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  1. I agree ! go see her and trust your instincts ! good luck !!! :B-fly:
  2. Why not try him on a flexi lead at first for piece of mind ? If his recalls are really good at home you'll probably be fine though,I remember letting mine off for the first time NERVE RACKING stuff !!! :nerwy:
  3. Hi HNM You say you have loads going on in your life at the mo do you think it's possible that Hazel is picking up on this and trying to be alpha because you are being 'weak' ? I'm sorry if that sounded unkind it wasn't meant to be I tried to word it differently but I'm not brilliant at this !!!! Firstly you have had some great advice take it all in but you still have to do it your way ! I think crating is a great idea and I use gates in my house so that I don't have to watch my 2 little monkeys 24/7. Please don't give up we all feel like that sometimes and we're all here for support.It sounds like you've come so far with Hazel it would be a shame to give up now. I'll be thinking of you, please try to be strong xxx
  4. No I wouldn't want to live forever, think of all those wagging tails at the rainbow bridge !!!!! No I wouldn't miss that for anything. :Dog_run:
  5. Well done Kato !!!!!!!!!! :BIG: :popcorn: :laola:
  6. Hi Prairie gurl I have to say I have a nervous dog who has been very well socialised since 9 weeks but it is obviously just his character,he is wary of people and if someone lunges at him occasionally he will shout at them and back away.Why do people do this if they would only ask me i would tell them the best way to approach him and i know he would be fine.He has never curled his lips at anyone he just shouts. There always seems to be the odd tough guy type who will persist in hassling him saying it's okay that he's barking. It's not okay though it's annoying I am trying to take him to busier places so that he gets used to more people and noise (he's a 9 month weim x )so that he gains confidence but every time I get some prat doing this kind of thing and upsetting him it's another step back. My kids are pretty confident with dogs but even so I've always insisted that they ask the owner before approaching a dog,I instruct at a dog training club and even if they come along there with me i insist on them doing the same. what's wrong with people :roll: they'd soon squeal if a nervous dog like mine bit them out of fright.
  7. I'm sorry this didn't work out I was hoping to have a fellow weim x owner to chat to !!! :( Still your perfect match is out there somewhere,and you're quite right to put freebee first we had to turn down a beautiful goldie because he was all over ellie all the time and it drove her barmy,he now has a wonderful home though with 3 other GR's :)
  8. Roo you are soooooo right !! Silly cow we'd queue up to slap that stupid selfish face wouldn't we ?
  9. I would take your pup to the vet ASAP and take a stool sample with you.
  10. Hi courtnek I have a weim mix and he is such a big baby but we love him to bits (see Ellieangels babies ) ours is x GSD but there is one I see at the park which is weim X lab and he's lovely too. They make wonderful pets but are big clumsy louts !! and they can transfer the contents of their water bowl via those big old lips straight onto your lap !!! Hope you go for the weim :thumbs:
  11. so sorry to hear of alex's pain :cry: You were very brave and you totally made the right decision. It's lovely to hear you talking about a new friend for Freebee I just know that my two would be lost without each other I think I would have to do the same. Thoughts with you xxx
  12. ellieangel

    Puppies update

    They are all deeeeelicious :lilangel: it's gonna break your heart to let them go you know !!!! :cry:
  13. sounds like heaven to me 1!!! :lilangel: :Dog_run: :Dog_run: :Dog_run:
  14. go for it encyclo !!! They are all gorgeous sounds like that little shepherd mix has stolen your heart though !!! :iloveyou: :lilangel:
  15. I just love these squeeky stories !!! :lol: I think our noisiest was last christmas when they opened all their doggy presents we could hardly hear ourselves !!!! :evillaugh:
  16. Gorgeous you must be sooooooooo proud !!!! :BIG: :B-fly:
  17. That was great very patriotic !! :beerchug:
  18. Hmmmm i would guess westie x jack russell :angel:
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