies were being treated very differently to when we went there,well fed and clean and in with the family rather than tucked in a corner with only a scrap of newspaper. To my mind it looks like these guys may have had some bad feedback or maybe even a warning,but the fact still remains that they are BYB's and only in it for the money. :( Trouble is that in the eyes of the law they are doing nothing wrong :roll:
  16. Oh that is too sad :cry:
  17. The backyard breeders that bred Rio are still breeding :( My sister works at a groomers with a petshop attached,a lady came in with a Weim X GSD,she got it from the same place we got Rio :( This pup was only 7 weeks old and seemed not to be nervous (thank god) but I am so upset that these twats are still making money this way. Lannie said this pup was the image of Rio as a pup and she had to walk away crying,she was so upset :cry: She told the owners Rio's story and this pup is much younger than he was when we brought him home,the owners are going to work very hard to socialise the puppy,I hope this pup will be ok,I am just so angry that this is even legal.
  18. Stupid friggin' idiots :evil:
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