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Bye my sweetheart


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I know I haven't been here for a long time but thought I'd still let you know.

I had to have my darling Cleo PTS yesterday, :cry: :cry: :cry: I had the vet come out to our home and she went peacefully in my arms with Bri and our Sue either side. :cry: I held her for such a long time afterwards kissing her telling her how much we loved her. :iloveyou: :lilangel: Then we made up a lovely box with her cuddly and mattress and took her by car to the Pet Crematorium where we had her cremated and put in a lovely casket. She came straight back home with us. :angel:

The last eight months have been wonderful with her presence full time in the house. :buzi: I feel so lost and heartbroken without my baby girl but she was old and her kidneys failed and I knew she was so tired. I spent Tuesday night lay on the floor beside her, I couldn't sleep so I talked to her all night, kissing and stroking her. She'd had two fits and I couldn't rest in case she had another but I didn't want to close my eyes. I wanted to take in every second I could of my girl before I had to let her go. :cry:

I hope she is with mam now and they are reunited at last. :iloveyou:

RIP Cleo, I love you sweetheart. :iloveyou: :iloveyou: more than words can ever say. :cry: My heart is broken in two but I just want you to be happy and run free sweetie and give us a wave sometime with your little paw. :buzi:
This is my first morning without you and it was hard to open my eyes and you weren't there beside me. Once again I love you. :iloveyou: I can never say it enough. :cry: :cry:

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Oh Marion, I am so sorry to hear of Cleo's passing. I know that the eight months with Cleo brought you joy. As I thought about what her passing means to you, I was reminded of a quote I saw recently:

[i]The comfort of having a friend may be taken away--but not that of having had one. ~Seneca[/i]

Take heart by remembering all the lovely times that you and she shared.

Rest easy, little Cleo.

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Marion I am so sorry to hear Cleo has gone to the bridge but the fact that your mum and cleo are now together gives a sense of comfort. The past lot of months you gave a home and love to Cleo and you did wonders for that little old dog and letting her go with dignity was the best thing you could have done *hugs*

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